Kings: NBC’s Silverman Still Has Hope for Low-Rated Drama

KingsSunday’s premiere of Kings was less than impressive in terms of ratings, especially considering the amount of promotion and money that NBC poured into it. Not even the prospect of seeing Deadwood’s Ian McShane in another series could draw in a big audience.

While things don’t look good for Kings’ future, NBC Entertainment’s co-chair Ben Silverman says he’s encouraged by the interest in the series and has faith that the show can pull through.

He tells the Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd, “I’m hoping because intent [to view] went up and awareness went up after it aired, clearly people responded to it, and it grew over its two hours. That gives me some hope. It’s just hard to launch things that are not obvious. We may get nailed for it, but I’m proud of the show, and we need to keep taking chances like that.”

Though his faith in the show is reassuring for the show’s fans, Silverman’s comment about the show’s audience growth over the two hour premiere is a bit misleading.

While the 18-49 demographic had slight increase in the show’s final half hour, the overall size of the audience dropped. Approximately 6.47 million started watching at 8pm and only 5.9 million stuck with it until the end. That’s not growth. Even if it was, the show was still in fourth place overall.

So, will Silverman and the network stick by Kings or abandon it? One thing is certain. The show certainly has an uphill battle for survival.

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  1. Kathy says

    I Love the show Kings. However I found it difficult to find when it was scheduled to air—so I missed many episodes. It wasn”t for the lack of trying to watch. It was my favorite show last season. I hope they bring the series back and this time let us know what time to tune in!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dayana Martinez says

    Kings is one of the best shows ever. So NBC cancels it. Now they are threatening to cancel “The Philanthropist” which is another great show. Both shows have a deep moral theme, great acting, and wonderful scripts.

    NBC should learn from its own history. In 1996. NBC canceled JAG after just one season. They said it had low ratings. The next year CBS decided to give JAG another chance and it proved very profitable, The show ran for 10 seasons and won numerous awards. Today it is seen in syndication in over 100 countries. If NBC abandons Kings and The Philantropist, I hope CBS will pick them up. It would be a popular decision.

  3. Mary says

    I don’t have time to watch TV normally, but stumbled upon it over the summer and watched the entire 1st season in a few days! The story is beautifully written with elements that will satisfy any viewer and depth that is very unusual for a TV show. Truly could have been epic, I wish another network would pick it up or NBC would reconsider their cancellation status!!

  4. Connie says

    I love Kings…it’s just like looking into the future of where our country seems to be heading! At least this will give the veiwers something to go on! Kings is great…a little warning of when it will come back on or where its going would be nice. Also…you need to advertise it more…lame shows such as sitcoms get all kinds of notice…why not Kings…one of the best shows on the air.

  5. Dianne says

    With all the ridiculous shows on TV, I am saddened that this quality drama has been canceled. If it got all the promotion as some of the other shows, people would have known it was on and tuned in. Sadly I’m addicted to the story and am sad there won’t be a season 2. Good luck to the great actors and writers that made this show a winner in my book.

  6. Dana Newman says

    Well I have only just found the show , I have only seen the show twice . I do not recall ever seeing any adverts on the show and now I am hooked , I put my money where my mouth is . I am buying all of the episodes on itunes .

  7. Mary says

    Please do not cancel Kings! This is a unique show and exceptionally talented actors.
    Keep it going NBC!! Someone pick this series and run with it ! It has great potential for all kinds of directions. Please keep this program.

  8. Debra says

    Please, please please!!!! Don’t take it off the air.
    Kings is the only show ALL week that my husband and I look forward to watching. We love the characters, the actors, the photography and special effects.

  9. Carol says

    I really hope this show isn’t cancelled! It is so different from all the other shows about cops, lawyers, doctors, etc – true fiction! And it is brilliant!

  10. Jaime says

    I love this show and really hope it continue to be aired on some network. With all the garbage available on TV, it was nice to have a quality drama that was well made and produced with interesting plot and character development. i hope NBC begins to wise up about what Americans need to be watching.

  11. DONT CANCEL KINGS!! says

    Please don’t Cancel Kings, it is really an awesome show!!! The view on HD is just breathtaking and the plots are just wonderful!! It really keeps you guessing! That little bit of mysticism is a kicker for this show. Do not take it off! Please!!!

  12. Anonymous says


  13. Bill Bays says

    Well, after posting my thoughts, I read some of the older posts on this page. I hope that some of you are right and it will be picked up by a cable network. I heard a few ideas such as F/X and SyFy that sound promising. I really hope that someone picks it up. It really is a good show. The actors all do a good job. And, did the rest of you notice how visually beautiful this show is. I mean the sets and the way that it is shot is just brilliant. I also really like the idea of it being loosely based on the biblical story of King David. But, as already acknowledged, it is not a trashy reality t.v. show, so therefore will probably end up in the garbage heap along with a bunch of other really good show. The Geena Davis show “Commander in Chief” is comming to mind. This was a really good show, and who doesn’t like Geena Davis? But, it didn’t make it. I really want to know: who are the MILLIONS of people that actually watch these stupid reality shows that are on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I mean even TV Land, which was started with the idea to give an alternative to network crap with a network that showed nothing but good shows from the past, has now jumped on the bandwagon with crap like “She’s Got the Look”, “Class Reunion”, and that stupid cougar show (I can’t remember the name of it right now because it’s so stupid it’s not worth remembering). I mean even the educational networks such as Discovery and the History channel are showing these kind of idiotic shows. The learning Channnel shows nothing but “What Not To Wear” and The History Channel bores me to tears with episode after episode of “Ice Road Truckers”. I mean who cares about two or three seasons of that crap?

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