Persons Unknown: NBC Won’t Air Episode 11, “Seven Sacrifice”

Persons UnknownAre you a devoted viewer of NBC’s Persons Unknown? If you end up watching all 13 episodes, you have to be.

Persons Unknown follows the challenges of a group of strangers who wake up in a ghost town and are unable to leave. The series features Chadwick Boseman, Lee Purcell, Jason Wiles, Andy Greenfield, Daisy Betts, Tina Holmes, Alan Ruck, Kate Lang Johnson, Sean O’Bryan, and Gerald Kyd.

After five weeks of poor ratings, NBC moved the series from Mondays to the “TV graveyard,” Saturday nights. The show’s been airing there for four weeks but some viewers have been understandably worried that the network won’t air all episodes of the mystery series.

It turns out their fears weren’t unwarranted. There are just four episodes left but that’s plenty of time to mess with the schedule.

As previously planned, Persons Unknown won’t air tonight and the network will instead run sports programming. The TV show will return next week with episode 10 (“Identity”). Some time after that, episode 11 (“Seven Sacrifice”), will be posted online.

The following week, on August 28th, NBC will air the final two installments; “And Then There Was One” and “Shadows in the Cave.”

Confused? Maybe the NBC programmers want to give viewers a taste of what the characters on Persons Unknown are going through.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. steveSTL says

    Everything has pretty much been said, but I just have to agree for the sake of it. To air Ep 11 with the ‘scenes from last weeks episode’ that NEVER happend.. and can’t be found (readily) online. Thats not just laughable, its unprofessional. This was and is a decent show. It was produced and intended to only be a ‘one season’ thing.. but apparently NBC can’t even buy a season of a show off of Fox and air it in its proper order (or entirety). booooooooooo

  2. Becca says

    Unknown Persons is a great drama. I have been following it since the beginning and
    NBC would have had a captive audience at this house for however long this show ran.
    I also watched the entire LOST series as many of you. This is my kind of show!!!
    NOT reality shows. So I see in my area of Milwaukee, Unknown Persons will not
    be on tonight. Football is in its place. A REAL disapointment for ME.

  3. Tony says

    Just a heads up guys…

    Read on Persons Unknown Facebook page that though NBC is airing the 10th episode tonight (and 12/13 next week) some affiliates are pre-empting it. I’m in NYC, where NBC-4 is showing NFL pre-season both this week and next.

    If you have Verizon Fios, you can catch it on NBC’s bonus channel. In NY, it’s channel 460, NBC New York Non-Stop.

    Good luck guys!


  4. Sw says

    What!!! Im telling you people have no taste. I love this show, it truley is a tragedy. Its such a shame that they keep crap shows on the air and take good ones off. COME ON SUPPORT YOUR SHOWS NETWORK PEOPLE

  5. Terree J says

    We enjoyed it and have been looking all over for it… did not show up on our dvr and we are very upset……NBC is really getting worse no wonder all the good shows are coming up on CBS and other networks. Soon NBC will be obsolete.
    My husb and and I have been watching NBC for years, almost exclusively and past few years had to move away from it.
    Bye NBC

  6. Al says

    I’ve seen them do this before. There was a version of ‘survivor’ using a pirate theme that ended up online. The worst part is the posted the final results prior to posted the final show online. Persons unknown is an awesome show!

  7. KevN'sync says

    This happened to a show i like years ago called”Reunion” that starrred Amanda rigetti of The OC now the mentalist Litttle Grey from Greys Anatomy and the guy who plays justin on Brothers&Sisters.they were like future stars on a show that was never given a glad i have a dvr so i wont be stuck holding the bag on a show a network might cancell.

  8. sue says

    The same thing was done to “Happy Town” on another network
    I was really into both shows. Through the years any show I liked got canceled.
    I love shows in that genre’. Guess I am in the minority, sadly.
    Seems popular shows about bad singers with high hopes & people losing weight etc really pull in the masses, sigh.
    I grew up on cool shows like Twilight Zone & Outer Limits.
    Guess I’ll drag out the DVDs. It’s better than watching staged “funny” video shows or spouse switching.

  9. Melanie says

    I agree, my oldest son and I were really involved in this series….now, nothing! Makes me so mad. I hate it. We looked forward to watching it together and discussing it….we also were viewers of LOST. I will NOT buy a dvd to watch the rest of this series. I am shocked it got low ratings….

  10. Isaura says

    That is exactly true. They promote all the reality shows but shows like Persons Unknown and many many others do not get the same attention and then they wonder why they fail. I get sick and tired of listening to radio commercials of whatever reality show is the new wonder, but I do not remember ever hearing a commercial for Persons Unknown. It’s as if they were trying to decide for us what we will like or not. Please, allow me to make my own decisions.

  11. AAron Lindaugh says

    By now most viewers can just tell when networks are not going to stand behind a show and will leave them hanging in the end. Therefore, they will not bother investing themselves in the show.

    Sadly, this is one of those shows. “PU” is a great concept and really keeps the viewers thinking but why bother watching if some idiot in a suit is going to drop the axe on it?

    Question for everyone: has anyone ever seen a single promo for this show? I wish NBC would promote this show half as much as they do moronic garbage like “America’s Got Talent”.

    • Simon says

      NBC promotes crappy reality shows because we have told them through actions that is what we want to watch. Sure the shows keep getting worse and worse but the networks don’t care.. They know we will watch them anyway. it is pretty funny how the big 3 in broadcasting have fallen off jsut as the big 3 in the American auto industry did, and ofr many of the same reasons. Anyways, you can’t really call the guy making the decisions a moron… he jsut knows that we’ll put up with whatever he decidees to air.. Who can blame him? He is feeding **** to sheep and we essentially say thanks! =)

  12. Carrie says

    i hate when networks do this!!!! I too thought something was wrong with my DVR when i came home and saw it didn’t record! Maybe people would stay interested in new shows if the networks would stay committed to something they start!!!!!! i started out following the show LOST and i loved it, then they screwed it up with changing the schedule and not running the show for awhile-when it finally returned I WAS LOST!!! I love the show PERSONS UNKNOWN !! just run it til its over , your ratings may be low but you’ll still have our respect!!!

  13. Riley says

    I absolutely LOVE this new series…….after LOST ended i had to find a new show to watch and fell in love with persons unknown…. when it didn’t air this Saturday I thought that my DVR didn’t record and got upset but then i saw your post about it. I can’t believe that it got poor ratings!!!!!! That’s unbelievable! I give it 5 stars all the way!

    • Renee says

      I agree. I loved LOST and this great show keeps the suspense alive and the guessing going. I really wish that shows like this that make us think would be the shows that the stations would keep on the air instead of the the over done “let have a reality show b/c I wanna be famouns” shows.

  14. lamarr pearl says

    i agree with all of the comments here, but the true fact is that as of this writing there are only 12 comments about this travesty. that means that it is not enough for nbc to even attempt to satisfy the few people that like this show. and i do happen to be one of them. i think the idea is very original but i don’t agree that the actors are great (it’s a summer series based on a totally new concept so it would be difficult to attract top talent). but the show still delivers and makes viewers crave the answers to the storyline they’ve followed so far. i wish i would not have let nbc play with my emotions anymore by letting me get drawn into this show and then threaten not to air all of the episodes. they already lost a lot of respect with me when they had aired a great reality show, ‘last comic standing’ and canceled it. they aired all of the episodes to get me excited about the contestants and then pulled it before airing the FINALE. really? they couldn’t air one more episode after getting me all excited about these up and coming comedians who i may have even gone to see perform live (had they won and nbc would have promoted their career)? and that was before saturday airings and television on the internet so that episode is now in a tv shallow grave. anyway – long rant but the moral of the story is that nbc doesn’t care about you and your 11 friends who happen to like this show. oh – and if i have to buy the dvd to watch the rest of this show: 1) not gonna happen and 2) nbc will forever be boycotted by me and my family

  15. Craig says

    What used to be the big three networks have pretty much killed off chances for most evolving drama shows. Viewers know that it is less than likely that a show like Persons Unknown will stick around for the plot to play out, so they just avoid the show all together. Only the cable networks are intelligent enough to not mess with the viewers. Soon we will watch all the quality programming on cable and the networks will just give us reality shows, because those are the only shows that they keep around.

    • Renee says

      totally agree the marjority of the shows that I start watching and and actually stay on the air are cable which is too bad.

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