Smallville: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

Smallville last episodeTonight, after 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes, Smallville said goodbye. The last season and series finale were packed with treats for fans of the long-running TV show.

Despite having died in past seasons, the producers found ways to bring back Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) and Lionel Luthor (John Glover). Ma Kent (Annette O’Toole) returned in time to attend the wedding of her son (Tom Welling) and the love of his life, Lois Lane (Erica Durance).

And, of course, Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) had active roles in trying to stop Darkseid. Even Lex Luthor himself, Michael Rosenbaum, made an appearance and took out his sister (Cassidy Freeman) along the way.

What was your favorite part of the finale? The clips and allusions to past episodes? The return of Lex Luthor? The use of the classic Superman theme music from the movies? A glimpse of Jimmy Olsen? Or, Clark finally putting on the suit and embracing his destiny as Superman?

How would you rate the last episode of Smallville? A fitting end to a beloved series or did they try to do too much? Did you feel cheated that you only got quick glimpses of Clark in the suit?

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  1. juan says

    hmmm… not good enough for a “finale”.
    special effects on flying, saving the airplane, attacking the darks… 5 of 10.
    the costume…. if you could barely see it, looked like a cheap dollar store costume.
    ok, only clark (or as superman) could stop the darkseid; but what did he do? just push it away? nothing to do with accepting his destiny, he just needed to learn how to fly, nothing new about it if we take as reference that kara has all the same powers as clark, doesn’t she?
    And what about Lex? just resumed to: “i’m the bad guy so you can be the good guy and save us” ???
    and other things that i didn’t like….
    i liked alot smallville, the “finale” not at all :(

  2. MK says

    Too much time on the wedding stuff and not nearly enough on Darkseid and Lex. It was such a joy to see Michael back in the show, I just wish the story could have spent more than the last three minutes on the Clex relationship. The villains were all defeated far too easily and Lionel II was wasted. I feel the worst for Tess. That poor character was treated to so much sadistic torture for her entire tenure with absolutely no one really trusting or loving her. Amazing she stayed sane.

  3. Bishop says

    Loved the entire series all 10 seasons ! Cool Ending a sequel show would be nice …but not a long one .

  4. william Sanders says

    Can some one explain to me how the Jimmy Olsen character came back to life in the end of the finale? Or was that just to give that actor face time in the finale as some one else ?

    • says

      william Sanders » When he died, it was explained that Jimmy was just his nickname (Henry James Olsen) and that his younger brother was actually named Jimmy. The younger brother grew up to work at the Daily Planet and in the finale he was played by the same actor, Aaron Ashmore. A little confusing but nice that they included Ashmore in the finale.

  5. walt235 says

    I thought it was a pretty good ending to a very well done series. The reason that Superman never wears his costume is because the series doesn’t own the rights to it, someone else does. If they showed him in it, they’d be sued into oblivion. I hate to see the series go, most of the good shows are gone now, most of what’s left is garbage!

  6. DougED52 says

    Who wrote this crap ? worst story line I have seen in a long time, not even worth saveing to recording . Smallville started out with a bang ten years ago and then it lost it”s way. My opinion is the ending was stuppid , actors had nothing to go on.

  7. Jon Jon'z says

    As with the entire series:

    *Too much reliance on blurry, far away cg shots.
    *Tom’s refusal to actually wear the suit (it was all cgi) is almost offensive after ten years playing Clark Kent. It comes with the gig, buddy. Grin and bear it for the fans. No? Then don’t half ass it, either (sadly they did.)
    *The death of the three prophets of Darkseid was so fast it was ridiculous, as was the defeat of Lionel/Darkseid.
    *The extended emphasis on Lois and Clark’s marriage. The vow scene could have solved the entire dilemma without wasting so much time that could have been dedicated to the birth of Superman.
    *He was never once called Superman by the public or by Lois. Lois should have been the one to name him Superman, as in the comics.

    *Clark’s father appearing as a spirit/memory guiding him. It was a bit redundant after the second time, but still touching.
    *Chloe being the one to recognize the cold k and saving Clark from it.
    *Lois finding it hot that Clark called said, “Yes, Miss Lane.” (Lol.)

    All in all a disappointing end to a ten years that should have had better writing and production values.

  8. hero lover says

    Smallville for the last several seasons has been soap opera corny. Writing and stories were bottom of the barrel. I did squeeze in watching a few episodes this year and caved in to watch the season finale. They tried squeezing in so much… the struggle with family and leaving the past, Lex Luthor returning, and Darkseid that nothing had a satisfying wrap up. Darkseid and Apokolips (sp) was too quickly and easily dispatched. The inner struggle stuff was slow and muddy feeling. The corniest line was dished by Cloey leaving the pow-wow and saying “See you in the funny papers” and she walks off with some Miss America smile on her face. Cornier than a XL tub of hot buttered Orville Redenboeker. There is a freaking planet about to crash into Earth. Where’s her fear and urgency? No one ever acts believably on this show. Also the biggest thing they were trying to accomplish was to show that Clark had finally grown up and needed to embrace a new destiny. Even that rang falsely and poorly conceived. Why does his epiphany come when he is belted by Darkseid? Does he usually have dreams when he is hit? No! Totally lame.
    It boggles the mind that the show made it this far while scores of better written, wittier, funnier, more engaging shows are being axed right and left. What we need is a super-hero to save those shows. Where is he?!?

  9. young says

    I cry seeing the last episode… ending wash watch, and they should’ve some future scene of clear and louis getting married and havng kind or something…. it was OK..

  10. Michael McCullough says

    I grew up a fan of Superman, Smallville derailed from the storyline of Superman itself, but I keep telling myself this is not Superman, it’s Smallville and it’s about the trials of Clark Kent becoming Superman. I wish there was a magic kiss like in the movies to make Lois forget that he was Supes and also it would’ve been great they could’ve returned Pete Ross in the finale, also where was Lana with her fine self! It was good to see Tom in the Superman suit but again fans have to remember this is about Clark not Superman. But for the most part it was a good ending because there a lot of shows that don’t make it to a season finale. Tom, if u read these blogs, I want to say great job, the show fell off a Lil bit but I am so glad I remained a fan because I wasn’t disappointed. Cast, crew, directors, producers, etc.. Thanks for the great show, not just the last episode but the entire season :)

  11. Jimbo says

    BRAVO! Absolutely superb!

    It was like watching a MAJOR motion picture here!

    An episode Chris Reeve…AND Jackie Cooper…would have been proud to see!

    ..Good luck Clark :)

  12. says

    Love this final episode. Somebody save this show!!!! Brilliant performances by Michael Rosenbaum, Annette Otoole, and especially John Schneider. I’m so glad Michael returned for this last episode. Excellent plot. It’s such a shame such a positive and inspiring show like this is cancelled. It’s a sign that like everything else good in this world, is going down hill. I’m going to miss the shirtless scenes with green arrow. What a body!!!! I love how they brought John Schneider back, along with Michael. Very creative with the resurrection of Lex. Now this leaves one decent show to watch, Supernatural. I can’t believe I pay for cable.

  13. says

    One of the best TV series ever. I’m just very sorry to see it end. Someone or some producer needs to find a follow up series and yes bring back the same cast. Don’t try to fit new actors into the follow up. I don’t know how long it will take to realize that Smallville is no longer on Friday night.

  14. Johnny says

    The episode had it’s good parts and it’s bad parts. I feel like the 2 hours was a bit rushed and that they should of set up the series finale better instead of putting all those “filler” episodes. The first 40 min were the best then too much talking not enough action and my biggest issue, Tom Welling did not come out in the suit. How the hell did Brandon Routh get to wear the superman suit in that horrible movie yet Tom Welling who gave 10 years to the character and the role doesn’t get at least 5 min of screen time with the suit. All in all I was disappointed the only thing that makes the pain a little bit easier to manage was Michael Rosenbaum and the fact that Tom Welling finally got to fly!!

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