Pushing Daisies: If the TV Show Is Cancelled, Bryan Fuller Has a Back-up Plan

Pushing DaisiesThough it seems almost certain that ABC won’t be ordering any more episodes of Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller, the TV show’s creator wants to assure fans that the colorful story isn’t over yet.

Pushing Daisies tells the quirky tale of a pie-maker (Lee Pace) who can bring people back from the dead, his previously-deceased girlfriend (Anna Friel), his detective partner (Chi McBride), and a collection of other colorful characters played by Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene and Jim Dale (the show’s unseen narrator).

The series debuted in October 2007 and, despite sagging ratings, Daisies was renewed for a second season. ABC hoped the show would catch on with a larger audience. It hasn’t and, despite some critical raves, Daisies has only averaged six million viewers each week. The show’s biggest night this season came when it aired opposite Barack Obama’s infomercial on three other networks. The show has been off the air since October 29 and won’t return until next week. That episode isn’t expected to fare any better than the rest since a hiatus typically hurts an already ailing series.

Last night, at an “Inside the Writers’ Room” panel held at Los Angeles’ Paley Center for Media, series creator Fuller, executive producer Peter Ocko, and most of the show’s writers gathered to talk about Daisies. Those on hand included Gretchen J. Berg, Chad Creasey, Dara Creasey, Abby Gewanter, Jim Gray, Aaron Harberts, Lisa Joy, and Kath Lingenfelter. Quite naturally, the series’ uncertain fate was front and center in everyone’s mind.

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Fuller said that there still hasn’t been any decisions from the network about their intention to order additional episodes to fill out the season. He said, “We have a great back nine we pitched to the network. I think they’re waiting on a lot of factors.”

The last episode of ABC’s current 13 episode order is being shot this week and the network told the team to use it as a possible series finale. Because there are so many ongoing Daisies storylines, the writers had to choose which one to focus on. Fuller said, “So we chose one to service in the best way possible, and Aaron [Harberts] and Gretchen [Berg] wrote the sh*t out of the script.” Fuller hinted, “It sets up a new direction for the series, but it’s a satisfying ending. It’s a big game changer… If it’s our last episode, it’s one we can all be proud of.”

If Daisies isn’t picked up, Fuller has plans to continue the series as a comic book. As fans may remember, a comic based on the show was distributed at 2007’s Comic-Con International in San Diego. Fuller wants the show’s writing staff to be part of the project that would satisfy fans and finish telling the stories the creative team wants to tell. The Daisies creator says that the project would likely end up being published by DC Comics (home of Batman and Superman) or DC’s publishing imprint, Wildstorm.

Then, Fuller teased, “That would clear the slate for a movie.” Could it happen? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. waj says

    Pushing daisies got aired here in Manila for just one season in cable. me and my flatmates would wait for it everyweek. we love the cinematography, the setting, their dresses, oh we so love the script the witty lines! Its theatrical and we love it! After so many years of watching tv series. This is the first time something so creative and inspiring is aired on tv, and now they’re cancelling it???? its a fantasy but talks about all realities in life.

    Second season wasnt aired anymore so we just downloaded episodes. There’s a lot which still can happen, there’s still a lot of untold the stories we would like to know. (like Olive and the hemeopathist for example-who said the most romantic/sincerest line ever: the “if im inlove with you and we cannot touch” line).

    Please please keep it on air. it would be nice in books or comics but nothing beats the tv episodes, where we can see the creative imagination of the creators come to life. its so much better than my imagination.

    I know a lot of people watching it here. Please dont cancel it.

  2. Misi says

    My favorite show, figures this was my 4th favorite that has been cancelled. The 3 big American Media Channels do not give them a chance to run a bit. They want us to watch IDIOT REALITY shows, which I am not about to do. Have to watch more Discovery, and cable.

  3. C. says

    I heard this morning Pushing Daisies is canceled. This after learning Stargate Atlantis is finished too. What is this, the season of “if it’s good, it’s gone?” I’m almost afraid to look at other shows fates. At least the creator & writers fought for Daisies, with SGA, it was a mutual decision between studio (MGM) and creator to kill Atlantis. Daisies at least respects the fans — which you could tell from episode one. I told all my friends about it, and some are now finally getting around to watching (and loving) it.

    Hopefully Daisies will get to live on. It at least sounds hopeful. SGA was canceled late, and will therefor leave us hanging. Some of us are fighting to save the SGA. It’s listed on Sci-fi forums.

    Is anyone doing that for Daisies? Sending daisy seeds would seem appropriate. It worked for Jericho — and they are getting to be re-aired on the CW — just started last night. Wish another network would pick up Daisies. It is too good to not get at least 4 seasons.

    I guess quality isn’t appreciated in a land where (cheap-to-produce) reality TV is king. : (

  4. K. Johnson says

    I wish to echo the sentiments of MOST others on this page, especially Pearlie, Kristina and cheleinnj–to which I’ll add the History channel, among a few others.

    In an era where there are so few creative, light-hearted, well-written, upbeat shows…it would seem to me that we need MORE of them, not less!!! First it’s Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and CBS’ The Ex List….next it’ll be NBC’s Chuck, CW’s Privileged and Ugly Betty!! There aren’t that many more out there worth watching!!!! (unless of course you enjoy crime/medical/reality harshness, in which case the channels runneth over)

    Must you really get rid of one of the best new shows out there???????????

    “I want a happy ending….I WANT A HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  5. Jen says

    I look forward to this show every week when ABC isn’t putting something else in it’s place! This has been the most innovative and interesting show in more than 5 years! How about a little advertising, another night, another time slot! Private Practice is dragging Daisies with it because nobody cares if they miss PP. Why not switch the time slots on these 2 and just watch what happens,yep PP is gonna die, but enuff is enuff of that one anyway! Fans need to save the show because I’m tires of cop,med. mystery, csi, lawyer and oh yeah reall really stupid sitcomcs with a laugh track! Save the Daisies!!!!

  6. Semer says

    One of the few shows that I try to get home to watch. Some Wed nights I get home in time to watch only to find that it wasn’t on that week. ABC created its own demise with inconsistencies. Maybe the show should be on regularly. They should try another night or time frame… or just stick with a schedule. Peoples lives are different these days than in the past, so what worked for one time-frame may not work for another. This is a good show that ABC will ditch.

  7. LL says

    THe show is delightful and one of the few that I really look forward to every week. It’s too bad they can’t pitch it to a cable channel like FX or A&E

  8. Kristina says

    I am so sick of networks pulling the plug on awesome shows when the ratings aren’t what they expect immediately. What happened to letting the fans grow to love a show? Are TV execs keeping in mind that NO ONE watches TV in real time any more? I DVR EVERYTHING–doesn’t mean I don’t like the shows when I don’t watch them during their actual time slot–it actually means i like them that much more since I take the time to “tape” them and watch them later–I am a busy woman but don’t want to miss my favorite shows. This is a fantastic, smart, funny, romantic show that deserves to be nurtured and kept on the air. I will be extremely sad to see one more fantastic show get abandoned before people can fully appreciate how good it is.
    My message to network producers–figure out another way to gauge watcher interest than viewing during aired times–we as a nation are beyond that and are still watching these shows–we are just doing it on our own time for our own enjoyment. Quit cancelling good shows because you can’t figure out which ones we really like based on an antiquated system of gauging our interest.

  9. Pearlie says

    I love Daises… it’s dark, but upbeat at the same time. You never find such creative shows anymore. I blame the writers and their wonderful strike, it doomed so many of their paychecks, good job.

  10. says

    I hope it doesn’t get canceled, this is the only reason for me to stay home on a Wednesday night. The story is very good and keeps you gripped to the show. It’s better than the other stuff on the other channels. Besides the line up for Wednesday fits for every crowd and reminds me of the way TV used to be. Pushing Daises for those of a younger audience that fits in for most guys for mystery, action and the paranormal. Women for the mystery and love angles also a positive twist on the most maudlin details. Private Practice for the somewhat older crowd who like the drama and of course Dirty Sexy Money which despite the title is a grand show for all to see, great story-line and fits for a number of audience.

    Whilst it may be in Comic book form and I would buy it I kinda of doubt it would be as good as the actual show. Can’t they make the show without a network behind it? I mean some shows have done that after being canceled and have sold well in releases. Well anyway I’m hoping it will pick up for another season, optimistic perhaps but it’s how I feel. Well either that or send it to ABC Family or something, most of the shows on that channel are stuff that’s been long dead for a while like 8 Simple Rules. If it isn’t shows like that it’s constant movies that haven’t a thing to do with the channel. So like Kyle XY this show maybe could get a proper home?

    I wouldn’t be happy missing it on a Wednesday because of that but at least it would be on the air.

  11. Spadada says

    Did you watch the episode? I forgot to look at the credits and I want to know the name of the actor who played The Geek.

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