Standoff: Cancelled? Will It Be Back?

StandoffAs serial dramas go, Standoff is one of the lucky ones. After several new series from the 2006-2007 season bit the dust, this one miraculously survived and FOX even ordered additional episodes. But now, after being M.I.A. for months, has Standoff’s luck finally run out?

Standoff debuted back on September 5, 2006 on FOX. The series focuses on an FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit whose members negotiate hostage situations and, of course, share relationships. The series stars Ron Livingston, Rosemarie DeWitt, Gina Torres, Michael Cudlitz, Raquel Alessi and Jose Pablo Cantillo.

Following an episode of popular medical drama House, the Tuesday night Standoff premiere attracted a healthy 13.7 million viewers (retaining 70% of its lead-in). Before going on hiatus for the World Series, the ratings dropped to an average of 8.4 million.

When Standoff returned on November 1st at 8pm, without the benefit of the House lead-in, Standoff really got clobbered and viewership dropped to fewer than five million people. FOX hoped this was a temporary condition and showed it’s support by upping the episode order to 19 for the season.

The ratings didn’t really improve and FOX pulled the series after December 12th. The last original episode to air attracted about the five million. FOX ran House reruns in the subsequent weeks and attracted almost two million more than what Standoff had been getting.

When the series was pulled in December, FOX had said that it would return in early 2007. It was then revealed that Standoff would return in March on Friday nights when television viewership is much lower. That date passed and FOX now says that Standoff will return in June. Will it really happen this time?

With eight original episodes already completed and paid for, it’s almost a sure thing that Standoff will actually return. Unfortunately, the series return now won’t occur until well after FOX has decided on their new Fall schedule.

FOX says that Standoff hasn’t been officially cancelled. But, based on its ratings track record and FOX’s reluctance to bring it back to the schedule, a second season looks highly unlikely. We’ll keep you posted if things change. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    Standoff is my favorite. Standoff is very talent and good actives tv show. I hate HOUSE tv Shows. Please keep to be continue Standoff in Next summer 2008. Don’t give up your job. Very good job.

    if Standoff seris or one season DVD I am sure I will buy it.

  2. Anonymous says

    my husband and i really enjoy standoff love the story line and the characters. hope to c it back next season

  3. Pat says

    I have TiVo and watch all new shows. At first did not like Standoff (don’t know why) but continued to watch and now find it one of the better shows on TV and am glad I get to see a couple more shows. Viewers are correct, when you move shows around we miss a lot, except with my TiVo’s they record them whenever they are on. I also would choose Standoff over House any day.

  4. Dave says

    “This show still has a chance to show FOX up! It’s all about the ratings right now!

    Watch it!!”

    … If you’re a Nielson’s family.

    Like it or not, no one cares what you or I watch; we’re not counted in ratings. Only those contracted with Nielson’s ratings crap can be counted, and they apparently like really crappy TV.

  5. Debbie says

    I am so excited to see new episodes of Standoff starting this Friday! It has good stories and the chemistry between the lead actors is amazing. My big hope is that it will gain a good summer audience and Fox will order more eps.

  6. Eryn says

    STANDOFF is coming back on Friday June 8th at 9pm!!!

    This show still has a chance to show FOX up! It’s all about the ratings right now!

    Watch it!!

  7. Lindsay Lohan says

    I love Stadoff alot. I beg not to cancel it. I think that is the best show that is on Fox11. I hope that it comes back for the reason that if it doesnt I will stop watching channel 11. Then you see how it feels to be canceled.

  8. Kelly says

    No wonder half these shows get axed. You start the shows, people start getting into them and then they go on hiatus for 3-4 months so something else can be viewed. Whatever happened to shows that ran from September until May. I really hate the several season premieres and season finalies that TV has these days.

  9. says

    when i watched standoff it was a great show. first because of either a basketball game or anther show which i can’t remember what it took over at that time. i really enjoyedit it was and is a great show. the stars and characters are great. please bring it back on. i use to rush to get home after work so i wouldn’t miss it. now that i am retired i have been waiting for months to have it come back on. i truly hope it does come back on and stays on. i watch house to but want to see this one too. a very sad t.v.watcher so please bring it back.

  10. says

    I am really like Standoff tv show. That is awesome program tv. I am attractive in Standoff because more active more. Please do not cancel tv show. Please Please to be contiue standoff tv show now. Thank you.

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