Las Vegas: NBC Cancels Long-Running Series

Las VegasTVGuide is reporting that NBC has unceremoniously cancelled Las Vegas after five seasons on the air.

Las Vegas debuted on September 22, 2003 and was touted as actor James Caan’s first series regular role on television. The Academy Award-nominated actor was cast as the Montecito casino’s Head of Security, ‘Big Ed’ Deline. Others in the cast have included Nikki Cox, Josh Duhamel, James Lesure, Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims, and Marsha Thomason.

Caan left the series last year to return to his movie career and Cox was cut from the show in a cost-cutting move. Caan was replaced by Tom Selleck and it was hoped that the addition of the veteran TV actor would help revitalize the series. It didn’t and, coupled with the series’ move to Friday nights, the ratings dropped significantly.

Last year, Las Vegas was one of the earliest NBC shows to get a renewal notice. What a difference a year can make.

NBC has opted not to renew Las Vegas for season six. Unlike Friday Night Lights, Vegas apparently doesn’t warrant shopping to other possible outlets and fans of the series are left with a cliffhanger. The last two episodes aired last Friday and was first in the ratings for both hours, Unbeknownst to viewers at the time, it was likely the last time we’ll see the staff of the Montecito. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    What the men they ended the show so bad, and seriously I still wake up every morning to watch this show even if I show it already .I mean again and again. I still love it. So please stop your crappy and put it back on

  2. An Israeli 18 years old says

    This is a HUGE mistake! how could you stop this amazing tv show? Las Vegas is one of the best tv shows I’ve ever watched, dammit!

  3. Albert says

    How do we start a petition to get a final episode for Las Vegas…? I would gladly pay to see one…would be better than spending $100 to see some has-been rock star!

  4. Deb says

    What a real disappoint NBC is for letting this show end in the middle of the season this way. No wonder I love CBS and hardly watch NBC anymore. They do not care about the fans or what they really like. Let’s put another news show on that is boring as HELL.

  5. Jake says

    I will say I am not happy either with the way they ended this show either but anyone who followed the show when it was cancelled should recall what the main reason was. The reason it was cancelled (and the last 3 episodes were not filmed) was because of the writers strike. During that strike, NBC decided it was to expensive to maintain the set for Las Vegas and all costs associated from there, so they unfortunately ended up cancelling the entire series in the middle of the strike and storyline. I am not making excuses for NBC because I was and still am pretty bummed out about that decision, but they didnt just out of the blue decided to cancel. There were extraordinary circumstances.
    I do hope a movie or something will be made but the time table for that to happen is running out…

  6. Sara says

    I just finished watching all of Las Vegas and was horrified with the ending! I can’t believe that they left it like that! How much trouble would it really have been for them to have the 3 more episodes that were planned for its 5TH SEASON???? its horrible! i wish someone would come up with a satisfying ending that I could at least read so I would know what happens…

  7. David Harkness says

    Wow,what a stupid idea to cancell a great show. NBC stands for no brain cells. Oh, by the way NBC is a big supporter of the democratic party and Obama. Remember when Obama said dont go to Vegas, well that ‘s just another thing Obama killed.

  8. Bob Dylan says

    Dammit I love this show, bring it the hell back. How in the hell could you cut such a great show. I hate you NBC

  9. Tracy Gantner says

    I’m so dissappointed that the series was cancelled… It was an outstanding show, and the way it ended was unfair to the viewers (myself included)… Why would you air that last episode, and leave us with that! It was very thoughtless on your end…

  10. SUE says

    I can’t beleive NBC left us hanging , season 5. This was a great show. Bring Las Vegas back, we need to know about Delinda and Josh’s baby. I own all season’s, great show, kudo for writers

  11. Limor says

    I swear this is the best show ever. You cut the show with Delinda bleeding and you say to be continued… Yeah, good marketing right there… (sarcasm).
    NBC continues shows like -the biggest loser (which kinda died for me when Jillian left). Another show: parenthood??? Wow. Bring this show back

  12. dee says

    Even tho Las vegas ended in 2008. i still cetch myself watching it over and over again. And each time i am dissappointed on how it ends. nbc really screwed up when they canceled such a great show. do they not realize that this show was unlike all the other boring, repetative shows that r on now. i watch the reruns of las vegas then change the channel bc i dont want to watch anything else that they have to offer. look how good josh did in transformers. where u really that stupid to take las vegas away from us viewers and screw up an opertunity to make tons of money off this show nbc? bring it back and give us viewers a decent ending instead of the bs cliffhanger u left us with.

  13. says

    You can’t leave a season stating “to be continued” and just not continue! I should stop watching EVERYTHING from NBC if that is the way they want to treat their viewers!

  14. jb says

    STOP watching nbc and all there affiliated networks, its the only way to get them to stop the bullshit. if you boycott nbc then they have to start listening to us.

  15. ktcox says

    Bring back the sang show! How the hell can u end with D bleeding and it saying to be continued, and not follow up!!!!

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