Scoundrels: Off the Schedule; Has the ABC TV Show Been Cancelled?

ScoundrelsFans of ABC’s summer drama, Scoundrels, may have noticed that the series isn’t on the schedule any longer. Has the show been cancelled?

Scoundrels revolves around the West family, a clan that’s had many run-ins with the law. Dad (David James Elliott) has been sent to prison and his wife (Virginia Madsen) is determined that she and their kids not follow him. The TV show’s cast also includes Leven Rambin, Vanessa Marano, Carlos Bernard, and Patrick Flueger (in a dual role).

The series debuted on June 20th to a disappointing 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.23 million viewers. In week two, viewership dropped to a 1.0 in the demo and 3.66 million viewers. The numbers got even worse in subsequent weeks. It hit a demo low 0.6 and, the finale attracted the fewest number of total viewers, just 2.73 million. Those are some terrible numbers for a major network, even for the summer months.

TV show supportOnly eight episodes of Scoundrels were produced and, to ABC’s credit, they aired them all — despite the low ratings. Unfortunately, the network has little reason to want any more. So, no, ABC has not officially cancelled Scoundrels but, it is highly unlikely that they’ll order a second season.

What do you think? Why do you think Scoundrels didn’t fare better? Is it a better show than the ratings reflect?

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  1. linda dudley says

    Iloved the show and was anxious to see it come back, and so dissappointed that it did not. I think perhaps you didn’t advertize it enough, or played it against a favorite at the same time..sad this show has not returned. I think it’s all a political decision.

  2. Becca says

    Why are all the good shows being replaced with stupid reality shows? It is so frustrating. I really start getting into a show and as soon as im hooked they take the show away. I think they need to give new shows more of a chance and at least bring them back for a second season. Sometimes it takes people a while to get into a show.. I think it takes more than one season for some people to really be hooked. I loved this show. It was funny and lighthearted as well as having crime drama mixed in. i really think this show should come back for at least a second season, (along with “The Chicago Code”, and Human Target (who definitely should come back for a third season. Please dont take these shows away, I love all of these shows, I look forward to watching them every week. I will lost without them!!! PLEASE SAVE THESE SHOWS!!!!!

  3. Shayna says

    I’m from New Zealand, where the original series for this show comes from. It’s based on the show called Outrageous Fortune. You should really watch that. EVERYONE in our country loved that show. America did a terrible remake and i couldn’t even watch it. Outrageous Fortune is amazing, it’s something you should defiantly watch.

  4. Nielsen such a BS says

    I love The Gates. But I see a pattern Networks don’t seem to want these series type of show anymore.
    The Networks draw me in, as the spider did the fly. Networks, tease me, with 10 to 40 episode. The Networks,Wine and Dine me without no happy ending..The Networks, played with my emotion. Killed cupid. They broke my heart again and again.
    The Networks has no respect for their viewers , They give us, no closer. Nielsen boxes??? Oh plz! Its Ridiculous… Yet the Networks rating and entire TV productions are being determined by a few percent of the households with a Nielsen box. Between Dish Network, Direct TV, Comcast and Time Warner etc… There’s probably a millions homes with DVR’s technology now r they being counted by Nielsen?
    I never knew anyone with one box. Its like a poll. More you call the more the poll changes from State to State. Just like voting. More the people vote, the more it shift. Am I being counted? I dont think they care to know. Television become air wave for cheaper production shows. So Networks pushing the Reality shows, Adult Cartoons, Game & Talk Shows down our throats. Keeping garbage, cancel series show.

  5. Tiffany says

    Its just my luck to find a show that I really like and it does not make it to season 2… Really…. Guess thats why I no longer pay for cable and watch everything online and redbox…

  6. Shelly says

    PLEASE bring back Scoundrels for another chance! I’m still holding the finale from Season I on the DVR so I can catch back up before Season II starts! Try a new night and time or something but don’t give up on it yet!!

  7. jane says

    I loved this show!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back. I don’t like to watch all the reality shows on. I get enough of that in the news and life. I don’t want to watch that stuff. My mom and I would get together and watch this show. It was great. Please stop pulling all the good shows and leaving the crap.

  8. Jenny says

    My entire family is very upset that Scoundrels may not come
    back for a 2nd season. Please don’t let this happen.

    • Dee says

      its based on a New Zealand TV show, outrageous fortune, you should watch that youll find it one Mega video, same story line, only it runs for 6 seasons with 19 – 20 episodes per season

  9. Angela DeGirolamo says

    Bring back “Scoundrels” as the show was thoroughly entertaining and better than some of the shows currently airing. No wonder I’ve resorted to watching shows on USA network (“The Royal Pains” and “White Collar”).

  10. Cindy says

    I loved this show! It was different and interesting. We need more shows like these instead of all the stupid reality shows! I’m bummed. I hope they bring it back.

  11. Brandi says

    I think Scoundrels was a good show. Why is it that all the shows I like end up being cancelled or ‘not renewed for another season?’ All that’s on television any more is those stupid reality shows. Scoundrels was funny and intense enough to brighten my evenings. Bring it back!

  12. I'm mad 2 Eddie. says

    Such aggravation, Networks draw me in, as the spider did the fly. They tease me, with 10 episode. Wine and dine me without no happy ending..I feel like they played with my emotion. Hunted down, killed cupid and broke my heart. Networks decided to cancel 90 percent of the shows I was watching. So I’m switching to Netflix, all the movie you can watch for $9.99. I never in all my years of television seen such drastic chopping of shows. I found they are not discriminate on which type of show I’m watching, rather it to be Sitcoms, Drama or Fiction, its being put on the chopping block. Networks may think we will keep keep taking their abuse of the, chopping block don’t have any other choice. Well, I’m here too tell you we do!

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