Last Resort: What Did You Think of the Series Finale?

Last Resort series finaleThis evening, ABC airs the last episode of Last Resort — titled “Controlled Flight Into Terrain.” The network cancelled the Thursday night military drama after a short season of 13 episodes.

With low ratings, the writing was on the wall almost from the start. It was clear that Last Resort wouldn’t be getting a second season. Thankfully, ABC execs made their decision before the cast and crew had wrapped up filming, giving them time to change the 13th script and give fans some closure.

The cast and crew filmed the series finale in December and you can read some of their thoughts here.

If you missed the last episode, you can read about it.

Have you seen the series finale? What did you think of it? Are you satisfied that the show was given a proper ending?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. beccabruin says

    I am so sick of ABC canceling their shows that are quality and have substance!! All ABC cares about is money, money, money…come on…give the shows a chance!!! The Last Resort was unique and intriguing!! ABC sucks!!!!!!!

  2. Bets says

    I just finished watching the Last Resort, I had no idea the show was cancelled, sort of figured it out in the last 5 minutes. At least they gave a good ending.

    With that said, I’m so tired of their excuses of low ratings. They say that about every good show they cancel. All the other junk on TV and we finally get to see something with substance and it gets cancelled. Yet that stupid Bachelor show keeps on going. Goes to show the intelligence of this country. Well, some of the people.

    Not going to watch any new shows of ABC. CBS did this with a couple of shows I had liked and I don’t watch that station anymore. Back to cable TV shows for me. Bye ABC!!

  3. Shawn H says

    This is a show with some plot and Backbone. It had an intellectual plot and not some sitcom that has some washed up actor tell terrible jokes for 30 minutes. I looked forward to it every week. Seeing characters change was a great aspect that made the next week more exciting then the last. I liked having some closure, but it would have been so much better in a second season. So much room for growth, a shame to throw it away really. I feel that ABC doesn’t really care for anything other than ratings. When do you put your foot on the line and say “let’s make a quality show and stick with it.” But as of now, bachelor and bachelorette continue to proceed and show people how dumb we are as Americans to watch that crap. I’m 16 and I enjoyed this show. Sorta puts into perspective how large of an audience you can get with this type of show.

    • Scott Thompson says

      totally agree with the young persons comments i’m from Australia and have just watched the whole series and can’t believe that America the proud the undevided the strength of the world would not finish a series like this do you not want to know how your own countrymen would feel in the face of tyranny how to stand as one its no wonder you are falling from grace

      • okaaaaaaay says

        Yes, Scott, the actions of ABC execs are TOTALLY indicative of America’s “fall from grace.” :/ Because they’re the true powers that be, not the government. :/

        “Don’t ever confuse my nation with it’s [previous] ruler” Marcus Chaplin

  4. Tom says

    I hadn’t read about the show being canceled so I did not realize this was the finale finale. I was glued to this show every week because it was so good, and the characters so interesting with so much potential. It dawned on me as the last minutes occurred that the showed was dying along with the Captain and the Colorado. I appreciate the respect the writers, director and producers had in letting each character’s arc come to some meaningful and gutsy closures consistent with who they were. Class act!

  5. btate80 says

    ABC. King of cancel. About every show I get interested in that they put out, they end up canning it. Just going to give up watching ABC because they don’t have the guts to stick with a program long enough to see if it gets roots.

    • hanako says

      i feel you so hardcore! and the shows that are of far inferior quality get primed for syndication.. this has been the case with MOST of my fave over the years, even pre-2008 when shows did get a full season or 2, not 2 episodes! but at least they gave us a finale, cuz in this economy it’s more like they don’t have the money to stick with a program long enough, esp one w/ such high production costs.. :(

  6. anna says

    loved this show. sorry it had to end like other series they cancelled.i looked forward to seeing it each week. hope it comes back sometime in the near future. there is till alot of plotting left that can be done. a return trip to the island perhaps!

  7. Norma says

    Loved this show. All the shows I love get cancelled, and the ones I totally hate keep on going. Great ending, much better than Lost.

  8. Bruce says

    Wtf, I liked this program, they leave that reality crap going for years and they cancel a good adventure program. Those TV executives are on crack

  9. zzzboochie says

    Was a really good show. I enjoyed watching it and as always wish it would have lasted longer. Could have gone two years without it dragging on too long.

    Oh well, back to cable… thanks guys

  10. Lisa says

    It was nice that they got to tie things up, however, would have been better if they had tried it on another night first. Try another network, or another time slot. They could pretend it was all a dream, by Sam maybe….his getting to see his wife again and going home……..blah blah blah….

    Great show, great actors…..the only show that my husband and I would sit down and watch together.

    There’s way too many sitcoms, and reality shows out there….this was a great drama….. they could have done more with it. It reminded me of the “24” series. You just couldn’t get enough of it and came back every week for more.

  11. tvfan says

    nice they got to wrap it all up even if it was a bit disjointed in places. Only thing I wish is that they could have had someone take out the chief bad guy on the island. He deserved to die in a real a nasty way and we deserved to see it

  12. Jill Stephens says

    I am disappointed that the show has ended, but am glad that they wrapped it up as best as they could in the time that they had. I am disappointed that we don’t get to see what happens next as alot was left up in the air. I would definitely watch another season.

  13. joe says

    1 – 13 with ending :D. Super cool for a season with an ending. My favorite few years ago was a show named FLASH FOWARD. I was sad to see flash foward with no ending. A great show too. Last Resort was great show. Loved the drama and make belief plot. Thank you abc for giving an ending to last resort. You redeemed yourself, from flash foward. In giving the cast a chance to film and gave an ending. To a great show like LAST RESORT. Can wait to another one like it. I will be waiting.

  14. says

    I liked Final Resort, but I was concerned from the first that it might become one of those
    shows that would keep adding to the drama and then disappear without any conclusion.
    I am disappointed that it is gone, but I applaude them for giving it an ending. I have
    refused to watch any new tv drama that I can tell is never going to have a conclusion.

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