The Hard Times of RJ Berger: Will There Be a Season Three?

Hard Times of RJ Berger season 3There’s no word on whether or not The Hard Times of RJ Berger will be back for a third season yet but actress Kara Taitz, who plays Lily on the MTV series is hopeful. She recently told Zap2It that the season two finale will have a cliffhanger that will leave the audience wanting more.

She said, “I know that last season we didn’t hear ’til around now, or a little bit after. So I don’t know what it means or doesn’t mean that we haven’t heard yet… but I think we need a third season. I think the story, as you see it go into that cliffhanger mode, needs to continue to be told. Hopefully MTV agrees.”

She teases that the cliffhanger will affect everyone, saying, “There’s a few things that happen that are gonna be really fun and we’re really gonna want this story to continue, I think. It involves every character really, and it’s definitely going to push the show to new places, which could be really exciting for us.”

How cable channels decide on what to renew or cancel is a little harder to predict than the regular networks. Season one of Hard Times averaged 1.04 million and a 0.33 rating in the 18-49 demographic. This season has averaged about the same number of viewers but the demo has risen to a 0.4 rating.

The only downside seems to be that viewership has hit series lows over the past few episodes. That may make MTV execs a little nervous to commit to another season. We’ll have to wait and see.

The final two episodes of the season (possibly of the series) — “Steamy Surprise” and “The Better Man” — will air together on May 30th.

What do you think? Would you like to see a third season of The Hard Times of RJ Berger?

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  1. Ryan Yee says

    This is soo funny all the actors and actresses are amazing! Loved it so much that I had to look up if there was going to be another season, I have never done that with any other TV series!!!! So for the love of god MAKE ANOTHER SEASON, if not a few more!!!!!!!

  2. Donovan Gates says

    The Hard Times of RJ Berger was funny refreshing and well written! I loved the twist and turns in every episode. I hate to be left hanging in suspense with the ending of Season 2 with Lily’s pregnancy, Max’s sexuality and RJ’s relationship with Amy. A season 3 is DEMANDED! This one of the best shows I’ve seen in years and I would live for the show to continue. #SEASON3

  3. C says

    This show is great watch the 2 seasons in one day i like it some much. please keep it going this has become one of my favorite things to watch tv. I never watched it on tv becasue i dont watch tv some much so maybe just put it on netflix. I hope that they make a season 3.

  4. jacob says

    i think that if not a season 3 we at least need one more episode, like an hour long special.
    please MTV one more season

  5. Destiny Lytle says

    M.T.V is an awesome channel..Some of the episodes in The Hard Times Of R.J. Berger really compared to a few of my challenges in life. I know that I had it to look forward too every day.

  6. Dominick says

    You have to have a 3 season. This show is awesome, the actors and actresses rock, and u can’t leave us hanging with how season 2 ended. At least 1 more season please

  7. says

    You have to show season 3 of the hard times. I really find it hard to beleive that thats rj’s baby i think it’s Hamiltons. Plus My guy Rj be SUPER SWAGGED OUT!

  8. khamel ray says

    Please make more episodes of rj Berger you have to its so funny and I want to see more so please make more episodes because I’m very intrested in the show thank you

  9. Hector says

    How could they not make a third season!!! This series is great!!! I watched the full 2 seasons on Netflix in 1 and a half days! I’m EXPECTING a third season!

    • taq says

      i watched too both seasons in one day!!this show is freaking awsome.
      so you could at least make a final episode so that its not ending so abruptly!!!
      because there are still some fans who want to see how it ends.

  10. Nicole says


  11. Anonymous says

    there should be a season three i love the show sooooo much i really want to see rj and jenny get back together there soo cute together

  12. Andrew Abrams says

    I would love to see the third season of The Hard Times of R J Berger I have watched every episode and it cannot stop with a cliff hanger pleas pleas pleas put the third season on the air.

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