Red Widow: To Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Red Widow to be canceled or renewed?Tonight marks the season finale of Red Widow since ABC ordered just eight episodes of the series. Is this the end? Will the drama be back for a second season or will it be cancelled instead?

For those unfamiliar with the show, Red Widow revolves around a San Francisco housewife and mother who finds herself forced to continue her husband’s work in organized crime after his death. The large cast includes Radha Mitchell, Clifton Collins Jr., Luke Goss, Sterling Beaumon, Suleka Mathew, Erin Moriarty, Jaime Ray Newman, Jakob Salvati, Lee Tergesen, Wil Traval, Rade Serbedzija, and Goran Visnjic.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing a second season renewal for Red Widow. The show’s ratings were poor at the start — debuting to a 1.5 demo rating with 7.13 million viewers — and have gotten a lot worse as the weeks have worn on.

Last week’s numbers fell to a new low — a 0.7 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic with 3.47 million total viewers. Red Widow is one of the lowest-rated shows on the network, ensuring that ABC won’t be bringing it back next season.

But, what do you think? Should ABC renew the drama or are they justified in cancelling it? Are you satisfied with the last episode? How would you wrap up the storylines?

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  1. allie says

    Red Widow was one of the only shows worth watching….Give it some time and air it everyweek instead of all the breaks in between…Would love to see more!!! Enough of these so-called reality shows…Sorry but if your being filmed, that is not reality!

  2. A sad man says

    Don’ t throw away something that would become one of the best shows. It derserves a second chance, because the show just become more an more interesting for second season. Only if you try you will now

  3. Geri says

    Red Widow was one of the best shows out there to watch. I feel ABC do all their shows horrible by taking so many breaks. By time the show comes on again you have forgotten what happen and is completly lost. The show was getting so good. I would have loved to see Marta take over the family business and fall in love with Schiller. Thanks ABC you disappointed me yet again :-(

  4. CRIS says

    I like the show. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Maybe the network should try moving it to another night or something. I mean they’ve done that to so many shows. Give the show a chance to get some viewers.

  5. Michele says

    This was one of my favorite “on demand” shows. I enjoyed it very much. I was really hoping for a 2nd season, but wasn’t sure if it would make it or not. I didn’t hear a lot of buzz. But I am not sure how they would keep it going.

    I loved the first season of Revenge, but quickly tired of the 2nd season after the first couple of episodes and never watched again.

    I think part of the problem with the ABC dramas is the way they chop them up over the season. Why not just give them a full run like the cable channels do. Once you stop airing a series for 3 to 4 to even 5 weeks, viewers are going to lose interest and find something else to watch.

  6. Angela says

    Are you kidding me? Why are you pulling this show? It is just now getting good! Please bring Red Widow back! I mean you all have brought back some series that were not even entertaining. Come on, please at least have a season to finish the story.

  7. Anna says

    I’m sad I had a feeling this would get canceled for some reason. I really liked Red Widow but I almost never watched it when it aired. It came on super late on a Sunday night. There are probably more people like me who would catch up online or DVR it. It didnt stick with me like Revenge did but I still really enjoyed it and I think it has good potential. I think it was a bad idea to play it after a hit series like Revenge because then people start comparing the two. And especially since over here it didnt come on until 10 pm. Please give it another chance a great set of actors and a storyline like that deserves a lot better!! I can’t believe some other shows stick around but this gets kicked off come on..

  8. MJ says

    Please DO NOT cancel this series. This is terrific. I record this every week so I dont miss an episode. I not only love this show, but also got my son, daughter-in-law, husband and son-in-law hooked on this. This show is one of the best ever. Cast is terrific. As all new shows, this takes a big to get around for people to hear (word of mouth) on it. I have already gotton my family and alot of friends looking in on this show.
    ABC – wake up. You put these excellent shows as this on, and then cancel them. Maybe that is why your ratings are falling!

  9. says

    Please DONT cancel Red Widow. I really love this show. I mostly recored it and watch it at a later time at night when my kids are sleeping. Marta , her family, Schiller , cop….I love them all, really good actors. I want to see season 2…..

  10. A Booth says

    Absolutely loved this show. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the episodes on Sunday nights due to bring in nursing school and being busy but I made sure I DVR’d every episode and just finished watching the season finale! Marta and Schiller have this crazy but hot chemistry and I was so sad to see this season end. Please please being back this show because it really was a good one! One of the best I’ve watched on tv for a while!

  11. Gravely Dissapointed says

    I think your decision to cancel this show is premature this was a great series! Lesser shows have run longer! The writing was well done and the charachters have depth. This was great and should be brought back even if you moved it to another night. I hope the powers that be reconsider this decision.

  12. Anonymous says

    Keep the show! Love it! So sick of new shows starting then ending so quickly! Give it a chance. Try a new night or time slot!

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