Inside the NFL: HBO Show Cancelled After 31 Years — Will It Return?

Inside the NFLHBO has announced that they’ve dropped the longest running series on cable television. After over three decade, say goodbye to Inside the NFL… or maybe not. The NFL contends the show’s not over yet.

Inside the NFL debuted back in the Fall of 1977. It was the first major sports show for the young HBO, or any cable channel for that matter. The series’ schedule parallels that of the National Football League (NFL), beginning each season just prior to the first game and wrapping up after the Super Bowl. Generally the show features highlights of recent matches, interviews, upcoming game previews, and occasional comedy segments.

NBC Sports veteran Bob Costas is the current anchor with former players Dan Marino, Cris Collinsworth, and Cris Carter serving as co-hosts and analysts. HBO Sports and NFL Films co-produce the weekly program.

Inside was truly unique in its day but, with the explosion of sports programming on cable, viewers have been able to get their football fix on a more timely basis elsewhere. It’s for this reason that HBO has announced that they are canceling the series after last night’s Super Bowl recap show.

Inside the NFL has been a hallmark program for three decades on HBO,” HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg said. “It has been a terrific franchise. But the television landscape has changed quite a bit over the last 30 years and we have to recognize the realities of the business.”

The NFL says that they plan to continue the series without HBO, via another channel. The organization has been in talks with three or four possible outlets but a deal hasn’t been sealed yet. Regardless, the NFL is confident that the series will kick off on schedule in the fall. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    No “Sex i the city”, No “Sopranos” now no “Inside the NFL” also “The Wire” is being cancelled. HBO has outlived its usefullness time to drop it. They show the same movies over and over again. Hey we have Pay per View and Blockbuster now.

  2. says

    Dear Hbo

    It is a big mistake that you are canceling inside the nfl on hbo now I will have to wait and find out who will pick it up so I can add that service to my dish network and cancel hbo I feel so sorry for you because I will cancel hbo


  3. Ted Boyle says

    Well it look slike another rousing viewing of lame ass third run movies and obscure sports highlights. Not ot mention the presentation of more great? boxing, which has managed to become the next best thing to wrestling. It’s a shame that HBO lacks the vision required to see that a big reason many of their subscribers watch this program is to get an in depth look at the world of pro football without the endless commercials and obvious predjudices of the Networks. These guys bought interesting and informative programs into our homes on a weekly basis throughout the season. Looks like it’s time to cancel my HBO.

  4. Mike Noble says

    We have been watching this show since its inception. It is the biggest reason that we continue to subscribe to HBO. My wife and I were shocked to learn that this week’s broadcast was the last. No warning. I want to protest. I just don’t know where to go.

    From Len and Nick to Chris, Chris, Dan, and Bob, this has been the Best NFL show on TV. Hey, I even grew to like Bob Costas. These guys are real pros. I have learned so much about the game from listening to them. And I think these guys are great. So sad.


  5. P Harmon says

    Glad to see you got balls and shut the door on these biased idiots. Every week bashing the Superbowl Champs (NEW YORK GIANTS)until they made it to the big game and won it. Chris Collinsworth has to be the biggest arrogant jerk I have seen announcing. He sure cut our team down enough and looked like a fool when the Giants won. He should be announcing Bass fishing or turtle racing. He as well as Dan Marino aren’t the fairest people to be an announcer.Maybe they should consider adding Tiki Barber to their lineup to make it a complete failure How many rings do they have from winning the Superbowl? Eli and the current Giants have more. Good riddance to them…Hopefully,HBO will rethink this and put in some fair, honest announcers

  6. JK says

    I was told HBO was cancelling the best show it has, INSIDE THE NFL. If this is true HBO is not worth keeping. INSIDE THE NFL was the only reason I got HBO. If I was unable to watch it on Wednesday I watched it later in the week.

    I recorded the last show. I had to see the reacton of Costas and the guys since the Giants won. Due to the fact Costas was th only one who picked the Giants to win.

    So, HBO can show the movies CLUELESS, all of the STAR WARS segments (never have watched any of those, thank GOD) etc., everyday or everynight of the week, but not INSIDE THE NFL. This doesn’t make sense.

    If anything HBO should increase INSDE THE NFL to a 90 minute or 2 hour show. If HBO does take INSDIE THE NFL of the air I will no longer need HBO. That is a FACT.

  7. steve krupnik says

    I can not believe that HBO would even consider this!! I have been watching this show since it was called this week in the NFL, that was over 40 years ago!!

    Ross Greenburg, what else will you put on? Another reality show? Fast and Furious 75??

    Ross Please note my name and e-mail address is have any balls write me!!! Every kid in his neighborhood please egg this guys house and cars immediately!!!!

    This is a piss poor decision and I will cancell my HBO service because of it unless you change your mind!!! Please get smart and keep this on air!!!

    Everyone needs to get on board and flood HBO with their displeasure and cancell their HBO service!!! TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS POOR DECISION NOW!!!

  8. Stacy Sherbert says

    Please don’t stop. I love this show. I can’t believe this show is ending. It was the best nfl football coverage. Having the mike’s on players and coach’s-priceless.

  9. George W Bush says

    This is a sad day indeed for HBO subscribers. Its about the only show that is different from week to week – month to month on this crappy channel. IF THE EVER CHANGING TELEVISION LANDSCAPE IS TRUELY THE REASON, THEN MYBE YOU OUGHT TO NEVER HAVE GOONIES ON FOR ANOTHER FREAKIN MONTH…………. IDIOTS

    H B l O w s

  10. Troy Black says

    I would usually try to be reserved regarding opposing opinions “but” to say that the reasoning for the show’s cancellation is recognition of a “changing” television landscape is purely hor$e$hit. For the avid and “loyal” HBO/football fan maybe we need to acknowlege the change by conceding to this sentiment and changing our viewership of HBO.

    I for one am very disappointed and adamantly say that I will “not” remain a HBO loyalist and advocate instead turning to opposing channels since I need to give in to a “changing” television landscape.

    Bad decision HBO but you still have a choice to change or rethink this before next football season starts.

    That is unless your ego takes over and you just don’t care about “customer satisfaction”

    /troy black

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