Zero Hour: Pulled; Is the ABC Show Cancelled?

zero hour canceled?It looks like ABC is pulling Zero Hour off their schedule, at least for next week. The fourth episode of the new TV series had been scheduled to air on March 7th but the listing’s been removed from ABC’s press site.

Zero Hour debuted on February 14th to a disappointing 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.38 million total viewers. Week two saw the numbers drop to a 1.1 rating and 5.39 million and last night’s installment fell to a 1.0 rating with 5.05 million.

We’re waiting to hear if ABC is pulling the series for good or just temporarily. Either way, the show won’t be getting a second season.

Hopefully the network will at least let the five million faithful viewers see the unaired episodes at some point.

UPDATE: Reruns of Shark Tank will air on March 7th and 14th and then ABC will fill the timeslot with season seven of Wife Swap. The remaining episodes of Zero Hour may run this summer. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

What do you think? Do you like Zero Hour? Were you hoping that it would stick around?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I agree that it did not even have a chance. This is the type of show that needs to wait foreword of mouth. I thought it was a captivating premise. Combination of Davinci Code and National Treasure. Main character was a bit whiny and annoying though.

  2. Chriss says

    This channel cancels every thing, they don’t even let it run 1 season. I have not been watching this network as much for this reason, yea you are right, I was just getting into 666 Park Ave. Last Resort, seems like the shows that are for Intelligent people shows you put your thinking cap on get cancelled.

  3. Kay says

    I’m soooooo bummed! This is my FAVORITE new show of the season! The very first episode sucked me in with the ending and I couldn’t wait for the next one. Each episode has left me excited to see what would happen next! I can’t believe they are taking it off the air after only 3 shows. GIVE IT A CHANCE!! Give it the time for people to hear about it and watch it and enjoy it! My co-workers and I have watched the first 3 episodes and then debated/talked about it and what it all means and where it’s taking us. It was such a let-down to hear it’s been cancelled and I agree with Donna, I’m tired of the networks getting you involved in a series and then yanking them out from under you. The least they could do is finish out the season! Replacing it with Shark Tank and Wife Swamp is just ludicrous! How could those show possibly help their rating!

  4. Ciara says

    Why is it that shows that play to a more sophisticated audience are pulled off the schedule to be replaced by shows that cater to audiences with lower IQ’s? Really. Just because many people did not know about this show doesn’t mean that the audience won’t grow. Big Bang Theory, which I do believe is a funny show, can’t compare to the complexity and writing of this unique and different story. For goodness sake, give this show a chance. A lot of us are tired of having to choose boring shows in order to avoid shows created for juvenile audiences. There are other people out there, folks. Give us something to watch too! This show deserves a chance. And to already decided that this is a one season show? Really. Who are your network bigwigs? People in the 15 to 26 age group? Try catering to a more sophisticated audience. We buy from your sponsors, too.

  5. Bethany says

    I watch LOTS of tv on both networks and cable (if you have ever seen any of my posts, I watch A LOT of tv since I have insomnia, and care for my mother 24/7 so am home with little else to do.) Sadly this was a show that my fiancĂ© and I liked to watch together, and he doesn’t like a lot of tv shows that are not on cable. He also personally hates wife swap (Which of course I love because watching two moms who are both outlandishly lacking in basic parenting skills makes me feel so much better as a mother.) So I will continue to tune in during this time block, but they have lost my fiancĂ© and my boys who were just discovering the show but did really like it. I can only hope that SyFi will be smart enough to pick up the remaining episodes and possibly continue where the other network messed up.

  6. says

    Am so sick and tired of these networks thinking they know what people wanting to watch on t.v. They need to hirer people that know how to do their jobs, because they seem to always taking off the good shows like Last resorts and Zero hours and mob doctor ect. But they keep stupid show like the good wife and biggest loser ect. who freakin cares how much weight they lose. Its getting to the point why should we get cable or have t.v. because its become a big diappointment and when find something you like they get rid of it. You people are idoits you have no clue what people want. So do your self a favorite and find another job and leave or t.v. shows alone.

  7. HJS says

    I am truly dissappointed by this show, it’s slow and VERY BORING! So going off won’t offend me, but the cancellation of Last Resort did piss the **** out of me!

  8. Why Watch says

    I didn’t like this show. But replacing it with the moronic Wife Swap is truly dumb. They’ll lose more viewers than they gain with this move.

  9. Cocovader says

    i ami i am so disappointed with ABC Zero Hour was such an interesting and captavatin show. Shame on you ABC.

  10. Anonymous says

    I thought the episodes were real good. I have been waiting for the next ones.
    So, sorry that it is not going to be back.

  11. Marina Maru says

    Unbelievable…they don’t give shows a chance. I thought the premise was terrific and all the actors were good in their respective parts.

  12. Cora Marburger says

    zero hour give this show a chance. a great plot to see weekly. I refuse to watch shall tank-too negative, reality tv is SO STUPID,wife swap SO STUPID PEOPLE NO MORALS.

  13. Rob says

    please just continue to do reality shows so that i dont waste my time on new sci-fi shows that will be cancelled after 3 episodes. i want my 120 minutes of time that i invested in this back…. you just wasted 120 minutes of my life for absolutly no reason..thanks a lot … never again!

  14. SMK says

    Anyone know where we can write to protest canceling Zero Hour? Let’s get a campaign going to bring it back.

    • Donna says

      I am with you and just found out after 3 episodes that it was cancelled. I just got done watching the third episode which was on my DVR and what a waste of my time. Never again am I going to watch any more new episodes on ABC, CBS, or NBC because you start to get involved with the shows and then they pull the plug on them. I have Red Widow on my my DVR to record but after finding out about Zero Hour, I deleted it. I watch too much shows as it is and I don’t care any more what I might miss. I am so upset with this being cancelled, just like they did with 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort. Syfy is starting to do the same thing and I am done.

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