Reunion: Episode #13, Surprising Twists and Daughter Amy’s Fate?

Here’s the fourth and final article describing what happened in the unaired episodes of Fox’s cancelled Reunion series. As always, you’ll find some very interesting plot twists and turns.

Episode #13 – 1998

Present Day
Reunion castDetective Marjorino points out evidence suggesting Craig is involved in his hit and run. He tells Craig that he’ll have his forensics lab check out the glass fragments in his garage for blood and fibers. Craig tells Marjorino to leave and he does. Henry returns from his bedroom and father and son look at each other.

Will and Samantha
Will is in his law office, talking to a Private Investigator. The detective has been looking for Will’s daughter Amy for almost a year with no luck. Will is frustrated and leaves for a meeting downtown. Samantha starts following him on the street. When Will notices her, he gets very angry. She tells him that Carla has found Amy and Meghan’s address and Sam and Will decide to drive there.

They’re still on the road late at night and finally Samantha persuades Will to stop at a motel. It makes no sense to arrive to see Amy at three in the morning. The old man running the motel thinks they’re married or a couple until they ask for separate rooms. He gives them adjoining rooms just in case they change their minds.

The next morning, a nervous Will and Samantha find the correct street but the street number doesn’t exist. They’re shocked and wonder if Carla made a mistake. They head for the local Sheriff station and inquire. The Sheriff is skeptical when they explain they’re Amy’s parents. A man claiming to be Amy’s father (Meghan’s ex-husband Paul) was there a few months earlier asking similar questions. The Sheriff relates that there had been a fire eight months ago and that Amy and Meghan had died in it. When pushed for proof, the Sheriff shows Will a picture of a burned home and the bodies of a woman and girl holding each other. There’s no doubt that it’s them.

As Will drives towards home, Sam says they’ll need to tell Carla and they should do it together. Will says that there is no “together” for them. He never got a chance to know his daughter and he’ll never forgive Sam.

Craig, Aaron and Jenna
Jenna and Aaron are talking to Craig at his 30th birthday party. Craig isn’t very happy and is approached by a young woman named Courtney who works in his office. She comes on to him. Craig tells her he’s flattered but walks away. Later, he notices a stain on his shirt and goes to his room to change it. Courtney is there, makes small talk, asks him if he likes her earrings, and lures him into bed. With all of Craig’s frustrations with Samantha and work, it’s not long before they’re passionately kissing and removing their clothing. But Craig stops and tells her that he’s not ready for this. He apologizes and leaves.

Jenna looks sexy but is disappointed that Aaron isn’t paying any attention to her. While Aaron is chatting across the room, a handsome guy named Ben approaches her. Wanting to test Aaron, she flirts and jokes with Ben. Aaron notices and is both surprised and angry.

As Craig makes a drink, Aaron tells Craig he had a fight with Jenna and he leaves. Jenna avoids Craig’s glance and bumps into Ben who again shows interest in her. She ducks into the bathroom to find Courtney snorting cocaine. Jenna asks her to stop doing that in her friend’s place. Courtney awkwardly gathers her things and leaves. Jenna watches her go and realizes Craig is watching as well.

The next day, we see Craig in his loft with a police officer, learning that Courtney was found dead of an overdose on a bench. The police know she was there the night before which Craig confirms. He says he didn’t pay much attention to her which surprises the officer. The officer says that Courtney’s parents assumed that she was involved with Craig since she spoke of him so often. Craig suddenly spots one of Courtney’s earrings on the floor next to his bed. He distracts the officer and kicks the earring under the bed. The policeman thanks him for his cooperation and leaves.

Jenna is packing for New Zealand and Aaron tells her that he wishes she wasn’t going. Jenna agrees that it was good between them but that it wasn’t love. They kiss and hold one another. Aaron says that maybe it was love but that he couldn’t see it. In tears, Jenna tells him that if it was love, he wouldn’t have to convince himself of it. He’ll know it when he finds it.

Carla is working at a publishing house, talking to Audie about new employee Paul. Audie tells her Paul’s background check was spotless and that if she wants to file a complaint, they’ll have to follow-through.

Later, in the parking garage, Paul confronts Carla. He blames her for sending Amy away, tells her how Amy and Meghan died in a house fire and that a photo of Amy was all he had left. Carla’s overwhelmed and Paul shoves her hard and slams his fist on the hood of the car. A security guard comes onto the scene and Paul claims they were just talking. The guard is cautious and Paul remarks that he raised his voice, but the guard didn’t see anything, did he? The guard agrees that he didn’t, but points to a security camera that did. Paul’s dangerous behavior is finally caught on tape.

The next day, Paul’s office is being cleared out. Audie tells Carla that upon further inspection they found that Paul lied on his resume, had been charged with assault, and more. Being the best person for the job, the Board has decided to offer Carla Paul’s old job and office. Carla is surprised and accepts. Audie tells her that Paul’s stuff will be cleared soon, but if she wants to keep anything, she can. Looking down at the framed photo of Amy, Carla says there’s one thing she’d like. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jennifer says

    It’s amazing – networks do so much advertising and luring to get you to watch their shows. Then we do and get so involved in them, we sometimes forget they are TV. Once they’ve got us hooked – the network CANCELS the show without warning or advertising explaining the rationale for cancelling the show. It’s not fair! I loved Reunion and can’t believe I invested so much time into watching it and will never see the ending. I wish FOX would at least thank those of us who watched and sell the season, with all episodes, on DVD or perhaps do a Reunion marathon. It’s obvious they dont’ really care about the consumers – just their bottom line. How sad!

  2. Elizabeth (elle) says

    How I feel about FOX network and cancelled shows.

    (I posted this on a “Reunion” fan site)

    I love FOX’s shows, but I hate FOX. They always start off with great shows and end it crappy or just take it off the air right before they could end it. Shows I loved but will never now what happened. “Reunion”, “Dark Angle”, “Quints”, and “Tru calling”. At least “Ground for life” was picked up by the WB and ended on there. And yes “That 70’s show” was on for awhile but the last season sucked. If they new that Topher (Eric), and Ashton (Kelso) was leaving a year before they left, they should have ended it early and with the original cast.

    Some of these shows were ruined by the need for changing air time. If they felt the need to change the air time, that is fine. But they needed to advertise it. Not show one commercial saying it was moving nights. Then when you missed a few episodes and finally find the show, it was then once again moved or cancelled. Now wonder so many of their shows fail.

    And for “Reunion” I loved the show. When I first started watching I knew that there would probably not be a 2nd season and I had no problem with that. If they didn’t have that many people watching it, they could have tried something different the next season. All they did was put a show in that no one was going to watch anyway. So why not finish the one no one was watching. No one was going to be watching that time slot either way. At least then they wouldn’t piss all the fans off.

    It has come to the point where I don’t want to watch FOX and I don’t after “That 70’s show” went off the air. There is no point. I am just going to get rapped up in something that is not going to last or end horrible.

    I would like to end on this. For Sean Faris, I loved you in “life as we know it”, and you will get your day. (As some of you don’t know “life as we know it” was cancelled on ABC before “Reunion”)


  3. Regina Stroud says

    I kept on waiting for Reunion to come back on and it never did. I think as a courtsey FOX should have ran all 13 episodes and then cancelled the show if that was their intend. As a fan of Fox shows that would have been the RIGHT thing to do. So FOX in the future please keep that in mind. We are the ones who make you successful.

    Regina Stroud

  4. Sums says

    It is a usual thing for network’s such as FOX to start a story and leave it in mid-air, while blaming sagging viewership. I guess till good, intelligent TV becomes what the majority wants, we will be served half-cooked mindless sitcoms and lukewarm pointless reality shows. This is not the first time that a network has shown lack of responsibility and it won’t be the last. Remember Roswell anyone?

  5. Abdulbar says

    I sometimes skipped dinner just to watch reunion, i like these kind of stuff where one story leads to another and the plot seems to get better anytime.too bad the show was cancelled…poor thing!

  6. cindy says

    I thought I was the only one upset about this. I loved this show I would make all my plans around this show. I agree that they should finish it and sell it on dvd or have another network pick it up. I felt so betrayed. I gave my time and heart to that show and they just yank it for some other crappy show. I think they should of at least ended the show and if they felt it didnt do so that well after then don;t bring back a sequel, but for a show designed and based as a week to week murder puzzle and to just leave us hanging was unfair and selfish.

  7. Nicole says

    I loved this show!!! I can not understand why it is not coming back on. they could at least let those who did watch see the ending of the whole thing. I am ticked at the decision to just end it where it ended.

  8. Lori says

    It would be great if another network would pick this up and let us see the rest of the episodes! PLEASE!

  9. Ashley says

    Reunion was an awesome show. It was great for the whole family to watch and plus it had a great plot. Please put Reunion back on.. I really want to know what happens in the end.

  10. says

    Reunion may not have been the best show on tv, but it was certainly one of the most addicting. From the moment I saw the first episode, I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching it. I was so mad when they took it off the air without even telling us who the killer was!

  11. Jena says

    I am very upset that Reunion was cancelled. I was (am) such a fan of the series. It always kept my interest, which not many shows can do for me these days. I think the least FOX could have done was tape all episodes and release it on DVD so that any one who was watching and was intereseted could purchase it for themselves. I know I’d be the first one standing in line, waiting with anticipation to go home and spend the day watching the series from begining to end!

  12. WK says

    Just last night, this series was replaced by a reality show for its time slot in Malaysia, after airing the 13th episode (1998) last week. I thought it was TV station’s fault, but after finding out, I am very disappointed that the series doesn’t even end just yet! Too bad because I catched every single episode of it and am very eager to know who the murderer will be. Now the finale leaves unknown. >:(

  13. Rebecca says

    Im upset fox took this show off the air and wish that another network would pick it up because it was an awesome show.

  14. Fantasy-RPGer says

    I really liked Reunion, and wached every show. I found the plot to be refreshing, a welcomed break from the normal boring tv. i’m used to watching. I thought to myself, finally a show that is worth my time. It’s downright frustrating that FOX just took the show off the air. No warning, and for us fans, no resulition. I wanted to know what happened!

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