Six Degrees: ABC Pulls Drama for Second Time

Cancelled Six Degrees on ABCAfter miraculously returning to the airwaves after almost five months, it looks like ABC has now closed the book on Six Degrees.

Six Degrees debuted last Fall and was pulled after just six episodes due to low ratings. The network believed in the show and, after some retooling, production resumed on the 13 episode order. ABC returned Six Degrees to primetime on Friday, March 23rd.

There have been rumors that, if the series performed well, it was being seriously considered for a second season. Unfortunately, Six Degrees attracted a dismal 4.6 million viewers on March 23rd and then dropped to 3.2 million on March 30th.

As a result, Six Degrees has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately. Reruns of Wife Swap will air in that timeslot for the foreseeable future. Though it hasn’t been officially cancelled, there is little chance we’ll see the five unaired episodes or a second season. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Monica says

    It is a pure shame! The show had great story lines but moving it to a Friday night time slot was not going to help in ratings. It was set up for failure! I read they will air the final unaired episodes on is so much garbage TV shows that I can not beleive this one did not stick.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Dear God here we go again, I swear I am going to boycott tv all together, every show on any network I have watched in the last 4 seasons has been cancled, and left all of the viewers with a hundred loose ends… I am sick over this, why don’t you try sticking the show on Monday night or on Sundays after Desperate Housewives??? This show was really good imo and then it vanished, I was exstatic to learn it was coming back and just really angry to learn that ABC pulled it after 2wks and thought wife swap of all show’s was better then 6degrees….HELLO??? What were they thinking? On another note, even if the fan base isn’t but a few million people, I would think that would be atleast enough for a friday night to unfold the rest of the story before torturing us with any more dysfunctional families.

  3. ABC is run by sad, sad fools. It's called PROMOTION! Bring Six Degrees Back! says

    DOES ANYONE AT ABC EVEN READ THIS? The people over there, if there are people over there, obviously care nothing about what an important sector of their viewership want to watch: complex plots, quality acting, intriguing, real stories in the most exciting city in the world, NYC. It’s frustrating to see how many people agree with me in these comments, and to think that the hicks over at ABC would rather pick their nose and air another Wife Swap, which PS, after one or two episodes, they were ALL THE SAME, a wife in a family that is the opposite of her own. Wow. ABC is the worst network. I used to work in Promotions for CBS and they did something really innovative: sought viewer feedback and tried to cater to their audiences. SIX DEGREES was the only good show ever on. Of course if it’s aired at a late slot, 10-11pm on a Thursday night, people force themselves to turn off the TV after Grays Anatomy, which already had a following. Since Six Degrees was NEVER ADVERTISED, and advertising is how television get publicized these days (fancy that!), no one realized it was worth stay8ing tuned. No promotions=they were asking for failure! And it was the caliber of such television great classics as E.R., Seinfeld, Friends, Sex and the City, etc, decade-airing shows with big screen caliber writing. Wife Swap is crap for white trailer trash who want to melt their brains they never use anyway. They probably think it’s live or something, or they’re doing crack while watching it, I don’t know what keeps them watching it, because that show is a waste of 5 minutes let alone a waste of 30. And I’m not even going to go into the fact that besides the absense of PROMOTIONS, ABC then mysteriously stops airing it for FIVE MONTHS and suddenly, again without any ads I saw at least, drops it in when NO ONE IS WATCHING TV on Friday nights???? I graduated from Berkeley with a BA in Mass COmmunications and there’s something really complex I took from one of my classes: how ratings work. If no one is watching TV at that time, then guess what ABC, the ratings won’t be good. SO DONT SHOW IT WHEN MOST OF AMERICA IS RELAXING AFTER THE WEEKS WORK, OUT TO DINNER, OUT AT BARS, ON WEEKEND TRIPS, WHATEVER they are doing on Friday nights everyone knows it’s the absolute worst time slot a TV show can air at. You could show reruns of the Bachelor Season with the dumbass curly haired comedian Bob Schmuckface pudgy idiot whatever…or an equally unmemorable piece of crap…on any time but Friday and it would at least get decent ratings because people are watching anyway. Dont air it late after a huge primetime hit, people turn off the TV sometimes because they have a life and they were watching TV before Grays too, people cant just keep watching whenever. Also you could air a huge hit show like the Seinfeld finale back when that came out, on a Friday night would get LOW ratings too! You guys set up 6 Degrees for failure. I hope you guys get eaten by the other big two networks, at least those people got education beyond elementary school and they know that to be successful you have to cater to your market and LISTEN to viewer comments. F**k you ABC

  4. Pat says

    ABC never gave Six Degrees a chance. First you played with the time slot so people were not able to keep up with it. Then you pulled the show and put it back on with no fan fare, which meant that many old fans and many new fans had no knowledge the show was returning. ABC needs to replace the executives who make decisions to pull shows. I hope ABC Family is not controlled by the same people. How could you pull a show like Six Degrees and keep your current boring line-up. Yeah, even Lost is boring this season. Why didn’t you pull that one?

  5. AC says

    I was crushed to hear that this show was pulled. It’s innovative and inspiring that in a broken world, we are all connected to each other in some important way. With all the ridiculous and superficial reality shows out there, Six Degrees is finally a show I can relate to and believe in! Not to mention the talented actors that really make the show. PLEASE don’t pull such a great show! At least show us the last episode, wasn’t there a preview on it? How dare they tease us!

  6. says

    I am very disappointed too. six degrees was a great show!! i found out that ABC would add the remaining unaired “six degrees” episodes to’s broadband player. the first episode will be added on 27 april 2007 (for the five remaining episodes)

  7. Kathy says

    I waited for 5 months for the return of 6 degrees, only to get excited about it’s return and have it yanked AGAIN. Get a gripe ABC. Let a series run it’s course. 2 weeks is not long enough to base a shows survival on. Some people might not have been aware it had returned. I love this show and think it has real story lines that every day people can relate to. At least give us viewers the last remaining episodes to watch online. (Even FOX was nice enough to do that for Vanished) It’s going to take some real signs of promise for me to trust any new shows that ABC has in store. After all, why get attached to a show that’s not going to get a chance past 4 shows anyway. That’s a complete waste of my time.

  8. Jerelyn says

    I truly am disapointed to hear that you pulled Six Degrees, it is a great show with great promise and story line. I don’t think that the network has given it enough time. Please reconsider.

  9. hbsmith says

    Not often does a show affect me the way this one does(DID) I set my DVR and started finding JUNKIE Wife SWAP(RU KIDDING ME)at least finish the episodes if you have taped them!!!PLEASE DONT LEAVE A PREGNANT GIRL HANGING>>>>THINK ABOUT IT!!!THERE IS A FOLLOWING>>>

  10. Katie says

    I love Six Degrees, I watched every episode when it first aired and was completely in love with it. They didnt even advertise that it was coming back in March, i only found out because i saw the newest episode on! How can they get the audience back, and built up, if they dont even tell us its on??

  11. Jenn says

    I am really bummed!!! I love the show. The show had a phenomenal cast, and the story lines were great. I was really looking forward to the following shows. This really makes me sad!!!! =(

    I think the network should give the show more time. It really wasn’t given enough time for viewers to latch on to it. When it came back after about 5 months, the show time changed, so it really didn’t give the fans a chance to find it. Frankly, if I wasn’t looking for it, I most likely wouldn’t of found it on a Friday night. So, PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  12. says

    ABC, What’s going on with six degrees. The show is great and so much better than some of your other shows (wife swap is awful)I think you are making fun of all those people without them knowing about it and (boston legal) who watches that, the 2 times I sat through it I couldnt even tell you what it was about. Please give Six Degrees a shot put it on at a good time /good night and tell us when it is going to be on and you will have another hit like greys atanomy. Please let us watch the last episodes!!! even my husband watches this show I guess because it seems real.Thank you if you read this and please give it back to us. Marsha McDaniel

  13. CH says

    ABC wouldn’t know a hit if they let one slip through their hands (which they have done many times before – remember the Agency and what about Cupid?)
    I did, however, have high hopes they’d run of the episodes they had in the can. Thanks for another disappointment, ABC!

  14. Lindy Lou says

    I am so pissed stupid ass ABC pulled this show again and agree with everyone’s comments – the viewer base goes out on Friday nights!!! I too will boycott this sh*tty station from now on. I can’t think of anything I like except the Bachelor on ABC. BOOOOOO!

  15. Someone with a brain...unlike abc says

    IS ABC ON CRACK?!?!?
    Pulling 2 great shows – 6 degrees and the nine and leaving on that annd heche travistey about trees or something and that whiney vehicle for actors who used to be famous but now have nowhere else to go – or as someone i know calls it Studio 60 for the actors who coudlnt get on studio 60 (BOTH SUC btw). BBoring brothers and sister stayas to torture us on sundayhs while this great shows goes away. Why not give 6 degrees a real chance and put iton on Sunday and move stupid ally the heel show to friday.

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