New Amsterdam: Is the FOX Series Cursed? As Good as Cancelled?

New AmsterdamIf you were watching FOX during the Summer months, you surely saw promos for what seemed to be one of the network’s next big Fall series. So, where did it go?

New Amsterdam tells the story NYC homicide detective John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster Waldau). Described as brilliant, reckless and mysterious, John is also secretly immortal. He was fatally injured back in 1642 but was saved by a Native American girl’s spell. While the spell saved his life, John is doomed to watch his friends and family age and die while he remains unchanged by time. He won’t become mortal again until he’s able to find his one true love. Other series regulars include Stephen Henderson, Zuleikha Robinson, and Alexie Gilmore.

On May 11th, the series was given a 13-episode commitment. Six days later, FOX announced its Fall schedule and New Amsterdam was headed for Tuesday nights at 8pm. The romantic action series had a prominent place in the network’s promotions and was scheduled to be the lead-in for House’s fourth season premiere on September 25th.

At the July press tour, it seemed that the producers didn’t have a firm grasp on the show’s creative direction. Soon afterwards, the pilot was reportedly overhauled. On August 3rd, Amsterdam’s debut was pushed back to an unspecified midseason date. Rumors are that network execs still have creative issues with the series.

Word is that production on Amsterdam has been or will be shut down soon with just seven or eight episodes completed. This means that five or six episodes of the 13-episode order haven’t been filmed — and probably never will be.

The official word is that executives want to evaluate what’s been completed thus far before moving forward. The production halt is likely due, at least in part, to the fact that FOX is overflowing with midseason series. But, considering the network’s seeming lack of enthusiasm, it looks possible that Amsterdam could be bumped again and aired as a Summer burn-off series (ala Traveler or the second season of The Loop). Will this series about an immortal get a fair chance at life? Time will tell so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. kamla says

    the truly sad part is the networks are shotting themselves in the foot by cancelling shows after one season. I have a question how long before you just stop watching anything new for fear of getting into a storyline and them pulling the rug from under you? I’m there now.

  2. Patrick and Emily says

    Why is it that most of your interesting programs are delayed or all together denied us your audience who are the one’s who put food on your tables ( so to speak?).It seems to me that you folks would rather bombard us with shows of **** and lesbians (like if we really need to mingle more in the mire)? , This particular series had interesting characters to say the least and actually left us viewing the entire sequence from week to week,(bravo). Don’t take from us what really counts and that is a story of a quest for true love.After all in this forsaken world we need love,( love is all we need? , remember?)

  3. Lancelot says

    Seems to be a regular occurrence that any shows I find to watch end up getting canceled.. It’s no wonder that the networks are having declining earnings when they
    have no idea what people like.. Fox exec.’s should be serving coffee at Starbuck’s because they sure aren’t qualified to decide network programming. This show had a lot of promise & should not have been canceled..

  4. says

    My husband and I love the show……. we are very upset to hear that this may be cancelled! We knew this would happen because unlike most other shows on tv this one is for people that have something left inside their heads! Chingado!

  5. Sherry says

    My husband and I love New Amsterdam! It’s a little different than the 3000 different CSI’s on the air and we were looking forward to seeing what direction they were going to go in (I think his true love is his captain) I liked the glimpses back into history and the twists there. When it wasn’t on the air after the strike was over we were sure Fox was just looking for the best slot… It’s a great show — what does it take to keep a great show on the air!!?

  6. Anonymous says

    I love the show,”New Amsterdam”. I keep hoping that his true love turns out to be his partner. I just have a feeling that it is.

  7. Gail says

    I like that the lead character is so vulnerable. I think that makes him even more attractive to the viewers. I also like the twists and turns of his life as progresses through the many years he has lived. We need more shows like this, one that actually have a great story.

  8. Webster City Man says

    New Amsterdam ranks right up there with House. I don’t understand why it was cancelled. Everyone I talked to that has seen the show new Amsterdam said, “They love it.” Once people see the show they immediately get hooked. They show needs to be out longer so more people can get hooked. BRING IT BACK

  9. Lee says

    This show is one of the best I have watched in a long time. The story line is excellant which always keeps your attention. There is also a little history lessonal added which is, unique and a special part of the program. This is a show that deserves to become a regular brodcast. Thisshow is a big hit so its a must to keep it running.

  10. ken says

    I love this show! It is exciting AND intelligent. It has a great premise. I came online to find out what had become of it. I sure hope it returns to the airwaves.

  11. J&S..B says

    We don’t watch much television at all. This was ONE show of all the gazillion’s to choose from that we watched faithfully or made sure our DVR recorded it…..original, witty, creative, interesting character’s and lots of chemistry….PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW!

  12. sarageneporter says

    i love new amstedam i was so into it i moved and missed like a week or two of shows then i was looking for it on monday nights and came to this website to find out what was going on i thought mabey the night got changed but to find out that the show might be cancelled i am shocked and upset i was really into the show PLEASE DO NOT CANCELL THIS SHOW.

  13. Dee says

    It’s a great show…just needs time for people to know it exists. This is a show that needs to stay on the air. Please keep the interesting shows…get rid of something else.

  14. Jim says

    I am tired of getting interested in a show, just to see it cancled. I realy was getting into Traveler and New Amsterdam and now they are cancled? This just makes me not want to watch anymore FOX programing.

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