Zero Hour: Pulled; Is the ABC Show Cancelled?

zero hour canceled?It looks like ABC is pulling Zero Hour off their schedule, at least for next week. The fourth episode of the new TV series had been scheduled to air on March 7th but the listing’s been removed from ABC’s press site.

Zero Hour debuted on February 14th to a disappointing 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.38 million total viewers. Week two saw the numbers drop to a 1.1 rating and 5.39 million and last night’s installment fell to a 1.0 rating with 5.05 million.

We’re waiting to hear if ABC is pulling the series for good or just temporarily. Either way, the show won’t be getting a second season.

Hopefully the network will at least let the five million faithful viewers see the unaired episodes at some point.

UPDATE: Reruns of Shark Tank will air on March 7th and 14th and then ABC will fill the timeslot with season seven of Wife Swap. The remaining episodes of Zero Hour may run this summer. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

What do you think? Do you like Zero Hour? Were you hoping that it would stick around?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lynn says

    REALLY!!! STOP….No more reality shows…no more cooking shows…no more talk
    shows…people watch TV to get away from reality.
    Get back to good programs that will take us up and away from this place we call our world…just give us good entertainment…that is all we ask…

  2. Barbara Taylor says

    It is so disappointing that just when the plot begins to get really good you just cancel the show. The networks just keep the stupid reality shows on and nothing of any substance keeps going. I , as many others with a thinking mind were starting to really enjoy the intrigue. We also DVR the show so that we don’t miss it……..too bad for us , and I guess TV is going the way of the Dinosaur……….Zero Hour certainly gets my vote as well as Person of Interest…….They both keep us thinking as well as entertained…..

  3. says

    …I taped the first three episodes and watched two of them and was just finally understanding it. I am 78 and don’t know what demographic I fit into but we do spend most of our income on many products. Please think of us when you decide what shows are being watched…

  4. Bianca LaCroix says

    I agree with everyone please bring it back. My husband and I have been wondering what happened to Zero Hour and now we know. Shark Tank and Wife Swap really? ABC please get a clue you took off a good show but I guess by where the storyline was going with apostles I guess it was only a matter of time stupid choice not sure if your network is worth watching anymore.

  5. Diana says

    I found the show was very intriguing. I had to dvr it because of my schedule but looked forward to watching it. The man that lives with me agrees. We were very disappointed that it was gone. We kept looking for it. Who’s the idiot who makes these decisions. Everytime something unique comes out it’s gone. It’s not all about situation comedies. Personally I’m sick of them. How about some substance for a change. My luck you’ll can Revenge next. I love that one too.


    Where do you get your statistics from? What about the people that use their DVR’s to auto record all the primetime channels like on the hopper. Is that not counted? I am in a family of 4 and we all watched it. Please quit taking off all the good shows. Also some people are studying and in school. I have to wait til the weekend to watch all my shows. Please bring it back. Or let another network pick it up.

  7. Rob says

    Why not give the audience time to connect. If its not
    About two broke girls or canned laughter (or plot) it might
    Take more than three episodes to catch on

  8. Penny says

    It was an interesting show. A different plot than the usual cops and robbers. I hate it when a good show is cancelled…and they keep mindless garbage to sooth the masses.

  9. Jeri says

    Who or where the heck do these ratings come from? Wife Swap, REALLY?? That is not entertainment and you can’t tell me that gets a better rating. I agree with Rick that the stupid and meaningless reality shows on these days are exactly that… I think that every time a good tv show gets started it never lasts cause it’s too costly for the networks to keep airing them so they replace them with crappy reality shows. Zero Hour was getting interesting and I think it should stay.

  10. Dan Emmerich says

    We are a family of 4 and never surveyed for the ratings. Everyone of use are very disappointed that you dropped the show so we are going back to Big Bang.

    Shame, Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Steve says

    This just goes to show you how dumbed down are society has become that they can’t follow a show that makes them think, please bring it back for us smarter people.

  12. Walt Austin says

    No wander ABC does so bad in the ratings, ever time they put on a new show that is not another reality show, the cancel it, this Zero Hour had an interesting plot, but I guess they will replace it with another dumb show like Shark Tank.

  13. Rick says

    All of these stupid and meaningless reality shows on, Why can’t you cancel some or all of these and leave something that’s entertaining on the air? You need to bring back Zero Hour, it was a good show. It was a lot better than the reality crap you have on the air now.

  14. says

    Replaced in the Summer with “Wife Swap”…Is this how low the American pubicc has sunk? I may just quit watching tv for good!!!

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