Breakthrough with Tony Robbins: Watch the Four Unaired Episodes

Breakthrough with Tony RobbinsAfter two weeks of poor ratings, NBC pulled Breakthrough with Tony Robbins from the schedule. That left four episodes unaired.

Host Tony Robbins said that he’d spoken with the network and that they were looking into releasing the final four episodes on a cable channel like MSNBC.

Well, now they’ve decided to just release them online. You can watch the last four episodes below.

John Rodriguez works with the Marines to break his bad patterns, but it’s not turning out like anything he expected.

After the daughter of Scott and Mandy Smith has a near-death experience, their marriage begins falling apart. Tony works with the family to show them a fulfilling life means taking risks.

When ex-NBA player Juaquin suffers a stroke, he gives up on life and his family. His only hope is for Tony to help get him back to being the man he can be.

After winning Nashville Star, Rick and Melissa Lawson’s marriage began to fall apart. Now, with five boys to care for, Tony helps reunite the family.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Scott M Adams says

    What the heck were you thinking taking this show off the air? Probably the best thing to happen to us and you yancked it!!!!! BS!!!!!

  2. ern says

    Just like our political voters, this confirms that most people are sheep. They’re more focused on the popular bells and whistles than they do about content. Really disappointing.

  3. Parker Winder says

    Wow. did everyone read that last comment?? Thank you Tony for your contribution to the world! What kind of nasty person would say you’re a fraud? If you really are a fraud, thank you for fraudulently helping millions around the world have lasting change. I’m so glad that you used good marketing to get me to invest in your programs. Otherwise, I don’t know if I ever would have gotten a hold of them and improved my destiny. And when I spend all this money to come to your seminars and it helps me have ultimate success and fulfillment, you’d better believe that I’ll be back for more. Please don’t ever stop. Judging by what the last person wrote, the world obviously still needs your influence.

  4. SeNT says

    Tony Robbins is a joke and a fraud! people pay thousands of dollars for one seat in an auditorium to listen to his “inspirations.” How personal… He seems like a decent person on TV. But he pushs things and ideas off camera that I wouldn’t think were legal to do. Nutraceuticals, unproven diets, etc that are not only bad science. it also makes the pharmaceutical industry look like angels. Things that he uses during his “seminars” can be seen also bring used by casinos, brain washers, and excellent marketers to do one thing: getting your last dollar. And if you have success, you’ll be back for more… Tony Robbins is a complete fraud.

  5. says

    I agree. I was so excited to finally see POSITIVE programming that teaches people how to overcome mental and emotional obstacles. Perhaps it’s too soon. Perhaps America, which is wallowing in the negativity of downsizing, foreclosures, job unavailability and other limiting beliefs simply isn’t ready to hear the truth: that all of this CAN be changed, but it starts WITHIN.

    “Oh, no, I’m not the problem, it’s the ______ (economy, housing market, neighbors, kids, boss, etc) that’s at fault.”

    Sorry, no, it isn’t. It’s you. It’s ME. It’s us. And Tony was pointing that out in a blatant, compassionate way, and the people he helped had breakthroughs. Oh, well. At least I can see the last four episodes here.

  6. Lisa B says

    I am so disappointed to learn that this show is canceled. This is the most powerful television I have seen in such a long time. I ran across it by accident first episode, was sure to not miss the second, and have been looking for it in the tv schedule ever since. I don’t understand why the network is so quick to dismiss it. I will eagerly watch the unaired episodes, but sadly think the network is doing a disservice to its viewers. Very disappointing.

  7. Katie J says

    In a time when we really need inspirational shows that give people guidelines on how to make life better, it is sad to see something with the value of Tony Robbins show cancelled. It’s one of the reasons why more and more of us are spending our time on the Internet. Thankfully, we’re able to see the rest of his series here!

  8. sandy marshall says

    i dont have tv. but i watched the show on my computer . i am so inspired. this is a great show with would something really meaningfull to give. why would they cancel it an keep shows like big brother & so on very stupid

  9. JD says

    I’m kinda glad it worked out this way. I didn’t know this show existed till I was browsing Hulu. I don’t think there would have been another season no matter what the ratings. Now, because it bombed so much, I can watch all of them.

  10. Judy B. says

    Unbelievable. They can run stupid reality TV shows that are not even close to being real, but they can take a truly inspirational, uplifting and relevant show such as Breakthrough by Tony Robbins that has the ability to help change lives for the better and cancel it? Just a sign of the times we live in. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shame on the networks who perpetuate the crap TV and toss the inspirational TV.

  11. Lenore Myers says

    What a tremendous inspiration this show is! Everyone at some level is up against these kind of internal problems in life. Feeling so stuck, wanting a better life with more aliveness. Looking for that breakthrough, and not knowing what to do to achieve it. This show is such a unique opportunity for people to know that they can be more than they ever dreamed. This show is real. People can see with real life examples that they have the power inside to make it happen for themselves. People don’t usually see this kind of television . We need more programs like this, not have this cancelled. I love this show and will use what I have learned to make a difference .

  12. Beth says

    I honestly can’t believe that this show was cancelled! The show was inspring, honest, and gave people a new pespective on their own situations. Why is it that there can never be enough ridiculous sitcoms, shows full of provocative innuendos, or violent shows, but when it comes to someone trying to inspire others to pull themselves out of a bad situation and start over … the show is cancelled after 2 episodes? So very glad that such a classic, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring show like “Minute to Win It” has replaced Breakthrough in its timeslot. Drinking games without the alcohol … way to go NBC.

    • Jeff says

      God I couldn’t agree with you more Beth. Its really sad they replaced tony’s show with minute to win it. Its always just about the bucks with the networks. Its really too bad. And I love that guy Tony Robbins. Read his books and bought his CDS and it has helped me largely In my personall life as well :) take good care Beth.

  13. Carol says

    I am really disappointed about the show being cancelled. The show was inspiring and had the potential of helping those who watched. It will catch on. Give it a better chance.

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