NYC 22: How Long Before It’s Cancelled?

NYC 22 canceled soon?CBS recently unveiled their latest cop drama, NYC 22, in the CSI: Miami timeslot. Sadly, it’s not performing very well and has been dropping in the ratings every week.

The network’s programs are performing very well overall so it’s not really a question of “if” NYC 22 will be cancelled but just a question of “when.”

According to our CBS ratings report card, which grades shows based on their demo averages (relative to the other shows on the network), NYC 22 has an “F.” It’s the lowest-rated show on the network and is performing even worse than dramas like Blue Bloods and CSI: NY which air on little-watched Friday nights.

Per the overnights, last night’s third episode fell to a 1.2 rating in the demo with 7.6 million total viewers. That’s a decline of 20% when compared to the series premiere’s disappointing numbers.

Perhaps the network executives had a bad feeling about the show from the start because they only scheduled four episodes. If there had been more on the schedule, they’d surely be looking at pulling them by now. On May 13th, the 10pm timeslot will be filled by the Survivor reunion show and the week after that will have a Jesse Stone TV movie.

It’s not clear how many installments of NYC 22 have been produced but IMDB lists 13 episode titles. It seems likely that, if the folks at CBS decide to air the remaining nine episodes, they’ll burn them off over the summer. Or, perhaps they’ll release them online… or not at all.

What do you think? Do you think that CBS will end up releasing the remaining episodes? Is the new NYC 22 TV series worth watching?

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  1. says

    The shows first episode wasn’t a good one. It definitely picked up but I think it was probably too late. I also think the major networks don’t give shows a chance
    Last season there were some good shows like Chicago Code on Fox but it was
    pulled quickly too. If you ask me there are to many reality shows and now they’re adding more, go figure.

  2. Courtney H. Frye says

    I caught the promos of NYC 22 & it looked like it was good but I did not watch if for one reason. I knew it would be cancelled right out the box. The networks do not give anything a chance & undermine their own shows by constantly moving them around & putting them on hiatis & then bringing them back. I am fed up with the major networks & largely do not watch anything on them anymore.

  3. Melissa says

    I think this show is good and am disappointed that after four episodes, we’re left in the dark! If the time slot has been losing viewers, before the show started, give it a chance.

  4. Jenn says

    I hope it cancels. We have a show already just like this on ABC its called “Rookie Blue” and its going into season 3! Check it out premieres May 24th at 10pm!

  5. NormCBS says

    I love this show! I can’t believe nobody is watching it. It has a very good ensemble cast and good teleplays. The title is awful, but the show has heart. I don’t think CBS promoted this show very well or gave it a chance. It’s better than 90% of the garbage on now. Most Americans currently watching TV must be brain-dead.

  6. Muncie says

    I like the show…If you’re going to cancel it, at least let it run through the summer and finish, what the 13 episodes originally planned for…Would like to see Kenny get his name in lights and to have him stand up to pop on who he should date. Would like to see Lasarus get it together. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW JUST YET…

  7. Steph says

    The pilot wasn’t good at all, and I agree the writing
    hasn’t been too great so far, but I do think it’s been
    getting better by the episode. I’m starting to dig it.
    It seems like its going to get cancelled right when it
    hits it’s stride.

  8. Kathie says

    Worst show on CBS in many seasons…cancel it! But, please, bring back CSI New York. We senior citizens are not out and about on Friday nights, so enjoy your current Friday night line-up very much. Besides, where are you gonna find a nicer guy than Gary Sinise? Actually, the whole show is perfectly cast.

  9. Kiley says

    It’s not horrible but doesn’t compare to the entertainment value of other shows like ABC’s Rookie Blue.

  10. Ellen says

    Horrible show. If you want to watch a great show about rookie cops watch The Rookies. It is filmed in Toronto and is actually entertaining, unlike NYC22.

  11. Kat says

    A few of the actors are more talented than this script gives them the opportunity to be; a few of the actors are pretty bad and have, accordingly, not been given much to do on the show. The show isn’t that good, but I’d keep watching till the end (which, at this point, appears to be next week) for the good actors. Ah, well.

  12. Anonymous says

    I love your references to Willie Sutton. My uncle, Isadore Rivinson, was one of his NY

  13. David says

    I missed the pilot and paid $2.99 to watch it on Apple TV. The show is weak. I have recorded the next two episodes but may not bother watching them. The plot line was just too thin, not enough juice to keep my interested. I watch a lot of TV but this one probably won’t make the cut.

    • Nosgoth1979 says

      Wow, $2.99 is definitely way too much for an episode of NYC22. In the future, you should check dishonline(dot)com first. It’s a streaming site run by my employer, Dish, and not only is it completely free, but a good deal of the shows are available whether you’re a Dish customer or not. I use it all the time because I keep hectic hours and a lot of the newer episodes of shows like this are available the day after they air. And I completely agree with you, this show was too weak. I won’t continue to watch it.

  14. Craig says

    I think the scripts have been horrible. There are some talented actors on the show, and they are rarely being used. We don’t need a bunch of rookie officers who keep things bottled up and hidden most of the time.

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