Cancelled or Renewed? Status of ABC TV Shows

ABC TV shows: canceled or renewed?Which ABC TV shows have been cancelled? How many episodes are there this season? Has a series already been renewed for next season?

Below, you’ll find a list of ABC’s recent/current/upcoming primetime TV shows and their current status. To see a series’ ratings (if available), click the links in the middle column. You can also see the full season’s ratings.

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What do you think? Which ABC shows are your favorites? Which TV shows are you hoping will be renewed for another season? Any you’d like to see cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Emarie says

    Don’t cancel Motive or Mistresses. That would be ridiculous. They are highly entertaining shows with some normalcy to them. Not like these other shows you choose to air such as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD or Sing Your Face Off. What a waste of airtime.
    Thank you…

  2. Lucille says

    I turned on our ABC local station to see the 10:00 p.m. news. The show, Motive, was at the end and I had never seen it. I was shocked at the violence where the character killed a woman by choking. That is all I saw and it so bothered me I couldn’t sleep. What is the purpose of such a show? Please cancel Motive. Just Awful! Doesn’t it bother ABC that a “family” station airs something like this?

  3. Karen says

    I’m sad to see Motive cancelled. Seems like there were others to choose from. I would like to see it come back, but I know that the network has made up it’s mind. What about moving it to TNT?

  4. Queli says

    Motive…from the moment I turned onto this show, I was hooked (and so are many of my friends). From the concept, the stars and the storyline, everything about this show is great.

  5. Tim Thacker says

    Please keep “Black Box” on the air. I have grown to really love the program and look forward to watching it each week. I’ve told several people about the show and am concerned that it won’t be back on in the fall. The characters are really interesting and the acting is excellent on this series. I’m dying to find out if Dr. Black gets another chance to work at “The Cube” after being fired. Anyway, please renew this show, my fiancé and I are devoted watchers of the program. My only request is to put “Black Box” on a consistent day and time (Thursday at 10 pm works for me). Thank you for reading my comments.

  6. says

    I have just finished watching the last episode of Killer Women. Why for all the tea in china was this series cancelled? The plots were very good and the suspense had its moments but most of all a lot must be said for the clean language that was enjoyed. Whar a privilege to watch a series without any cursing. Surely this is what viewers want or am I wrong? The romance was good and should be continued because it highlights the maturity of the series without it becoming overbearing sensuous. Both actors worked well in their different assignments but at times worked together to solve cases. When working separately it was good to come together again to acknowledge their love for one another. I do believe that a series should be strong in its content of crimes but not so vulgar that very few members of a family are not able to watch. Secondly, perhaps more writers should come on board to assist in creating more suspense but that the same actors be retained. Thirdly, as there are so many series on the market today surely Killer Women should receive a better rating compared to what I have already viewed which have gone on for longer periods, but was very gruesome and lacked the romance that surely what fans look forward to.
    I am from South Africa and yes we do take notice what is available. So please do not follow the title of this series (Killer Women) and kill this off this one. You follow the stats in America for popularity and how about the rest of the world? Come on guys get back to your pens and give us second, third and fourth seasons?

  7. James Parker says

    I think you should run Black Box for one more season. I thought it was a very good series. Totally excited joked it.

  8. says

    Do not cancel this show! The low ratings were the fault of network idiots, for placing it at that time and on those dates. You need to put it in a decent lineup (Fall or Spring, with a popular lead-in) and give it a chance. This show is the equivalent of “House.” Yes, her illness comes and goes – with and without meds so fast it not only strains but snaps credulity, but it is necessary for the purpose of the show. Perhaps a written declaration about such that audiences read, with a “for more information about mental illness and treatment, go to http://www.mental...” just prior to the shows” airing (much like a “Law & Order” episode aired “The following is fictional, and does not depict any real person or event” type of thing) might be in order. It would surely be better than canceling such an interesting and very well written show. “Black Box” would be every bit as popular and successful as “House” was, if just given the chance. Every character is interesting and diverse, and we see each dealing with their own problems while treating others. There is so much depth to the show, that hasn’t been mined (and not all of it is even in the mind. Bad pun)! And it needs to be – because this is a good show! Not many others show people so real, and they need time! WE need time WITH them, to learn who they are – because they are not simply interesting, but delightfully flawed as well. This is like our “40-minute hour” of treatment each week, the viewer’s mind opens to what these characters have to give, and they can be very bad and internally messy and all tangled just like life, and that’s the gift we receive for tuning in. It’s also nice to see such a mix of ethnicity and color. I know I find it infinitely better than any of the current fluff I normally see on TV. And it’s funny – this show contains more reality than any REALITY television show I’ve ever seen. Those people on “reality TV” put on a character like they would a costume, and try to be all … whatever, for television. What a joke. DO NOT CANCEL “BLACK BOX!”

  9. says

    This is one of many shows we really enjoyed. The ending (final episode?!!) devastated us! We can’t imagine this show being canceled; but we do realize the viewing public probably likes less cerebral quality – no plot to follow … just laugh an be happy. This show had a lot going on … all the time and some very interesting characters. We hope you will continue it; but with the main character “fired,” it looks unlikely. Our loss!

  10. trevor says

    Whodunit cancelled, thank Goodness…. Great Move ABC, that was dumbest show ever, now cancel The Taste too.

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