Moonlight: CBS Cancels Vampire Drama, No Season Two

MoonlightThough things were looking good for a second season of CBS’ vampire show, Moonlight has been cancelled. The show has loyal followers, the ratings were decent, and the series often won its timeslot. What happened?

Essentially Moonlight has been cut for a number of reasons. The rest of the network’s schedule is quite strong in the ratings and it certainly makes no sense to cancel one of the stronger series. If Moonlight were on the ratings-challenged CW, it certainly would have been renewed.

Like Jericho last season, Moonlight has a devout but small audience. Unfortunately, CBS’ decision to resurrect Jericho didn’t work out so well for them. Though many campaigned to get Jericho renewed, fewer people tuned in. CBS likely feels a bit burned by that experience and is reluctant to go down that road again.

The cancellation also stems from the fact that CBS is feeling very confident about their new batch of drama pilots. They’ve given a greenlight for four new dramas this fall and there just wasn’t any room left on the schedule for Moonlight. They know that Moonlight’s audience is unlikely to grow very much and would rather take a chance on a new show.

There’s been much upheaval behind-the-scenes and it’s been reported that the network hasn’t been impressed with the show’s creative development. The ratings were also usually lower than both its lead-in (Ghost Whisperer) and lead-out (Numb3rs).

CBS has given the okay for another season of The Unit. With the network’s full schedule, the drama will likely end up being bumped from Tuesdays and end up on Fridays in Moonlight’s old slot.

Moonlight’s series finale is set to air this Friday, May 16th. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Agnieszka says

    I agree – that is just unfair not having another season! It is maybe naive, but nice theme.
    I liked it…:-)

  2. MoonLight Craze says


  3. Amber says

    I think they should make a season two because this is one of the first vampire shows that aren’t just about sex, or guys fight over a girl. (Yes there’s a tiny bit of it ,but that’s not the point.) This show a story of a mortal and an immortal being together; throught all the odds.
    You leave the season with Mick and Beth kissing, then you shut the door!! That is a totally cliffhangers. Then you have coraline, who was taking by one of her 7 brothers. What happens to her, what’s her story. Do you honestly think she would give up on Mick that easily? Lastly, you have the list with all of the vampire names on it! That would make an insterting season to watch. To see Beth and Mick discover Ben is an enemy not a friend.
    I think these are some great reasons for season two!(:

  4. says

    I think CBS made a humongous mistake when they canceled MOONLIGHT !!! There must be thousands of fans like myself (no teenager by the way) who looked forward to the series every week, waiting on tenderhooks to see what next week would bring and was never disappointed. I think CBS should rethink their descion and bring back Mick St.John for all the eager fans like myself I don’t think they will be sorry.!

  5. Sierra Dawn says

    I totally agree with Dorian Gonzales and Zoe! Since the whole VAMPIRE craze, now a-days most teens are into the horror – humor, like Supernatural. I am one of these teens that would love to have Moonlight back, even if it means putting it on a different network, like the CW, FOX, NBC, ABC, or CBS. It needs to be reborn again. I think if you made another season of Moonlight, you would have more viewers than in 2007. So, if anyone from any of these networks, especially from CBS, reads this, please make an attempt to make this series come back from the dead.

  6. rose anderson says

    bring back moonlight i love that show and i also love blood ties bring back them two please,i would love to see it come back on

  7. Dorian Gonzales says

    Since the star if Moonlight is now is an awesome re-invented Hawaii Five-0, the best thing I see they could do is a 2 hour wrap up movie on their network. This will bring Mick St. John fans to CBS who haven’t jumped on the H5-0 bandwagon (are there any, really?) plus end the series the way it deserves to be., With the popularity of Twlight, it seems to me that they would get new viewers by promo-ing the hell out of it. People would download the episodes, or buy more DVD’s just to watch the season in preparation for the movie, or to remind them of the episodes they originally saw 4 years ago. The fact that we are still talking about it is proof that people still want it.

  8. MoonLightFan2012 says

    i do not get why they cancel a show when it start’s getting good. they should just being it back i mean come on you can’t leave a season 1 with Beth Turner and Mick St . John kissing and the door shut at the end of season 1. CW Should pick up moon light for season 2 . thumbs down to the ******** who ended a good vampire show. thumbs up if someone brings it back. “)

  9. Zoe says

    There is no question that this is going to be iconic if they do one, i mean its the season of vampires for god sake! i watched this religiously when it first came out and since then have watched the boxset many time over!!!

    It would fit in perfectly with the “vampire craze” and anyone who likes CSI and other detective stuff

    I beg whoever made this to stop been so blinde- do a second season!! and thank me later!

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