Star Trek: Watch Video of Leonard Nimoy’s Return as Mr. Spock

Mr. SpockUnless you’ve been stuck in a wormhole somewhere in deep space, you know that one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 is the new Star Trek movie. Unlike the past Trek movies, this one is a prequel to the original 1960s series. Prequel projects have been considered in the past and the devout fans have shuddered at the idea of anyone but the original cast playing their beloved characters. Those feelings seem to have changed and most fanboys are itching to see the new creation — partially because director JJ Abrams has an interesting vision for the picture and partially because it means the return of Leonard Nimoy as our favorite Vulcan, Mr. Spock.

Star Trek follows the exploits of the crew of the starship USS Enterprise in the far-flung future. The ship is commanded by Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and his first mate and science officer, Mr. Spock (Nimoy). Kirk’s close friend and confidant is the cantankerous Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy (DeForest Kelley). Other valued personnel include Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott (James Doohan), helmsman Hiraku Sulu (George Takei), communications officer Nyota Uhura (Nichelle Nichols), navigator Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig), head nurse Christine Chapel (Majel Barrett), and yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney).

The series debuted on September 8, 1966 and struggled for most of its run on NBC. The network ultimately cancelled the low-rated show after three seasons on the air. The series’ popularity really took off once it hit syndication and students found it airing weekday afternoons. Trek inspired a slew of toys, books, an animated series, a string of successful movies and four live-action spin-off TV series featuring other casts and characters.

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Nimoy’s Mr. Spock has had a particularly interesting Trek journey. He was the only character that appeared in the original series pilot and became a regular on the weekly show. He died valiantly in the second movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and was subsequently revived in the third, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Along with many in the original TV show cast, Spock’s last big screen appearance came in the sixth movie in 1991. The Vulcan returned to television one more time in a two-part episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which takes place about 80 years after the original Trek. Spock is now a very old ambassador who’s gone undercover to attempt to reunite the genetically similar Vulcan and Romulan people. The episodes were dedicated to the memory of then recently deceased Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Red Alert: Spoilers Based on interviews, it appears Abrams is trying to honor much of the cannon set up by the past Trek incarnations. The movie will pick up with an older Spock in the Next Generation future. Someone apparently messes with the time continuum enough to impact the history of the now-deceased Kirk. To save his friend’s past, he goes back in time and encounters a younger version of himself, in his early days on the Enterprise. The older Spock also meets a young Kirk on an ice planet (see the trailer). End Red Alert.

A couple weeks ago, the first extended trailer for the new movie hit theaters and, moments later, the Internet. Another one has been released. It’s very similar to the earlier version, with the exception of a few additional seconds at the very end. Though we’ve seen many photos of Zachary Quinto as a young Spock, this is the first time we’re seeing Nimoy back in his trademark ears.

Can’t wait for the movie to be released on May 8, 2009? In January 2009, IDW Publishing will begin publishing a four issue comic book series called Star Trek Countdown. It’ll encompass the backstory of the movie’s villain, Nero (Eric Bana), and bridge the gap between Spock’s last Next Generation appearance and the new movie. It’s being written by Tim Jones and Mike Johnson, based on a story by Abrams and the movie’s screenwriters, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The comic is being drawn by David Messina. Check out more info and promo image here. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Darkspider says

    If they are trying to keep the ST legacy alive they failed, enterprise did a good job, as for nemesis I can’t say nothing there, but as I was saying before there attempt to link enterprise to the original failed only cause they changed history for the whole crew.
    Spock would never do anything with Uhura cause love is an emotion, and his mom is alive in the 3rd movie,as well as kirks father.
    Again in short they failed to keep the ST francise live.
    But on a good note it was cool to see nimoy back in his ears, I hope they got him in the second transformers movie as galvatron.

  2. The Mad Monkey says

    Kyrila…listen a little harder…
    The kid does say Tiberius.
    Get your ears checked before you decide to go on a rant about something you clearly didn’t comprehend.
    This is an experienced Star Trek director. I’ll grant that his takes haven’t been very good (ST: Nemesis should be destroyed), but I think he’s got a pretty good idea of what he’s doing. Aside from that, I highly doubt that Paramount is going to allow a mistake like you (incorrectly) seem to think exists slip past. Everyone is fully aware of what this movie can mean for the whole franchise. Both the Enterprise TV show and Nemesis almost killed Star Trek. This is probably their last attempt at keeping it alive. They’re not going to screw up on something obvious like the middle name of one of the company’s most well-known characters.


  3. Kyrila says

    James SIBERIUS Kirk???? Excuse me, but it’s James TIBERIUS Kirk!!! James T. Kirk!!! This little trivial detail has dampened my enthusiasm about JJ Abrams going to “great pains” to get it right. Apparently he didn’t watch enough of the original series to accomplish this mission. If he got the main character’s name wrong, what else did he get wrong? You think ST fans won’t notice? Think again.

  4. says

    I cant tell you how much I have loved Leonard Nimoy over the years. I always thought his performance on the original series was phenomenal. It was a big reason that I ended up in local television myself. Im a meteorologist with the CBS affiliate in Greensboro, . Anyway, great news the Nimoy is back!!!!

    If you love TV trivia check out this podcast.


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