Zero Hour vs Shark Tank Rerun Ratings

Zero Hour ratingsLast night, ABC aired a rerun of Shark Tank in place of cancelled Zero Hour. So, how did that work out for the network?

Per the fast affiliate ratings, it wasn’t a bad move — at least ratings-wise. Shark Tank attracted a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.4 million total viewers. Compared to last week’s episode of Zero Hour, the network was up by 20% in the desirable demo.

They were down in total viewership by 13% but these days, that’s not the most important ratings number for network advertising.

Another Shark Tank rerun is scheduled for next Thursday night?

What do you think? Was replacing Zero Hour a good financial decision? Should ABC be looking at more than just the short-term bottom line? Are you reluctant to try one of their new shows?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    ABC did NOT promote Zero Hour with a fair markerting scheme. However when it comes to reality shows ABC leads the way to make sure the public tunes into this TRASH! Reality CRAP such as shark tank splash wife swap & their GARBAGE FAVORITE the bachelor/ette are advertised with clever marketing strategy they use BOLD GRANDURE catchy hyped up phrases such as Must See! EPIC, Leaves you SPELLBOUND! Leading the DUMB-DOWNED 18 to 49 demographic audience to believe they are going to witness television at it’s best…………….P.S. I will not be watching any of ABC’S IDIOT reality shows!

  2. Tracy says

    My husband and I love this show. With our busy schedule didn’t realized it had been cancelled until we were recording shark tank. Didn’t watch ST first time around and not this time. Maybe fx or syfy will pick it up. I hope, this was the only show abc has that was worth watching. Guess I ll go back to Big Bang reruns at least they are entertaining.

  3. Danny says

    What a crock! I was really loving Zero Hour, and BAM, ABC canceled the show after only 3 episodes! The network did a very poor job in promoting Zero Point! I sure don’t remember much fanfare! If they had there would have been a lot more viewers.

    Question: When the networks count the number of viewers, do they also count those that DVR’d it as well? I mean how in the world so they track ALL viewers that record the shows? I do a lot of recordings because I hate wasting time by watching all of those dumb commercials!

    Bottom line is that I loved Zero Hour, and I am considering a Boycott of the network because I’m sick and tired of those damn reality shows! ABC, if you’re reading this then read this; You guys suck!

    One last question. Someone earlier said that the show Red Widow that we all know how it ends. I don’t, but I would love to know! Thanks!

    • says

      Danny you hit the nail on the HEAD! ABC NEVER useed the clever marketing strategy that they use to promote Zero Hour as they do STUPID reality shows! Most of my friends had never heard of Zero Hour So i started facebooking my friends and through word of mouth it was starting to catch on but after the 3rd episode it was cancelled I often wonder do the sponsers know that we are dvr-ing, watching it on demand & seeing full downloads of these shows via internet?

  4. Sharon says

    So fed up with the networks and the critics who decide to remove any program worth watching!!!!! Just when you find a show you like the network replaces it with reruns of
    a show I didn’t even watch the first time it aired. How do shows like Shark Tank, Two Broke Girls, and countless others stay on the air?????

  5. TJ says

    Zero Hour was a really interesting show. Due to the fact that they would rather show a reality show like Shark Tank than Zero Hour (this was the last straw of many for me with ABC) and my general disgust at the number of crap reality shows that seem to have almost taken over on ABC I’ve quit watching their network completely right down to GMA which I’ve watched forever. If consumers don’t stand up to networks for filling TV with useless reality TV trash then they’ll continue to feed us trash full of people without talent. I’d rather see ABC go out of business than to watch a station that continuously increases the amount of reality shows. They do it because people without talent are cheap to show. I’d rather read a book. Not to mention as an unhappy consumer I’ve told everyone I could think of and some friends have joined my small ABC boycott – lost consumers for advertising dollars.

  6. Mo says

    I will no longer be watching any new shows on ABC. I think Zero Hour was the best series in quite a while and had ABC promoted it correctly would have gotten a much larger audience. I almost did not watch because previews did not give a good idea of series. After the first episode I was hooked. It was like Da Vinci Code meets National Treasure meet Alias. I could not stop talking about it and had a number of people interested and they caught up on line. ABC needs to at least put the remaining episodes on line for us devoted watchers to see. I certainly do not need to watch re-runs of Shark Tank as I watch it first run.

    • says

      Mo I felt the same as you about Zero Hour at first because ABC gave such a vague idea of what it was going to be about. I watch Persons of Interst & Scandal on Thurday night. I don’t have a favorite program that comes on at 8:00 on Thursday So I said i will give this show a try I was hooked after the first episode!

  7. Ebony says

    Loved Zero Hour! Just to show that abc pullimg a new show after only 3 episodes but still has that one show red widow….(which we all know the outcome of this that show) is very upsetting. Zero Hour was a good mystery. The show kept you on your toes. It wasnt any of this reality crap thats on t.v. now!! Very upsetting abc!!! Put the rest of the episodes online. That way the viewing audience can aleast have the first season to watch.

  8. Elaine says

    Loved Zero Hour, loved the cast. So tired of ABC pulling shows after so few episodes. If they really think Shark Tank was a draw they are crazy! I only had Shark Tank on last week because I was busy googling what happened to Zero Hour. Entirely too many reality shows on TV. They are cheap to produce and at this late date very uncreative. They are insulting to the intelligence of an intelligent person. Get a life people. I certainly won’t be waiting ABC on Thursday, I will be reading a book! TV off!

  9. Nell says

    So frustrating to finally find an engaging show and have it pulled for crap like Shark Tank. This move is definitely enough to make me lose interest in abc. I am grateful to have netflix so I can watch other pulled too early shows like Firefly.

  10. Bard says

    I am sick of watching a new series that is heavily promoted, getting hooked on it, then networks pulling it without resolving the story. This has happend too many times lately. I hate stupid, moronic, total waste of time reality shows. I would rather watch an Andy Griffith show rerun that I’ve seen a hundred times rather than watch 5 minutes of any these cheap to produce reality shows.To hell with ABC. I’m NEVER going to watch a new show until it is proven not to be cancelled and is online or on DVD.

  11. Peter rehberg says

    I think it’s ridiculous that the network pulled the plug after just 3 episodes. only to replace it with reruns of Shark Tank!!!. I think they will see a big drop in viewership over the next couple of weeks as people realize they’re watching reruns of the show. They have to realize it sometimes takes a bit more then 3 episodes to solidify a decent audience. I know I’ll switch channels. reruns of Star Trek I’ll watch, Shark Tank, I don’t think so. Another idiot decision by network execs. Why should we expect anything but!

  12. WhyWatch says

    Back to Big Bang for me. I don’t watch moronic reality shows. And this one is pre-determined since VC do not act this way off screen.

  13. Eric says

    Why limit it to TV shows? Publishers should do it too. Instead of putting out new books all the time, re-release old books that have already been read. And politicians! No new elections. Let’s just re-use old politicians until they are all used up and nobody pays attention to them anymore. Oh, wait….

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