Big Shots: Is the ABC Series Cancelled or Not?

Christopher Titus and Michael VartanFans of the ABC series Big Shots will be happy to know that the dramedy is returning this Thursday night. But for how long?

The series has been struggling in the ratings almost since the beginning of its run, losing almost half of Grey’s Anatomy’s audience. As a result, Big Shots was pulled from the schedule for the all-important November sweeps period (when advertising rates are set). The drama-comedy is returning this week but will be gone again next week when it’s preempted by a Barbara Walters special. Big Shots is scheduled to return again December 13th with the series’ ninth episode. After that, who knows?

So, is the show cancelled or not? When filming was shut down in early November, the crew was reportedly told that production would not resume when the strike ended. But, series star Christopher Titus told Hollyscoop from the picket line, “Big Shots has not been cancelled. I talked to the president of the network…The rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated.”

Though the series has not been officially cancelled, it seems like the network is treating it like a lame duck. Unlike Dirty Sexy Money, ABC still hasn’t ordered any additional hours of Big Shots beyond the initial 13 episode order. And, based on the way ABC’s playing with the show’s schedule, the network doesn’t seem to be planning much of a long-term future for it.

Realistically, if the strike continues, all of the networks will be desperate to air any original scripted content — and that includes episodes of Big Shots. Publicly canceling the series would serve no useful purpose right now and would likely only discourage viewers from watching unaired episodes.

So, right now, the show’s fate is still up in the air but it doesn’t look good. If ABC truly wants to give Big Shots another chance, the series should be given a new timeslot — ideally paired with another show that attracts a predominantly male audience. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Kerry says

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL BIG SHOTS. I love this show and am looking forward to how the storylines that are currently in progress are going to end. I hate that I have fell in love with a show that might leave me hanging with no outcome of my favorite characters. What can we do to SAVE THIS SHOW?????

  2. Eileen Yilmaz says

    Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee DO NOT CANCEL BIG SHOTS!!!! I really like the show however I do not think it was smart on ABC’s part to pair it with Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty! If you moved it to another night and showcased it no later than 9p, I am sure other people will fall in love with the show as I have! I will be very disappointed if this show does not continue and hope that ABC will re-consider!

  3. SHAQCLAV says


  4. says

    Please keep on the show. Why does it seem like only sappy women shows, tasteless comedy, and the terrible reality shows, seem to make it. Can we as men ever have a show to watch other than ESPN and MNF. Its’ a different show and deserves a better time slot. I think Wednesday’s at 10 would be great, not Friday, when most men out there age are out ourselves. Men can be interesting too, we are more than couch and phone gossip for our wives and girlfriends. Me and my lady actually love the show, she more than me. How much more Grey’s Anatomy can we take, which is all Private Practice is, and October Road is just as sappy with a man in a lead role.

  5. Anonymous says

    i’m a 43 yr old male and this is the best show i’ve seen in wife and laugh r asses off..the cast is great and its the best writing i’ve seen in a long time..the fact that abc gave it the moneyslot 10pm thurs. meens they thought it was there best show coming into the needs to promote the show a hell of alot more..then the viewers will come…

  6. taylor says

    Big Shots is me and my wife’s favorite show on tv! It is nice to have a show that is so much different than all the rest. I really hope the fans out there step it up and start watching…every viewer counts!

  7. nicole says

    I love this show. It would be a shame to take this show off the air. It’s a great sitcom,One of the best. Take Samantha Who is the stupid. Take that show of before Big Shots!!!!!!!

  8. Erin says

    I have to agree. Even though I am just a college student I am a girl and LOVE this show! ABC needs to look at more than just ratings when renewing shows. This show is great just give it a chance!

  9. Seidy says

    Im a woman and I LOVE BIG SHOTS. I get all the motherly duties out the way and my own just so I can relax and watch the show. Its just like Sex in the City but for guys. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. PLEASE dont cancel it.

  10. Naddy says

    I am a girl, and i LOVE big shots. I feel that it would do better on Wednesday or Tuesday nights, but not Thursday nights. I really hope the show does not get cancelled.
    America needs more shows like these

  11. eli says

    I love big shot for me is the best tv series i had ever some in decades, honestly take out other tv series that are so daaaaa, and please dont take away a great and nice production like big shots out of tv

  12. Pat Walke says

    I am a woman and I love Big Shots. Why take off a good show and leave something as stupid as the View that is supposed to attract women viewers, but is just a group of women bickering. Please do not canel Big Shots.

  13. Ali says

    I’m a girl and I love this show. Its entertaining and light. I find it a good balance for the fabulous but sometimes heavy Grey’s Anatomy.

  14. Craig says

    I completely agree with your last sentence. How could ABC put a show that clearly appeals mostly to men on a night with Ugly Betty and Grey’s on before? That has got to be the worst programming idea of the season. Unfortunately for Big Shots, they are on a female oriented network. They really belong on a network that attracts male viewers.

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