Day Break: The Story on the Last Episode

It's been a heck of a day for Taye Diggs on Day Break on ABCMan! Like their hero Detective Brett Hopper, Day Break fans have been through the wringer. The Taye Diggs midseason replacement series was supposed to air for 13 straight weeks while ABC’s Lost was on a scheduled hiatus. Day Break under-performed ABC’s expectations and the network pulled it after only six episodes — right in the middle of the cliffhanger storyline — on December 15, 2006.

Though it wouldn’t help those without high-speed Internet access or living outside the U.S., the network said that it would release a new episode online every week. That didn’t happen and fans were left hanging for weeks and weeks. The word was that there were “unforeseen music clearance issues” that were preventing the seventh episode from being posted.

On January 14th, ABC Entertainment chief Stephen McPherson announced that the series would finally be posted online. In addition to the six previously aired episodes, four new episodes were made available on January 29th. The 11th and 12th episodes were posted in the following two weeks. The 13th and final episode should have been posted on February 19th. But that didn’t happen. Once again, fans were left hanging. With deja vu like this, many like they were stuck inside the Day Break storyline!

Well, after being delayed multiple times, the final episode entitled “What If It’s Him?” is finally available on (click the “launch” button). It’s being reported that the holdup was once again due to music copyright issues. After all this, most people would have gladly watched the show without any music whatsoever.

As regular visitors of this site know, we’ve been hosting a petition to request that the series be released on DVD (so that everyone can see it) and to hopefully persuade execs to greenlight future Day Break projects. Though the printed petition has been sent, newcomers can still sign the petition. The package included the URL and encouraged the execs to see the impressive and continued interest. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything new.

For now, it seems Hopper’s story is over. Was it worth it? Talk about a long day! Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Bryan says

    My observations after ep 13.

    1. Moon Bloodgood is hot

    2. The grinning guy at the end (consensus was he’s Jared), is actually Dr. Who

    3. If there were to be any kind of sequel, it would likely be akin to Quantum Leap

    4. Main Question – What caused the time loop in the first place? Better question – why the hell did the writers go back and forth between day 1, 2, 3, 4, then back to 3, with seemingly no reason behind it?

    5. All in all, Moon Bloodgood is still damn hot!

  2. Kaycee says

    The final episode, “What if it’s Him?” was posted online on 03/02. It’s there now, have you been able to find it?

    Nick was not related to Hopper or his dad in any way…he was just Hopper’s Dad’s partner. Your idea for future episodes is intriging. I’d love to see old Chad stuck on that island.

    Hopper’s dad didn’t commit suicide, as was revealed in one of the last episodes. So the idea that he had a heriditary mental disorder doesn’t work as an explanation to the repeating days.

    I have actually started through all the episodes for the 4th time. While I’d love to see new stuff, I agree with a previous poster that it might be kinda lame.
    Did Margo get killed? That would’ve happened during that messed up episode that had editing problems?

    Anybody know if dvd’s are going to come out?
    the idea of making sure Taye Diggs is aware of all the support he’s received thanks to this website is a good one. Is that happening?

    Well, glad to know I’m not alone in my continuing nutso obsession with this show.

  3. phil says

    Could someone please share with me on how I can view the last two episodes of DayBreak. I go to to view but I don’t see a listing for any episodes after “What If He Walks Away” -2/4/07 and “What If She’s the Key” -2/12/07. I have been trying for weeks, could anyone share? Thanks.

  4. Rich says

    A Season 2 would work if one of the other characters days started repeating. The person would eventually tell Hop, and realize they could use and trust him to help fix the characters issues of the day.

  5. Stan says

    Those wondering about Jared. He is not a crazy guy. He was just faking it. That last scene implies that Jared was pulling the strings of the time loop. One guy said maybe he was an angel. Maybe he is just a guy with super powers (a reject from ‘Heroes’) who just wanted to help. Maybe he was a time traveller trying to correct something in Hopper’s present.

    The whole brother thing was just a ploy; and he was just pretending his day was repeating uncontrollably, too. I think Jared decided to interact with Brett only when he saw Brett was close to losing hope. He gave Brett some fresh energy to see the adventure through by showing that he was not the only one going through this day.

  6. Anonymous says

    I just finished the series online… thank goodness for the internet, although without it maybe ABC would have been more inclined to air that rest of their investment on TV.

    Anyway I very much enjoyed the show but was quite disappointed that they did not bother to even hint at why or more accurately how the day was repeating… except for Jared at the end looking like he knew “something”…

  7. mcarroll says

    I think the guy at the end is Hopper’s dad. His brother Nick was white so it makes sense. Also season 2 is coming out and Chad ends up on the cast of Lost, and now his day is repeating and the plane keeps crashing, but his name changes to Desmond. Taye Diggs just took the role is the next Rocky movie as Clubber Lang, Jr.

  8. Aesha says

    I found the answer to my previous question – online they combine the pilot and “What If They Run”.

    I liked Jared. I wish he’d had more to do. And I guess Margo ended up dead.

  9. Aesha says

    My question is – and feel free to answer if you know – I’ve seen on all sources that there were 13 episodes. I saw some of them when they aired, and just caught the rest online – however, on ABC’s website, there are only 12 episodes. Did I miss something?

  10. jake says

    i think Jared would have been the sunject of series 2, there are jsut too many unanswered questions involving him, what happened to his brother? what happened at ‘the doctors’ house, nd why was he there at the end?

  11. Kelly says

    The only question I wanted answered from Episode 1 until Episode 13 was why was the day repeating? I thought the producer’s would provide us with an intriguing idea… in the end I was completely disappointed that they didn’t even bother to answer it!

  12. Nick says

    I just watched the final episode and it took me a couple of seconds to realize that Jared was the clean shaven guy at the end. I had been wondering if they would resolve his storyline, but I guess the plan was to have him in season 2.

    Having Hopper repeat another day in season 2 might be lame, so I think they planned on showing this same day from Jared’s point of view. There would be a couple of episodes where Hopper “guest stars” in Jared’s day, because they cross paths for a little while. With Jared as the star of season 2, they could solve the question of why the day was repeating in the first place.

    We now know that Jared survives the day, but I think it took him longer to get past the day than it took Hopper (because Jared was surprised that he grew a whole beard from the time his day started repeating). Season 2 might reveal that it was Jared who made the day move on and Hopper’s actions didn’t have anything to do with it. Or half way through season 2, Jared could think he solved his repeating day problem, but something backfires and he ends up sucking Hopper into his day (and that’s how Hoppers day started repeating). With the help of Hopper at the rich white mans club, Jared discovers Colburn (the main bad guy) is the one that took his brother. In the end of season 2 Jared discovers the cause of his repeating day and brings Colburn to justice after Hopper says “this ain’t over”.

    Yeah, that sounds good to me. I’m just going to pretend that that’s what happens. :) I still can’t believe ABC dropped this show so quickly. The repeating day concept sounded stupid at first (like an action packed Groundhogs Day) but I was hooked after the first couple of episodes. Taye Diggs was impressive. He really raised the level of acting on this show. Great job!

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