The New Adventures of Old Christine: CBS Sitcom May Find New Home

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The New Adventures of Old ChristineThe New Adventures of Old Christine is the first show to break the so-called “Seinfeld curse.” The Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom debuted on March 13, 2006 and found a home on CBS following extremely popular Two and a Half Men, matching or exceeding Men’s ratings. It averaged 12.5 million viewers for the season.

Christine was renewed for a second year and performed very well earlier this season in the same timeslot. Christine went on hiatus in January to make room for the debut of Rules of Engagement which performed even better in the post-Men slot. Christine returned on March 12th at 8:30pm, once The Class finished its freshman season.

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Without the benefit of the Men lead-in, Christine’s ratings have been far more modest. Its return was down 35% from its last post-Men airing in January and viewership has subsequently sunk even lower. Its March numbers have been more in line with those of How I Met Your Mother and The Class, two shows whose future is in jeopardy. All of a sudden, The New Adventures of Old Christine’s future on CBS doesn’t seem quite so secure. Well, how about another network?

In speaking about Christine’s uncertain fate, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello indicated that ratings challenged NBC is interested in picking up the series should CBS drop it. A show switching networks isn’t a common occurrence but this one would certainly make sense for the peacock network.

This possibility could actually force CBS to renew it, if for no other reason than to keep it out of the hands of the competition. We’ll likely have to wait to find out what happens. It’s likely CBS won’t announce their decision until the network upfronts in mid-May. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. L says

    This was one of the BEST comedies on TV. Julie Louise Dreyfus is adorable, and incredibly funny and amazing at what she does. I think she did the character great, and she didn’t make me want to see Elaine at all, and I was a huge Seinfeld fan (like with Jason Alexander, he will always be George to me). The show made me laugh out loud every episide, had a lovable cast, and was just good. How can they cancel it after 5 seasons, especially without a real finale (does anyone remember how they did that with Las Vegas). It’s upsetting to viewers to get attacthed to a show and characters for sex years then it end all of the sudden like that. This show was wayy better than the crap they have on now that isn’t really funny at all and all try too hard to be funny( Big Bang Theory, %^$%$ my dad says, Better with you). I am really, really dissapointed with the Network and I hope they bring it back, I love watching Julie Louise-Dreyfus act, she’s fantastic!!

  2. Paula Evans says

    I cannot believe that The New Adventures of Old Christine could be gone, but Wipe Out will be kept? Are you kidding me? Christine is one of the funniest shoes my family has ever watched. We loved the Monday night line up, and made sure we were all home, food in tow, to watch it together. Christine, Two and Half men, Rules of Engagment, and The Big Bang Theory made for one hilarious night of t.v. I can’t imagine that they would take off one of their best shows.. I’m totally stumped by this. I noticed it wasn’t on for a few weeks, so I did a search, and sure enough.GONE.. come on people at cbs. You have to see how funny it was. If it did poorly this year, it has to be that you moved it from the Monday night line up. This is depressing.. I hope they bring it back. It’s hilarious, we laugh through every single show.. this is sad….

  3. Marsha says

    How can this even be considered? No Christine? That’s one of my 3 favorite shows, and without Lost, 2.
    Same here Sheree, someone else may have the brains to pick up on this, and I’ll be going with it.

  4. Sheree says

    This is one of the funniest shows on television right now and CBS is pulling it!!! What are they thinking??? I tape every episode on my DVR so I don’t miss a thing. I’m hoping that another network picks up this gem and then I too will move from CBS to the new network!

  5. Carol says

    I just love this show. I crack up all the time. Everybody on this show is hilarious. I wish Marlon Wayons would come on the show one time. Julia and Marlon have been my favorite comedians besides Billy Crystal and Robin Williams.

  6. Help says

    Please cancel this show!!! Christine cant find a way to suck more, so she began imitating Fran Drescher, please cancel her show before it really drags everybody to Drescher’s hell.

  7. Amy says

    Please bring back Christine! I just bought the entire 1st season on dvd because I miss the show! As a single mom, trying to make it in this world, Christine is like “my girl”. She makes it “ok” to go through all the stuff we go through in life and even laugh about it. It was really great therapy for me and I’m sure all my single mom’s out there will agree!!

  8. Bonnie Foxall says

    What the heck are you doing? You have got to be kidding me! Christine was the only reason to look forward to Monday. You can put it on any night of the week and that week would be my favorite! I need the laughter. No one makes me laugh like these characters. The writers are incredibly funny and the actors all carry it out so well. You can’t be stupid enough to let this go! Can you?

  9. karin says

    soy chilena …that means i’m chilean and i cannot believe that christine is being cancelled, i watched the show in Chile and it is great, besides i need to know what will happen with her and the hot teacher!!! please bring back christine!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says

    Guess the fact that I am searching for a schedule for this show is proof enough of my interest in it…cannot believe CBS has even “considered” yanking such a great comedy. I do think Big Bang is intelligently funny, but loved Christine!

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