Numb3rs: CBS Cuts Season Order; Will it be Cancelled?

Numbers to be cancelled?While some shows are getting orders for additional episodes, Numb3rs has just had its number cut by CBS. How does this bode for the drama’s chances for a seventh season?

As Friday night viewers know, Numb3rs revolves around an FBI agent (Rob Morrow) and his genius brother (David Krumholtz) who helps solve cases with mathematics. The cast also features Judd Hirsch (as their father), Alimi Ballard, Dylan Bruno, Navi Rawat, Aya Sumika, and Peter MacNicol.

The series is currently in its sixth season, having debuted in January 2005. For the show’s entire run, it’s been a staple of CBS’ Friday night schedule in the 10pm position.

In its first season, Numb3rs averaged a 3.2 rating in the demo and 11.1 million viewers. In season two, the show’s ratings rose to an average rating of 3.3 and 11.7 million viewers. Overall viewership has dropped since then. Last season was watched by an average of 9.75 million and the demo was 2.2.

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This season however has been a different story. Numb3rs’ numbers are way down. It’s fallen all the way down to a 1.7 rating in the all-important demo. Overall viewership has also dropped to an average of 7.9 million viewers.

If you look at these figures, it’s not hard to understand why CBS has decided to cut this season’s order from 22 to 16 episodes. In addition, the network already has a couple other dramas that can take its place, including Flashpoint — a show that’s cheaper and already proven to work on Friday nights.

TV show supportWhat does this mean for Numb3rs’ future and its chances for a seventh season? The episode cut doesn’t mean anything in itself but the ratings that caused it certainly do. The show is already in syndication and, now in its sixth year, the show is quite difficult to produce. Unless the ratings return to their previous level, the show will surely be cancelled.

What do you think? Would you be sorry to see the show cancelled or would you like to watch a seventh season?

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  1. says

    I am getting so sick of good tv shows being cancelled because of ratings. I love numbers and wish they would continue making it the tv is getting full of rubbish and all the good shows are being cancelled !

  2. Diana says

    I love this show, I have watched all 6 seasons 3 times and am on my 4th. This is a quality show please don’t cancel it.

  3. Travis says

    I can’t believe that CBS cancelled this show but then again its CBS. One of the other networks should pick it up. I just recently started watching it in syndication and love it.

  4. Gino says

    I’ve watched season 1 – 6 and I must say I was completely addicted. It took me 8 days to watch all 6 seasons I averaged around 5 – 7 episodes per night. This has been the best tv series I’ve ever watched, everyone of my friends/family have said the same. After the final episode of season 6 I immediately searched for the premier of season 7. but, sadly it seems there won’t be one. It’s such a shame that good quality entertaining shows get cut because of ratings. As of now I can honestly say there is not one decent tv series currently running to watch. Bring back Numb3rs so are friday nights are not so BORING! :)

  5. sandybm says

    this show really exemplifies the need for strong math skills. currently, the lack of math and science scholars, Education Nation and this program seem to be crashing into each other. the FBI portion is good; the mathematical analysis is AMAZING as is the father/sons/friend wrap-up continually draw me back to watch the repeats of the repeats.
    never should have been cancelled.

  6. Dennis Gudgell says

    I believe that Numbers was the wery best show on Friday night and no new shows that have replaced it compare with Nmbers.

  7. hunter says

    PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW ALIVE!!! Just because the numbers show a low demo rating means exactly ZILCH! I watch EVERY episode, but i rarely watch them when they are actually on, I DVR it… But still… It is a GREAT show that needs to keep going… (I swear every show i actually enjoy winds up getting cancelled… My Own Worst Enemy, Knight Rider, and now Numb3rs?) PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW ALIVE!!!

  8. says

    my husband and i also always watch numbers however we watch it on demand becuase it comes on late and my husband has to work early. we think it is a great show and would love for it to have more seasons. please dont kill the show that would suck.

  9. Anonymous says

    This show mostly is a Good show..It has proven itself to be a good friday evening watch..Dealing with the crimes mathematically stead of the same old same old is more intriguing and causes more ppl to try solve with them then Already know what is what!!Please consider a seventh season..I was upset when suddenly it was Off the air with No reason,least none I knew or heard of..thanks for your time..

  10. Josh says

    NBC is terrible at renewing quality TV, but now CBS?! Isn’t it ironic that numbers would be the reason Numb3rs is no longer viable for production? Stop destroying quality television based on an archaic rating system incapable of properly representing viewership.

  11. Barbara Dye says

    My husband & I always watched Num3rs since it came on in 2005. We watched re-
    runs on TNT. Would like to see this show come back with new episodes. It is a great
    show. To good to be canceled.

  12. Carol says

    Isn’t it typical for CBS to cancell yet another good show. With tivo you can’t go by the ratings people tape and watch at different times. I agree that Numb3rs is great thought provoking show and that all the dumb reality shows seem to stay alive, guess the einsteins that watch those also watch ads. If LoneStar has replaced Numb3rs then there’s something wrong with the networks. I’ve watched LoneStar and while it’s okay it’s not great.

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