Three Rivers: Poor Premiere Ratings; Cancel It or Keep It?

Three RiversMany Moonlight fans are still upset over the cancellation of CBS’ Friday night vampire series. CBS is counting on viewers wanting more of the show’s star, Alex O’Loughlin, and put him front and center in the new medical series, Three Rivers. So, will O’Loughlin’s physician outlive his vampire character?

Three Rivers revolves around a team of elite surgeons who work in the high-pressure and emotional world of organ transplants. The leader is Dr. Andy Yablonski, (O’Loughlin) a workaholic with a quick wit.

His co-workers include rebellious Dr. Miranda Foster (Katherine Moennig), womanizing Dr. David Lee (Daniel Henney), inexperience coordinator Ryan Abbott (Christopher Hanke), dedicated head of surgery Dr. Sophia Jordan (Alfre Woodard), and Pam Acosta (Justina Machado), Andy’s best friend.

TV show supportMany have suspected that the drama was in trouble even before it got out of the starting gate. Amid some negative early reviews, CBS decided to bump the pilot episode and air the second installment instead. The second episode, which is set to air next week, is called “Ryan’s First Day” and might be a little confusing since returning viewers have already seen Ryan working at his job.

Should Three Rivers be cancelled?

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Based on the early ratings, that may be the least of CBS’ worries. Three Rivers debuted last night with a disappointing 9.17 million viewers and a 2.0/5 rating/share among adults 18-49. It ranked in a distant third place in total viewership and a distant fourth place in the all important demographic.

Three Rivers retained a little more than 70% of its lead-in audience and, in the same timeslot last year, Cold Case brought in almost two million more viewers.

Based on typical ratings trends, even fewer people can be expected to return next week. If you look at it that way, Three Rivers’ life expectancy doesn’t look very good.

Is Three Rivers worth saving or should CBS do a mercy killing and cancel it now? What do you think?

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  1. Patti says

    I just watched a new episode of Three Rivers and was thrilled to see it back on! I didn’t know it was on , just stumbled on it. It’s one of the best shows. Please keep it.

  2. says

    if tere is a chance to bring three rivers back please do so it was a great how and it can take time for a show to pickup and get a good following pleaseput back on

  3. Regina says

    I really liked the show and wish they would bring it back. I am near Pittsburgh and it was nice seeing the city represented in the series. Maybe put it on a better time slot. It has a lot of fans.

  4. terri says

    My husband and really enjoyed Three rivers. We told other people about the show and they loved it too. we have been watching for new episodes and i decided to look on-line only to discover it has been cancled. we are truly disappointed. I also have to say, that I was not an organ doner. I had mixed emotions about it until I started watching the show. My husband and i are both organ doners now! I think many other people would become doners as well if the show would come back!

  5. Llperez69 says

    You are kidding me, right. This is a first class act show that introduces first class actors in an environment that is unbalastasted, withouthout proof that imagination, flusters, comfters a future setting such as a helicopter laying gently a heliopad,making it seeming so regularly, thus, not so life-threatening to those not so exposed to same'; to disrupt life as it emits in so many windows and so many offices and ambiguously allows its characters to prove their findings. From better to worse, or the the other way reverse, life as seen through the eyes of someone who expresses hope, hence this show portrays a sense a sincerity of real hope that something lays ahead and gives the patient an immensity amount of a slight of an expectation; whether it may transpire to another to a greater step above or not; the sincerity of the characters appears to be there sans the Hollywoos glitter. I would really not be happy to see this see show go off the line up off the lineup of the Sunday shows. I beg you reconsider..

    I really avid fan. Loyda Perea.

  6. sandra says

    I love the show. They should bring THREE RIVERS BACK. Every time i like a show they take it off the air.

  7. debbie says

    I just don’t understand why.Everybody I know watched the show.Don’t you people ever listen to your viewers.
    DON’ TAKE IT OFF. Its so hard to fine any thing to watch these days and when you get a good one you take it off. BRING IT BACK PLEASE

  8. julie says

    I loved the show! I have been waiting for a new episode and checking on it weekly. I can’t believe they are taking it off the air!

  9. Cynthia H. says

    People are still finding out that their favorite show has been cancelled. For all the people that write in there are thousands that don’t even realize that they have somewhere to express there opinion. Or maybe they realize that our opinion doesn’t count anyway. Does anyone even read these comments? Most people don’t watch as much TV as they used to because the shows are lousy and the commercials are 4 plus minutes long instead of the 2 minutes they used to be. It was worth sitting through the commercials to watch Three Rivers. I had 3 shows that I watched faithfully each week…….Three River, The Good Wife and The Mentalist . All the other shows are tired or reality based. Please bring back this quality show.

  10. Pat says

    I can’t believe they canceled Three Rivers…without even giving it time to settle in! I so loved this show! I don’t understand why CBS had to pull it so qickly…never giving it a real chance. I thought the show was well written…good content….meaningful episodes.
    With so much crap on tv these days.. I really enjoyed Threee Rivers!! I really really hope that CBS will re-consider giving it a REAL second try!! Please re-consider and bring it back on!!

    • DANIELLE says


  11. julie says

    i realy liked the show, especialy when you live by pittsburgh.i thought it was going to make it. i hope you bring it back. julie

  12. Sue says

    I am terribly disappointed that Three Rivers has disappeared. It was one of the best shows on TV. There is so much junk on and this was a show with substance. Many of us do not enjoy things like The Office, Cold Case and such, but we look forward to shows of the quality of Three Rivers. Please bring it back..Give it a chance to get into peoples hearts.

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