Hostages: Was the Finale a Satisfying Ending?

Hostages last episodesTonight marks the end of Hostages on CBS. Though the “limited series” has not been officially cancelled, the ratings have been so poor that there’s just no way that they’re going to bring it back for a second season.

On the two final episodes — titled “Suspicious Minds” and “Endgame” — Duncan (Dylan McDermott) discovers Sandrine’s (Sandrine Holt) betrayal and decides to use her to save Nina (Francie Swift) and Sawyer (Lola Cook). Before Ellen (Toni Collette) operates on President Kincaid (James Naughton), the First Lady (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) confronts her and forces Ellen to tell the truth about the assassination plot.

What do you think? If you’ve seen the finale, was it a satisfying ending to the series? Do you think they could have realistically made another season — either with some of the same characters or, with completely new ones? Would you have watched?

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  1. Serena Noelle says

    I loved it! I was a interesting series. Perfect actors and actresses, and it was the best way to end it the show “if” its the last, I believe it is. I wish it could go on farther, but there would be no story line anymore. It was great, start with a dog, end with a dog.

  2. Shane says

    Too many coincidents that stopped planned actions happening. Unreal! Some storylines weren’t finished or characters called to account. Messy script. Watched it all but every time I got angry at the predictability that a plan would go astray.

  3. Deanna Diehl says

    Loved the show!!!! Looked forward to it every week . After all those reality, talent show it was a refreshing change. Hope it is not cancelled……

  4. Jim says

    Kind of a far-fetched premise, but certainly superior to the reality shows and comedies that are on CBS. The other networks as well. As for another season, well, would hope that the Sanders family wouldn’t be held hostage again so I guess a new season couldn’t be called “Hostages”. But I would watch it.

  5. Kathi Jackson says

    I will watch any show with Dylan McDermott. I loved it when he and Toni C. kissed and would love to have seen that play out. All in all, I liked the ending. In my fantasy world, Dylan did his time, or whatever he had to do to redeem himself, then he and Toni got together.

    Don’t see how the series could have logically continued but I appreciate seeing it through to the end.

  6. imac20051 says

    Couldn’t stop clapping at the end, great show. No need for second season, I’m ok, just happy they gave it a great ending and closure! I’m satisfied and smiled at the end. Thank You!

  7. DLB says

    What do you get when you combine a stellar cast with the most ridiculous plot ever committed up for primetime TV?

    My suspension of belief snapped before the first episodee was over.
    What a horrible script.
    I was embarrassed for Toni Collette;
    her and Tate Donovan deserve better.

    The finale was just as I expected: ridiculous.
    If I wasn’t bed ridden with hours of time to spare, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.
    HOSTAGES was a mess. The only positive thing I have to say is that it wasn’t as bad as BETRAYAL.


    • Gale says

      I agree entirely with your comments. Great staff but totally ridiculous script. I also found it embarassingly unbelievable.
      I watched only because of the cast and stayed to the end. I am so glad it is over.

  8. says

    I thought Hostages was a good show compared to all those cheesy singing shows.
    I’m just wondering how they could bring back a second season with the family safe
    and Duncan turning himself in. Who knows what those writers have up their sleeve.

  9. says

    Though it took this series a little while to REALLY capture my attention (especially after reading disparaging remarks about it on Amazon, all of which turned out to be wrong), but after the 3rd or 4th episode, I was hooked. I just finished the finale and have to call this one of the best “limited series” I’ve ever seen, right up there with American Horror Story’s first two seasons as “one off” sequences re: the characters.

    What I loved the most was they got the ending right. The ending was satisfying. It certainly left you feeling like the good people had good things happen to them, and the bad people bad things. Lots of people SAY they want “realistic” endings, but when you look at successful shows and movies, it’s those with HAPPY endings which rate the highest. If you want “realism” watch the news. Of course, there has to be a believable plot, premise, etc… They absolutely must maintain the suspension of disbelief, but I watch television and movies to ESCAPE reality, not to be reminded of it. Without a happy, satisfying ending, no show or movie is worth watching, IMO. Kudos in the past to shows which knew they would be cancelled so tied up things at the end to satisfy their viewers (“Last Resort” and “Jericho” come to mind immediately, as does the movie “Serenity” for tying up the loose ends of Firefly). I really can’t honestly say I’ve ever liked a show which didn’t provide a strong, satisfying ending.

    As to whether I need to see more of Hostages, well, I would love to see them do with Hostages what FX has done with American Horror Story–use the same actors and actresses from season to season, but let’s allow Ellen and her family to live happily ever after. I’ve already accepted the “lived happily ever after” for them, and for Duncan and his wife, etc… Extending the story at this point would make me feel like the finale for this season was all a big lie.

  10. Evelyn says

    I loved it! But the scheduling was what made it impossible for me to watch. It was on at the same time as an also very good show, and Monday nite football I could catch an episode once in a while when the foot ball was boring, but that only made it worse, not enough to make sense of the plot. CBS should consider its spot in the schedule, not the show…it was excellent what I saw of it. I will not pay for each episode!!

  11. starline says

    I loved loved loved this show………….I recorded it & loved watching the episodes back to back…………I just couldn’t stop………..great suspense…………yes it was a bit dark & edgy but its TV folks & that’s what I want………..entertainment……great storylines…..great characters & acting (all of which this show had ) …………….I would love to see a 2nd season please…….this was excellent tv drama…………….the way it should be !!!

  12. Debbie says

    I totally agree with Mike that it was an awesome show! Couldn’t wait to watch it every week. I would definitely want it to come back for a second season but the way things were all wrapped up, it doesn’t look like it will. I’d definitely give CBS an A+ for this show though. Good job!

  13. Mike says


  14. says

    This was such a terrible idea for a series. This could work for a two hour movie, but there is little way to milk out this story week after week. Each week reminded me of filler material compared to the first episode which had presented most of the premise for the show, and seemed to tell 90% of the story. CBS sure dropped the ball here, presenting a series that couldn’t sustain itself more than the opening episode, largely running on fumes since. Compared to the great comedies on Monday on CBS, this show seemed to just thud as a turkey far less enjoyable than CSI:MIAMI or HAWAII 5-0, both of which are way superior to this only moderately enjoyable 10pm drama. Please do better next time CBS, and give me some reason not to change channels or turn off my TV at 10pm. I used to look with anticipation for CSI:MIAMI or HAWAII 5-0, but looked with dread when HOSTAGES was about to come on.

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