2007 Cancelled Shows: ABC Cuts Some Beloved Series

George Lopez canceledABC is still doing well in the ratings so they can be picky about what they keep on their network schedule for the 2007-08 schedule. They have a lot of new shows. Here’s what won’t be returning:

Big Day – This quirky sitcom about a couple’s wedding day ran for 12 episodes, leaving one episode unaired. The ratings were low so it won’t be back.

Day Break – The Taye Diggs dramatic series was pulled after six episodes and ABC subsequently released the remaining episodes online. Diggs is committed to the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice.

Extreme Makeover – This personal makeover series ran for four season and 55 episodes. Three have gone unaired. The Ty Pennington Home Edition will return for another season.

George Lopez – The six-year-old sitcom, which often performed better than most everything else ABC could put up against American Idol, has been dropped. The series finale ran last week on May 8, 2007.

The Great American Dream Vote – The Donny Osmond-hosted reality show was pulled after two episodes. Three episodes never aired.

Help Me Help You – Ted Danson’s sitcom, about an egotistical therapist and his patients, was cancelled after nine episodes. Four episodes went unaired.

In Case of Emergency – This sitcom starred David Arquette and Jonathan Silverman and just never caught on. One of the 13 episodes was left unaired.

The Knights of Prosperity – Nine of the 13 episodes of this sitcom have aired. The network said that it would return with Ray Romano as the new target of the “knights.” There was speculation that these four episodes would be combined with a small second season order but it didn’t happen.

What About Brian canceledThe Nine – Many of the cast members have been committed to other ABC shows so it’s no shock that this series has been cancelled. ABC pulled this serial drama after just seven episodes and fans are still waiting to see the rest. The first seven are available on The Ninevia iTunes and the rest may be released online at some point.

Show Me the Money – The William Shatner game show seemed to be a success initially but its popularity declined at warp speed. Six additional episodes were ordered and then quickly cancelled. Five episodes have aired to date.

Six Degrees – The first of ABC’s serial dramas to be pulled in the 2006-2007 season, Production was completed on 13 episodes and, after a brief return on Friday nights, the network has been releasing the episodes online. It’s no surprise that it won’t be back

What About Brian – The Barry Watson series was saved last year but the network felt the ratings just didn’t warrant a third year. The last episode aired on March 26th. Watson will star opposite Christina Applegate in new sitcom Sam I Am on Monday nights.

The Jim Belushi sitcom According to Jim has not been renewed for another season but it may not be dead yet. ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson said, “We are talking to the studio to see if there’s something financially, a deal that would make sense for us.”

Returning in the fall are: America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Bachelor, Boston Legal, Brothers & Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey’s Anatomy, Men in Trees, Ugly Betty, and Wife Swap.

October Road and Notes from the Underbelly will return on Monday and Tuesday nights midseason once Dancing and Bachelor finish their fall runs (or sooner if new shows fail). Lost and Supernanny will return midseason (around January). Primetime is expected to return at some point during the season, as it did this year.

Nine series will air over the summer including Traveler, National Bingo Night, The Next Best Thing: Who is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator?, and American Inventor. Their futures have yet to be decided. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. rose says

    I loved the Show What about Brian!!!! Please biring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my favorite show :( ABC totally made a mistake cancelling this show

  2. Jodi says

    What About Brian? He’s on a new show! Just saw the spot for Samantha Who? and was shocked to see Barry Watson. Glad we’ll get to watch him in something else, but sad to see the show won’t be back. What a great show with a great cast! ABC definitely made a mistake on this one.

  3. April McCuller says

    Please bring back What about Brian that October Road and Brothers and Sisters are the best shows on TV right now.

  4. Nancy says

    Please, please, please bring back What About Brian. I could never decide if I liked it or Grey’s Anatomy better! Both great shows

  5. tc says

    That’s just like the dumbass people that work for ABC to cancel a great tv show.George Lopez was only one of the five tv shows I even watched.Now I am down to 4,and none are on abc.ABC has to bring back George Lopez,I don’t know anyone that doesn’t watch it.

  6. Kim S says

    I feel like if ANYONE would of heard or given, What about Brian ? a chance …
    They would of LOVED IT..
    It really is my FAVORITE Show.. I never wanted the season to end, and Now I want a 3rd SEASON TODAY !!
    I think the TIME SLOT hurt the show….. if it was on a different time, or more often then just Mondays….
    The Show would BOOST Ratings.
    I have a tear in my eye knowing it was removed, the show had the Greatest Love Turns……..

  7. Robert De Leon says

    I can’t believe they cancelled the George Lopez show for a show inspired by a Geico Commerical. Just when latinos finally have a good running show they cancel it for a non-hispanic version of the same theme. Like we really need to watch cavemen walk around to understand the differences in race.

  8. Becky says

    What in the world is wrong with ABC??? They finally get a couple good shows and then decide to cancel them! I love What About Brian, I can’t believe it’s being cancelled, it’s so new and was just starting! Then there’s Six Degrees and The Nine, the were so interesting and then boom….no longer on TV. There’s isn’t anything good on ABC anymore, I should just delete that channel from my TV stations!

  9. Natalie says

    I just found out What about Brian is not coming back this season and am greatly disappointed. The characters were great and everyone could relate to one of them somehow. The series was so down to earth. Every episode kept your attention and I was always anticipating the following week. What was ABC thinking???

  10. Anonymous says

    We would however like to see ABC giving George Lopez back to us please cancel the new television series CAVEMEN THEY LOST THEMSELVES BY GOING EXTREMELY TOO FAR NONE OF THEM ARE SHOWING FUN ACTING IDEAS NBC DIDN’T KNOW THEIR PROGRAMS



  11. Michele says

    I have been waiting and waiting to find out when What About Brian was coming on again, only to find out it has been cancelled! To me, this show was right up there with Grey’s Anatomy. The characters and situations were so real and people could relate to the characters.
    I think it was a well kept secret. If it had been advertised more or not been opposite Monday night football for 1/2 the season, it might have had a chance. I am extremely disappointed with ABC’s decision. I, like others am sick to death of this crappy “reality” tv that is really not reality. Bring back WAB!!!!

  12. Linda G says

    PLEASE bring back What about Brian! How can a show like that not work for you?! It had GREAT story lines, and loveable characters, as opposed to most of your other brain dead selections you decided to leave on! Are you all brain dead also? Give it another chance!!

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