Pan Am: (Finally) Cancelled; No Season Two

cancelled Pan Am by ABCLike the airline that inspired the TV show, Pan Am has been grounded. ABC has cancelled the drama after one season of 14 episodes.

Taking place in the 1960s, Pan Am tells the tale of a group of men and women who work for the Pan Am airline. The large cast includes Christina Ricci, Mike Vogel, Michael Mosley, Kelli Garner, Margot Robbie, and Karine Vanasse.

The drama debuted last September to a solid 3.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 11.06 million total viewers. It was second in its timeslot but there was no shame in being beaten by football on NBC.

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In week two, Pan Am dropped a reasonable 16% but then dropped a whopping 27% in week three. Over the course of the season, the ratings dwindled down further. Pan Am ended up averaging a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.39 million viewers but the last few episodes were in the 1.2 demo range.

On our ABC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative success of shows’s demo numbers on the network, Pan Am has a “D+” grade and is one of the worst-rated shows of the season.

There were rumors that the show was being cancelled but they were denied, despite the poor ratings. ABC ordered one additional episode that could have been used to wrap everything up but, for whatever reason, that didn’t happen.

Now, ABC has made it official; Pan Am has been cancelled. The last episode aired on February 19th and unfortunately left some storylines unresolved.

What do you think? Are you surprised that Pan Am has been cancelled? Were you hoping that there would be a second season? Where did the show go wrong?

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  1. Mark says

    I think of this show often especially when I am watching some of the crap that’s still on the air. I think they need to review their rating system. Why would anyone make a decision to place it on yhe air to compete against football? Bad placement to launch a new show. Perhaps another source can pick it up or better yet let AMC promote it…they’re atr extremely successful at doing this. The “Alphabet and Fox networks” don’t get it…the reason ratings are crazy across the board is that the way we watch television is far different than it used to be. The old rating system is too political and antiquated.

  2. Livia says

    I’m very disappointed as well. I’m from Brazil, and the first time I flew to New York was with Pan Am. The series brought back the good years of USA, style, the sixties, romance and beauty!
    It’s really a pity that such great series are simply cancelled. Why not bring back the real values of the world: beauty, honesty, friendship, love, sincerity, social values?
    Anyway, congratulations to the producers and to the great actors!

  3. Nounours says

    It is unbelievable !
    PanAm is one the most refreshing, original, well made and great serie over the 10 past years, and ABC does not plan to produce a season 2 ???
    It is a pity ! Do you plan to force us to watch stupid series or “real TV shows” ?
    How can you justify such a decision even internally : a season 2 would be a great success, and plenty of Bluray discs would be sold…

    ABC: it is never to late to become cleaver !

  4. Laneres , Francois says

    so dissapointed of the stop of this show ….it was stylish …retro …and had something to tell
    …I think these board of young directors are too much involved with the banning of this extreme well made serie ….it,s a pity …and like many people reactions …we all gonna miss
    it …SHAME

  5. Aisling Whelan says

    ABC YOU SUCK. For some reason, that is quite frankly beyond me, you seem to be making quite a habit out of getting rid of great series. Pan Am deserved a second series or at least and episode to conclude the loose end. Quite rankly, it is clear you have made an undeniable mistake.

  6. Tracy says

    I am so tired of ABC cancelling all the good decent shows. Now we are forced to watch people engage in cheating on thier spouses, men having sex with men and women having sex with women, stupid story lines, reality TV that is sick and twisted! ABC you really suck!

  7. Peggy s says

    It’s sad that the network chooses to air heavily edited reality shows over a show that reflect a part of our history and with a good story line and characters. I miss this show and wish they would of at least finished the story line a bit instead f just dropping it in the midde! Guess the bimbos and stupid reality shows are the direction they’d rather go!

  8. Debra Chasse says

    Totally loved that show and the story lines and the nostalgia and vintage looks…let shows have some breathing room!

  9. says

    Please bring this show back All my friends loved it.Decent people, good story line and we would like to see what the answer was to all the unanswered ones left in the air.

  10. Joan says

    I’m really surprised it got cancelled. I loved that show. I even got my husband into it. I was looking forward to season 2. Saddened.

  11. Renee says

    I agree, this was a great show. I don’t understand how classy well written shows like this get cancelled and then other shows that are horrible remain on the roster. I’m very upset that this show was cancelled. And sad that I’ll never know the outcomes to the individual story lines…..ABC, cancelling this show was a horrible idea!

  12. Debby says

    Please bring Pan Am back! Classy show, great times, nicely dressed, hard working people. There is far too much crap on TV now. I looked forward to this show every week and am glad I have all 14 episodes saved. I can watch them all again instead of a bunch of rich, spoiled drunks on TV. Pan Am had great story lines with it’s characters and you left us hanging which is not cool. Please reconsider the show and don’t have it airing as late this time.

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