Dallas: Should the TNT Series End Without JR Ewing?

Dallas without JR EwingWhen Larry Hagman died yesterday, the cast and crew of TNT’s Dallas series had finished filming six of the 15 episodes that had been ordered for the second season. He was scheduled to shoot more scenes this week and his demise reportedly came as a shock to many of those on the show.

A statement from TNT reads, “All of us at TNT are deeply saddened at the news of Larry Hagman’s passing. He was a wonderful human being and an extremely gifted actor. We will be forever thankful that a whole new generation of people got to know and appreciate Larry through his performance as J.R. Ewing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this very difficult time.”

Warner Bros. and executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin said, “Larry Hagman was a giant, a larger-than-life personality whose iconic performance as J.R. Ewing will endure as one of the most indelible in entertainment history. He truly loved portraying this globally recognized character, and he leaves a legacy of entertainment, generosity and grace. Everyone at Warner Bros. and in the Dallas family is deeply saddened by Larry’s passing, and our thoughts are with his family and dear friends during this difficult time.”

Word is that the current Dallas’ producers and writers plan to start revising scripts and will give JR Ewing a big send-off. Years before the original Dallas ended, Hagman said, “I know what I want on JR’s tombstone. It should say: ‘Here lies upright citizen J.R. Ewing. This is the only deal he ever lost.'”

This will be the third time that Cidre has had to make script adjustments.

Should the new Dallas end without JR?

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When TNT first ordered the new Dallas pilot, Hagman was holding out for a lot more money and an agreement couldn’t be reached. Cidre reportedly came up with an alternate script for the pilot that would have incorporated vintage footage of JR from the original series. Warners Bros. apparently liked the approach a lot and was ready to move forward but Hagman finally signed on.

Last October, during the filming of the first season, Hagman announced that he was battling cancer. His airtime was cut down to three episodes just in case he wasn’t well enough for more (remember when JR disappeared off to Las Vegas?). He was ultimately able to appear in all of the episodes.

It’s hard to imagine Dallas without JR Ewing and certainly no one else could take over the role. What do you think? Do you think the series will be worth watching without Hagman? Should the new Dallas come to an end or keep going?

The second season of Dallas is set to begin airing January 28th.

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  1. rob says

    i am a big fan of dallas.its a great show.this show can and should endure for as long as it can.i do not know whether people understand or realize this.but in a few more years.dallas will be 40.this is a great show.there is a story to be explored.an important storyline to be told.everyone loved larry hagman.he was jr.he was the best.everyone will miss him.dallas is still a cool tv series.and like startrek this needs to be kept alive.i will continue to watch dallas.

  2. Carolyn says

    Larry Hagman, while a great part of the show, was only a part of it. I think it will be just as good with the remaining cast of characters. I admit in the first season I was really interested in what the “old” characters were doing, and I still am, but I really like the younger ones too. I love this show! I own the original series and I am really enjoying the new Dallas. KEEP IT COMING!

  3. Anda says

    I remember when I was little and watched with my parents every episode from the old Dallas. We never missed a single one. Last year when I heard about the new Dallas 2012 I was skeptical but I watched firt episode…and the second one….and the third one…and last episode from the second season came so fast. Now I hope that you will have ASAP a new season with the Ewings . Great jog ,all my respects to the actors, producers and everyone involved_ don’t let as much to wait for the new episods.

  4. Scott says

    I just got done watching the 2 hour season 2 finale and it was awesome. Being Born in 1981 I never really got to see the original Dallas but after watching these first 2 seasons I’ve bought all 14 seasons and all the movies and plan to start digging in to those after I write this.

    Of course this show should continue without Jr, I’m sure if Larry Hagman had died during the first incarnation of the show it probably couldn’t continue and still be as good because I’ve heard the show mainly revolved around him. This new version of the show how ever has been not just about Jr & Bobby but about the new generation of Ewings and I believe this show can still be great.

  5. kathy says

    Im really enjoying the new DALLAS. I watched the first DALLAS and never missed a show.I think this new generation is great. When they find out who killed JR whats next. keep the show in this time we live in. make it great writers. Im sure Larry Hagman would want the show to go on.

  6. Marcia says

    I loved the original Dallas series and was looking forward to the new one but have been so disappointed. Larry Hagman was clearly far too old to carry the show as he used to and the extremely boring storyline about methane gas or whatever is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Of the youngsters, the only credible one is the guy who plays Christopher whilst the rest of them gabble their lines and try (and fail) to look mean and/or sexually alluring. Poor old Bobby looks worn out and don’t get me started on Lucy and Ray who are so changed as to be unrecognisable. The original 1978 series of Dallas was fabulous – it should have been left to rest in peace.

    • Cha says

      I hope Dallas continues, because J.R. didn’t have much of a presence at the end and most of the storylines were about the other cast members. The present cast and writers are strong enough to carry the show without J.R.

  7. Karen Mcphail Lang says

    Loving the new Dallas as much as I did the old one,john Ross doing great as Jr’s son,already have a love hate relationship with him,chip off the old block as they say…..please keep going with Dallas,I just love the drama !!

  8. kay says

    Yes the show should continue. John ross will do great! My whole family watches this show and records it! So yes it sould continue!!!

  9. Linda Capp says

    Yes, I think Dallas should continue. John Ross will make an excellent future JR along with the rest of the younger generation.

  10. Maria says

    I am loving the show and I think it will continue without JR. I would like to see Bobby become more like JR. I think he will. The young actors are doing a great job. The older cast is wonderful.

  11. says

    Yes, Dallas can and will continue with great success. We miss Larry Hagman and will forever be grateful for his unforgettable and fabulous portrayal of “JR Ewing”. I am a super fan of the original series as well as the current series. The writers definitely exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant when I heard the show was being resurrected because I just didn’t believe the “magic” could be re-created with success. Boy! was I wrong! I am enjoying watching Dallas now with my adult children who are now fans.

  12. rogue raven says

    I think that the show can go on without JR (Larry Hagman). RIP Larry. Granted he was a great character. A villain with just the right amount of charisma and malice. The other characters in the show now are keeping up with the drama level. JRs son is doing a great job of making you ticked off at him and Sue Ellen is now coming up the ranks. There is definitely plenty of show left with all the remaining cast. The drama with Ryland and Anne is a great add on.
    Thank you writers, actors, producers, all the other people it takes to get this show to keep going. Please keep up the great work and DON’T cancel this show.

  13. Penny Jones says

    I think that Dallas as been brilliant so far and although JR may have been the star of the old Dallas and will be deeply missed the programme now is all about the younger generation of Ewings and Bobby and Anne have a really good part of the new one we havn’t really seen a lot of JR. I think that Dallas will be just as good without JR and as a lot of very good story lines i never miss a episode and would be gutted if it ended.

  14. Michael says

    I am sure the late Larry Hagman would have wanted the show to go on, for the younger generation to enjoy. My family has always commented on how great of a show this was when it was on CBS, and when I learned the show was returning I decided to take a look and I don’t regret it one bit. Linda Gray, and Brenda Strong… Great actresses.

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