Moonlight: CBS Cancels Vampire Drama, No Season Two

MoonlightThough things were looking good for a second season of CBS’ vampire show, Moonlight has been cancelled. The show has loyal followers, the ratings were decent, and the series often won its timeslot. What happened?

Essentially Moonlight has been cut for a number of reasons. The rest of the network’s schedule is quite strong in the ratings and it certainly makes no sense to cancel one of the stronger series. If Moonlight were on the ratings-challenged CW, it certainly would have been renewed.

Like Jericho last season, Moonlight has a devout but small audience. Unfortunately, CBS’ decision to resurrect Jericho didn’t work out so well for them. Though many campaigned to get Jericho renewed, fewer people tuned in. CBS likely feels a bit burned by that experience and is reluctant to go down that road again.

The cancellation also stems from the fact that CBS is feeling very confident about their new batch of drama pilots. They’ve given a greenlight for four new dramas this fall and there just wasn’t any room left on the schedule for Moonlight. They know that Moonlight’s audience is unlikely to grow very much and would rather take a chance on a new show.

There’s been much upheaval behind-the-scenes and it’s been reported that the network hasn’t been impressed with the show’s creative development. The ratings were also usually lower than both its lead-in (Ghost Whisperer) and lead-out (Numb3rs).

CBS has given the okay for another season of The Unit. With the network’s full schedule, the drama will likely end up being bumped from Tuesdays and end up on Fridays in Moonlight’s old slot.

Moonlight’s series finale is set to air this Friday, May 16th. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Endaline says

    Y must u gus concile the most intresting movies like moonlight an kyle xy?y did you produce it at thd first place?please you gus should bring it back because moonlight is what we need.

  2. says

    The most likely to happen is that you won’t even take a look at my comment,however i think I should give it a try…I am from greece..In my country they firstly began to show “Moonlight” on TV about two years ago and I was always wondering why it ends up on the biggest and better moment of the plot and then it just stopped.Even if you think that stopping moonlight would make more profits to you then why don’t you consider the opposite?Even if it didn’t bring the crazy numbers you would want to..would it worth to lose,even that small number,for another serial that you are not totally convinced whether people would like it or not..Secondly you must really stop being so selfish and listen to the opinions of the audience sometimes!!After all we are the one who you make you money the more we are satisfied the more money will come to you..

    *excuse me for my misspellings but i don’t know how to speak fluent english and i would really appreciate your empathy

  3. Agnus says

    Moonlight is great. I’ve just finished watching it over again. I can’t believe that there will be no ending of the story. Why do they always have to cancel good TV shows? Moonlight, Veronica Mars, Kyle XY… It’s pointless. You shouldn’t have even made the first season if you have that kind of attitude:/

  4. Katia says

    Moonlight is the best tv series ever!!! Please bring it back…I’m addicted to it. Try to cancel something else BUT NOT MOONLIGHT. It’s so unforgettable,absorbing and witty and the actors performed amazingly!!!

  5. Maria says

    Come on !!!! Bring back the MOONLIGHT!!!!! I’m from Greece and we’re hoping to see season 2!!!! It’s the best show ever!!!!

  6. Allie says

    I cannot believe it had low ratings…. WHY would you cancel it? BRING IT BACK!!!! It will be the best decision you will ever make. There will be much more viewers do to the fact its returning. I love Moonlight always had and always will. I got the season from Best Buy for my dad for Christmas, I fall asleep every night watching it. I dream one day to find out if he ever finds out Mick is a vampire….. Also this isnt Jericho it’s Moonlight a difference and you will have must greater results with Moonlight Season 2.

  7. Agnia says

    Moonlight-excellent serial! Why is not continuation? Everywhere only good reviews and rating high! Return a serial and actors! Please! :(

  8. silvia says

    Please !Bring bach Moonlight !!!! There is a page in Facebook, the fans write the opinions about this show. The fans want a second season !!!!
    The best show !! Mo0nlight forever !!

  9. Dessi says

    Come on …..I hope now you know that cancel Moonlight was a mistake ..
    You can fix that now! That’s the best show I saw…

  10. zetok93 says

    hey come on guys youve got to be buts if your going to cancel that series its freaken cool man you got no idea what you guys are doing you got to take the second season to the TV screens please i just saw the first season cuase i bought it to see if it was interesting an man i couldnt believe what i saw to say the truth i think its my favorite series its the best ive ever seen so please CBS show your people the second season of MOONLIGHT ^_^

  11. nathalie says

    Moonlight is zo tof , waarom geen 2de siezoen ? Ze tonen nu nekeer iets da op wat trekt ,ik heb van in het begin gekeken , wat er nog ga gebeuren tussen Mick en Beth moeten we er bij fantaseren,niet tof ! MAAK AUB SIEZOEN 2

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