The One: Making a Music Star: ABC Show’s Not a Winner

George Stroumboulopoulos and The One - Making a Music Star on ABCAfter just a few airings, ABC has pulled host George Stroumboulopoulos and The One: Making a Music Star from their schedule. The reality show was looking to find the next hot singer in a similar vein as Fox’s American Idol. Unfortunately, the show didn’t find ratings and viewers.

The singing-competition show debuted to some of the lowest-rated ratings in reality-television history, garnering just over three million viewers. That’s the smallest audience for a series premiere on one of the four major networks since 1990. In addition, the show’s 1.1 rating with the all-important 18-49 demographic group of viewers was the lowest in ABC’s history. ABC aired three episodes in total and repeated the two-hour debut, doubtless in an attempt to try to build viewer interest. It didn’t work.

ABC is expected to settle with the production company of The One for the unaired episodes since ABC is said to have been contracted to purchase at least a dozen episodes. The One was produced by Endemol USA, who also produces ABC’s hugely popular Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, so the settlement is expected to be amicable. Another Endemol USA reality show entitled For the Rest of Your Life is already being produced for future ABC airings.

The cancellation leaves ABC with some programming holes to fill in its schedule until the Fall 2006 season begins. For now, reruns of According to Jim will fill the Tuesday night slot while George Lopez will replace The One’s Wednesday night results show.

Though it is possible for the singing competition to conclude on the sister cable network ABC Family (which shares episodes of Kyle XY) or through webcasts on, no plans have been announced as yet. Audiences may be left hanging though it would seem that most viewers may not notice. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Joyce says

    Hate that ABC pulled this show. Loved it. But, that’s par for ABC’s course. Those kids had talent. What a shame to smash their dreams just like that without giving the show even a first season chance. It was certainly picking up a lot of viewers myself included.

  2. Amy says


  3. Anonymous says

    I’ll echo, it’s a shame. I really don’t watch Idol, and little of the other reality shows, but we (my daughter, son and I) had the opportunity to see one episode of “The One” and enjoyed it. We missed it the next couple a weeks and have been trying to determine it’s fate. It took a while to find any info. on the show, but NOW we know. The least we would have expected is some type of conclusion for the viewers and especially the young people who gave so of themselves and opened up the lives for no apparent reason. Again, Shame on ABC.

  4. rachelle nellett says

    I was disappointed that the show was cancelled. I actually liked this much better than American Idol. I think you should have at least finished out the contest. Also it is hard to get a following during the summer months. Please consider at least bringing it back to finish out the original contest.

  5. Melissa from tx says

    Where is this show? Have you guys lost your minds? I LOVED the show and agree with the fact that more behind the scenes would have been great!! I loved the bald guy and many of the others!! I can not believe that we will not know who the winner is. I think ABC should bring it back. I watched this show faithfully and never really cared for American Idol. It was different and I liked that. Give it a chance!!

  6. Marian Housholder says

    I never was an American Idol watcher but got hooked on The One. You didn’t let it run long enough for it to catch on. Please reconsider and give it another chance.

  7. Dee says

    I think that the show should have continued until the end. I do believe more people would have tuned in later. My family enjoyed the program and are disappointed that it has not aired for the past couple of weeks. Please reconsider so we can see who wins. The kids that are performing deserve the shot as well. I understand the reasoning for the cancellation but I do feel it should have continued. Dee

  8. ann silano says

    I am disappointed that you took the show off the air. It was different from American Idol, those kids had some real talent, unlike most of the American Idol contestants. I think you should give it another chance.

  9. Mark Williams says

    I liked The One it’s better than watching hours of Jim Belushi who is filling the slot,Bad choice on whoever is responsible!This show in a way was better than American Idol,at least I thought,I am a musician too! Mark Williams

  10. laura grondin says

    I can’t beleive ABC just took this off t.v.I really liked the show and looked foward to watching each week.I felt it was differant then American Idol, and maybe it would have done better if the show aired more behind the sceens.I felt it didn’t air long enough for people to take notice!Some thing went wrong and I think you should give this show and these kids another chance!Please think about it.Sincerly, Laura G.

  11. Charles Russell says

    What did you exspect, I think you have to let people warm up to the show, I don’t know what it would hurt to at least wait awial longer, especialy in the middle of August when everybody’s reviews are bad, I don’t think enough people watch tv right now.

  12. Courtney says

    I think it sucks because I really liked the show. For the least the show should have finished so we would know the winner instead of dropping it from the network in the middle. About George, nothing was wrong with him. We dont want the show to be just like american idol. I like or liked the way it is or was.

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