Rake: Cancelled Now? FOX Series Sent to Saturdays

Rake TV show canceled?A couple weeks ago, FOX shifted their low-rated Rake series to Friday nights. Now, the show is on the move again.

Rake follows a lawyer (Greg Kinnear) who tries to do good but just can’t seem to get beyond his numerous addictions that cause him so much trouble. The cast also includes John Ortiz, Necar Zadegan, Bojana Novakovic, David Harbour, Tara Summers, Miranda Otto, and Ian Colletti.

The series is being replaced by Kitchen Nightmares as of this Friday night. A rerun of the Gordon Ramsay series will lead into the one-hour series finale of Raising Hope at 9pm. Season six of Nightmares kicks off on April 11th.

Back-to-back episodes of Rake will air on Saturday, April 5th, starting at 8pm. That will leave one episode unaired — the sixth installment produced, titled “Mammophile.” No word on when or if that will see the light of day.

One thing is clear however. Despite the fact that FOX hasn’t cancelled it yet, there’s no way that Rake will be returning for a second season.

What do you think? Have you been watching the Rake TV series? Why do you think it hasn’t caught on?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Pat says

    I like Rake but can also see why it didn’t make it. From the opening episode it was a little over the top when it came to his vices. He really had no redeeming qualities and way to many foibles to suvive very long.

  2. Melly says

    Don’t cancel RAKE.
    I live this show.
    The role of KIRSTY (from the Australian show) should be cast with Wendy Ho. Wendy is a lounge singer with exactly the same character and wardrobe as Kirsty.

  3. Crash says

    Great show. Smart, witty, comical, well acted with great characters. To be replaced by formula TV with laugh tracks or reality(LOL) shows. Or worse, shows based on Hollywood looks and special effects. No wonder network TV is losing viewers to other sources of broadcasted entertainment.

  4. Carol D says

    Love the show!!! Can’t catch viewers cause it’s on a different night every week. I put it in my DVR after watching the first episode. That’s the only way I could keep up with all the changes. Greg Kinnear is GREAT! It’s smart, funny and different. Please give it one more, FAIR chance to catch on.

  5. Bette Green says

    I think it got off to a rocky start, with some preposterous scenarios, despite being very entertaining otherwise. It has proven to improved as weeks have gone by. The show deserves a real time slot and another chance. It will be sad to see it go.

  6. Don House says

    Fox has blown it with soooo many shows. In the return episode of Family Guy Peter Griffin goes on, and on naming a couple dozen shows that came and went while the exiled Family Guy was setting records on Adult Swim before being invited back to Fox.
    Rake is the ONLY show on broadcast TV that I anticipate watching every week.
    Greg Kinnear is, perhaps, too good for TV?
    He’s certainly too good for Fox.
    So sad, as he is perfect for this character.

  7. PG says

    Don’t cancel this series!! They finally make a worthy comedy drama series and now what, cancel !! Are they nuts! Kinnear and all cast are perfect. This series will definitely develop a large following if left on.

  8. Marty S. says

    TV is an escape. Legal drama series, such as ‘The Good Wife’ or ‘Law & Order I’, have been very popular on TV because they often portray compelling intellectual aspects of the law. On the other hand, perhaps the viewing public finds legal comedies to be too cynical and flippant about the justice system, and they don’t want to confront the unpleasant truth.

  9. Linda says

    I love “Rake”! Greg Kinnear is great! It’s funny, smart and has a good moral ending to each episode. No blood/death/violence. It’s a pleasure to watch. Please save this show! Do more advertising! Viewers spread the word.

    • Robyn says

      my question is this : Is this show already cancelled ? If not , will the network actually read these pleas and consider them or are their minds made up ? How can we make a difference ? Will a campaign on Facebook help ? I’m sick of networks renewing lame , violent , bloody or crazy reality shows and canceling good , fresh, funny drama/comedies without giving them a consistent time slot , advertising and utilizing Greg Kinnear’s star power . I had to watch it just once to get hooked ,and that’s because I love Greg Kinnear ! I heard very little about it beyond that ! They need to promote it better or maybe another network can save it ( i.e. … DirectTV saving “Friday Night Lights ” … Another one of my favorites ) … Our voices need to be heard – and at the very least ,please broadcast the remaining episodes !
      A very disappointed consumer and “RAKE” fan ,


      How do we get our voices heard ?

      • Maria says

        I’d like to shout it from the rooftops. I love seeing Greg Kinnear back on TV. He is a joy to watch. So far, all of the comments on here have been totally positive. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. There is so much garbage on TV that is numbing the minds of mindless America, it is so frustrating.

      • says

        I am wondering the same thing as Robyn? How do we get our voices heard? I have to admit I am already feeling my RAKE withdrawals! I am hoping they restrategize and keep this awesome show going.

      • S says

        I agree with you Robyn. I believe it is a show that can actually grow a following, if given support, instead of having the rug pulled from under it. They made the mistake of initially airing it against March Madness, which made me feel that they had no plans to invest in it. Nothing is going to pull focus from college basketball this time of year.

        I would hope that Netflix or a cable channel believes in it.

  10. Maria says

    I love, Love, LOVE this show. Love the premise, love the writing, love the characters, LOVE GREG KINNEAR! Why do we have to populate the networks with trash tv to satiate the mindless needs of trashy America? I vote to give this series a decent time slot on a decent night & give it a chance to find its audience. I mean really…Gordon Ramsay or GREG KINNEAR? C’mon Fox…let this light, however dim, shine for awhile longer.

  11. K. Evans says

    This is a great show, but it is not family hour material! This is a show for adults with adult content. It should have aired in the latest prime time hour, after the majority of school aged children should be in bed, not on a weekend night, which may have made some parents uncomfortable with their guilty pleasure. Fox missed a great opportunity to do an us vs. them by not pairing up with the Austrailian version that could have aired late at night. I love them both! They both demonstrate their culture up close and personally! It might have stimulated some great debates at the water cooler and ushered Fox into a bigger late Prime time and late night following!

  12. Brian O says

    There wasn’t much Marketing prior to the first episode was their first mistake and somewhat unimaginable when Fox is the brand with resources? Two shuffling the schedule without no previous warnings? So you needed to verify what day of the week it was even on the following week! Third, not playing a complete episode without warning yet showing the preview with the missing episode? Fox did this to themselves for whatever reason! This show has the chemistry if it were given time and a little more money it could do better, a lot better. Greg Kinear has been underrated his entire career or maybe it’s Political Correctness gone utterly bad? Or just not enough overhead as with a Reality Series or Naughty Cartoon series?

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