Creature Comforts: CBS Puts Stops on Stop-Motion Series

Creature ComfortsDuring the summer months, networks understand that viewership is typically lower than usual. As such, it’s pretty rare for a summer series to be pulled prematurely. For this, and obvious reasons, Creature Comforts is a rare breed.

A version of Creature Comforts was first seen as a 1989 animated short film made in Britain. It featured a group of anmals talking about their life in the zoo. It became a TV series in 2003 in the U.K. A U.S. version debuted on June 4th on CBS and featured animal characters being voiced by everyday people. All of these versions were produced by Aardman Animations who are best known for the Wallace and Gromit films.

The claymation Creature Comforts series debuted to 6.3 million and slipped to 4.5 million the second week. Only 4.3 million watched the third episode and, as a result, CBS has pulled Creature Comforts. Repeats of The New Adventures of Old Christine will fill the Monday at 8pm timeslot for the immediate future.

It’s unknown if the four remaining unaired episodes will see the light of day. It’s possible that they may be made available on the CBS site where two episodes currently reside. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mad in Madison says

    Creature Comforts is GREAT! BRING IT BACK!! It was hilarious and brilliantly done. No point watching CBS now. Will return to your network when you bring this incredible show back. Watched every episode, taped them, then got together with friends who hadn’t seen it and played the tape. EVERYONE just died laughing! BRING IT BACK! VERY DUMB MOVE TO TAKE THIS OFF THE AIR.

  2. Mad in Macclenny says

    What on earth is CBS thinking????? My whole family LOVES Creature Comforts! Give me a break!! No advertising for the show beforehand and now only give it 3 weeks??? CBS is off my list too. BRING IT BACK…NOW!

  3. Margarita says

    First it was “JERICO”…now it’s “Creature Comforts”. CC was one of the few shows left on television that was worth watching. I can’t believe CBS has done this to us. BRING IT BACK PLEASE! Give intelligent viewers something descent and funny to watch on Monday nights.

  4. Evie says

    My family and I were horrified to see crusty “Christine” instead of “Creature Comforts”. Doom on you, CBS, for letting go of such a brilliant piece of work. At least have the decency to offer the full series on DVD or on-line

  5. Bob Terrio says

    Brilliant! Innovative! Fresh!I Cheered when I heard that CBS was going to air my favorite British TV program, “Creature Comforts”. I thought the first 3 episodes were even funnier than the British episodes! Given the right time slot and advertising this brilliant show could be as popular as the Simpsons. I am extremely dissapointed at this boneheaded move by CBS. Maybe Fox should pick it up! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

  6. Jake C. says

    What a shame. An original (at least to the US), refreshing show. After the third episode I told my family and friends about it, and all tuned in the following Monday only to see another show. In my circle alone, viewership would have gone from two people to around 20 (a ten fold increase). I don’t know how CBS can only give a show three weeks. What a shame–give it some time. Didn’t NBC’s “The Office” perform similarly until word spread and it is now a hit. Bring it back CBS, it is one of the few shows on your network that interests me.

  7. Mel says

    I had this show programmed on my PVR and was surprised to see that there were no more new ones. I love this show and was so happy to see that CBS was getting their own awesome American version of the BBC one. Then after only a few episodes it was cancelled. I am so sad to see it go. TV networks never seem to give shows a chance anymore… sigh. Being that this is stop-motion animation, those 4 unaired episodes would have taken Aardman a LONG time to finish. CBS should at least have the courtesy to air those episodes so that those countless hours will not seem like a waste of time. Oh and being from Canada I cannot access those unaired episodes on the CBS website so I sadly cannot see the other 2 episodes. Quite annoyed with CBS!

  8. Trace Green says

    I guess I’m an idiot. I always thought several million of anything was a lot, but evidently not. I must be stupid because I enjoy watching animated characters talk about true life, as opposed to live action characters talk crap about absurd situations. I don’t mean to be too hard on the Old Christine, I’m sure you have lots of stupid shows that I will never watch. Bring back Creature Comforts. Now.

  9. Pam says

    Just in case the comments aren’t closed and you want to add another voice to the millions of disappointed fans…I have followed Creature Comforts from its humble beginnings in Britain years ago and was overjoyed to see it reaching the states. Now, needless to say, I am disgusted with CBS for being so spineless. It’s the summer for goodness sake. Give it a chance!

  10. David says

    FYI -this show was/is(?) originally (as with so many of our great “original” comedies, e.g., The Office) produced for British audiences watching BBC. There are at least two full seasons of the BBC version of Creature Comforts available here in the US on DVD – just as (or more) funny.

    Why the heck would a network take a chance on something to fill in the summer season, then yank it after three, under-advertised episodes? Why have bothered running it in the first place? CBS, Aardman does not need you, YOU (desperately) need Aardman.

  11. Christina says

    I also was SO disappointed to find out it was canceled. I had only seen it once the week before, and also had got family together to sit down and watch it…only to find it was gone. I was so upset. I am so happy because I see Gareth Owen, the UK producer wrote a comment saying more will be made hopefully! I can’t wait. I hope BBC starts playing it since CBS refuses to. Maybe we should all write the BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) and ask them to put the show on.

  12. Alley Dee says

    What a shame CBS pulled this show. For the first time an intelligent cartoon made for adults was on primetime. So many people I have talked to are upset – which is putting it in language that is ok to be shown. Please at least play the remaining episodes. Would be nice if television was actually made for the people with brains in their heads and not for corporate money.

    When will someone have the guts to stand up and be different!

  13. Su says

    It figures…. I see a show, tell friends to watch and it gets pulled before they get a chance to see it more than once. Why not give something a chance? Reruns of sad shows I don’t watch anyway makes me thankful for Netflix on line viewing. I deal with ADHD enough at work…. it seems that network execs should have more of an attention span than this!

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