Worst Week: CBS Pulls Low-rated Sitcom for One Week, Good News for Gary Unmarried

Worst WeekIt’s no big surprise that CBS is considering making a change to its Monday night line-up. Though Worst Week was hailed by critics as the best new sitcom of the season (not that there’s much competition for that title), the public doesn’t agree.

Worst Week debuted on September 22nd on CBS. The quirky, single-camera sitcom follows unlucky Sam (Kyle Bornheimer) as he tries to make a good impression on the family of his pregnant fiancé. The series, a remake of a UK sitcom, also stars Erinn Hayes (The Winner), Nancy Lenehan (Grace Under Fire), and Kurtwood Smith (That ’70s Show).

The sitcom premiered in the plum spot following CBS’ most-watched sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Unfortunately, Week doesn’t seem to be a good fit. The show debuted to 10.87 million viewers and a 3.8/8 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. It was nearly tied for second place in viewers (with the second half hour of NBC’s declining Heroes) but was significantly lower in the important demographic.

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A bigger issue is that the sitcom lost a third of lead-in Men’s audience. As the weeks have progressed, Week’s ratings have improved a bit but it continues to lose over 30% from its lead-in. Last season, both The New Adventures of Old Christine and Rules of Engagement retained a bigger percentage of Men’s viewers and the network was barely satisfied with them.

Despite the network’s order for two additional Week scripts, it’s looking doubtful that Week will air throughout the November sweeps period. Next Monday’s episode of Week was scheduled to be a repeat and CBS has replaced it with a rerun of the Wednesday night comedy Gary Unmarried. The freshman Jay Mohr sitcom just had its best night to date and the Tiffany network wants to see how well it will perform in Week’s spot. Gary is similar in tone to Men and will likely retain more of its audience.

For now, Week is scheduled to return on November 3rd, a week into the sweeps month. If Gary performs well, it seems likely that the sitcom could permanently bump Week from the timeslot. Will Worst Week return to Monday nights, shift to Wednesdays, go on hiatus, or disappear altogether? Any way you look at it, the show’s future doesn’t look good. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Velma says

    Please keep “Old Christine” and “Gary Unmarried” on t.v., these are both great shows and I would not want to see either one of them cancelled. So keep these shows they are great funny shows and I really look forward to watching both of them. I TVO both of these shows each Wednesday to watch regularly. These are 2 of the best shows that CBS has on t.v. right now.

  2. Tracie says

    I’ve been wondering when I could expect this show to come back on; I’ve been checking and checking for it using the Search theme on my DVR. Finally figured I’d better check to see if it had been cancelled (much to my dismay, a lot of the programs I’ve really liked have gone down the tube) and lo and behold, I see it has been cancelled. What a HUGE disappointment to see this ! Like the other commenters, Worst Week was one of the funniest comedies to come along in a LONG time ! Unlike Gary Unmarried, which was not even funny at all. I can’t believe the network would keep that show over Worst Week. BIG mistake CBS ! I think I need to quit watching all of your programs !

  3. Udi says

    I never found a comedy I liked after Seinfeld. Yesterday by coincident I started watching “Worst Week” which I never heard about before. After watching two episodes I said to myself that is the best comedy I have seen since Seinfeld. I watched yesterday many episodes, it was amazing, I did not laugh so much for a long time. CBS has canceled the show, big mistake!!! Seinfeld was almost canceled after a few episodes and look what happened at the end!!

  4. Bonnie says

    I just loved this show. YES it was predictable, but, I can honestly say that I have not laughed at a sitcom that much since “I Love Lucy”. There were so many classic scenes…the Judges birds, the OB/GYN appt., I can go on and on. But the most important message I want to say about this show is that for the first time in a long time I was able to enjoy a GOOD.. CLEAN …FUN, No Sex, No Language show with my family.

  5. Sue says

    This is a very funny show. I think that it is so much better than Gary Unmarried. WIth all of the violent crap on TV, it is fun to watch Sam & Mel. I imaging it will be fun for the writers now that the baby is here. CBS – Leave it on!

  6. Noel says

    I love “Worst Week”, I looked forward to it every Monday night! Where else can you see someone pee on a goose and burn a picture of their father-in-law? Life is good!!! Do NOT cancel this show!!

  7. Sue says

    In response to “Nothing but repetitive drivel made for a 10 year old. How many times can you watch an guy make an idiot out of himself?”

    Exactly what most of the reality show are. Repetitive and making idiots of themselves over and over. Worst Week is funny. The reality shows are not. It would be nice to have more comedy and less drama & NO reality shows.

  8. Anonymous says

    This show is freakin’ awesome ,Sam is hilarious , He’s such a cluts. Give it chance CBC dont be ******.(joke)

  9. zimmer says

    Nothing but repetitive drivel made for a 10 year old. How many times can you watch an guy make an idiot out of himself?

  10. Joel says

    Please, please don’t cancel this! It’s incredibly hilarious and intelligent. Best sitcom I’ve watched in ages.

  11. CPrizzle90 says

    I caught it for the first time after Two and a Half Men last week. I spent the next two days watching the rest of the first season online. It is a fantastic show! I am so disappointed that it was again replaced by Gary Unmarried this week. I am really hoping that it returns next week, as it is such a hilarious, and overall awesome show. Best Comedy on TV hands down!

  12. Mike W says

    Me And My Gf Rarely Sit Down And Watch TV Together And When Worst Week Came On We Both Loved It Yea Its Kinda Dorky But We Both Love To Watch It And Have Our Time Keep It On Dont Be Like Fox And Cancel Other Good Shows

  13. gimy says

    the show borderline sucks. it’s a shame because it could be decent but there’s just something lacking. bad execution or bad lead…maybe both. Gary Unmarried should replace it and do way better. it’s funnier and it’s way more suited to be after Two and a Half than Worst Week. Worst Week reminds me of the crap American Pie sequels(after the trilogy) that had really flat punchlines and a bad cast but decent situational comedy. the situations are funny…the execution is terrible. other than 1 or 2 supporting actors(besides the dad from That 70’s Show)…there’s nobody really funny.

    at best, they should switch Gary Unmarried and put this behind Old Christine. if not then it’ll get canceled outright. Welcome to the Captain was even better(and cuter) than Worst Week…

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