Life Unexpected: Is It Possible the Series Isn’t Cancelled?

Life UnexpectedCould it be that there’s still a glimmer of hope for Life Unexpected? Back in early November, The CW declined to order a full second season of the drama. That kind of decision almost always spells “cancelled.” Combined with terrible ratings, well, the writing was on the wall.

Then, a month later, Warner Bros. announced the upcoming release of the new “Life Unexpected: The Complete Series” DVD set. If the “complete series” was going to be released on April 5th then season two was obviously the end of the TV show. Plain and simple.

Now, Warner Bros. has made a change to the upcoming DVD release’s title that has given some fans hope. They’ve renamed it “Life Unexpected: The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons.” Indeed, that does seem to leave the door open just a crack that the series could return for a third season.

More likely though, some nervous studio executives didn’t want to box themselves into a corner. If something crazy happened (like the ratings taking a big leap up) and they decided to order more episodes, they’d have a real problem with “complete series” packaging already in the works. The “The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons” title doesn’t commit to the series ending or returning.

Though the network and studio aren’t willing to publicly admit the show’s demise, some key people have said that the series is truly over.

Back in early November, star Shiri Appleby wrote, “I hate to bring the bad news but our little show is coming to an end. The cast, crew, and I thank you for all your support these past two years. It’s been a little slice of heaven!”

In late November, just after Thanksgiving, the cast and crew wrapped up production. At a recent event, Appleby talked about the special connection between the people working on the show. She said, “The day we got the email that the show got canceled, we were like ‘Okay, we’re going to be done on the 23rd; Thanksgiving’s on the 25th; we’re staying!… And we stayed in Vancouver; we had our last Thanksgiving together, and then we all left the next morning to go back to L.A.. And this is what I think was amazing: we could all be going home to our families, but we’re going to finish this job out with this family and then move. This is the kind of experience I want to continue to have in my life.”

Earlier this month, series creator Liz Tigelaar was asked why the show was only given a 13 episode order for season two and she responded, “it’s called being canceled. which sucks! :)”

Tigelaar and the other writers didn’t know about the cancellation when the script for episode 213 was initially outlined. Fortunately, they were able to make some adjustments that would essentially wrap up the series. She shared, “When I walked into the writer’s room to tell them we were canceled, I said I’m crying about fake people!”

A week before Christmas, Tigelaar wrote, “Just finished watching another cut of 213. I’m so excited for you to see it. Burst into tears with Sheriff Forbes from Vampire Diaries who was watching it with me.”

The last two episodes of Life Unexpected air on January 18th.

What do you think? How would you like to see the show end? Anything that you feel must happen?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tashina Saffa says

    i dont think the show should be canceled. it is a very good series and i would continue watching it!!
    i love the series<3

  2. Really really old guy says

    Somehow the shows with black male leads, with female leads, black and white, or simply any other none-white male leads always get canceled after one or two seasons …. ok, some white female lead shows survive a bit longer, but still.
    I am amazed that the only thing that seems indestructible is cop shows and bleeeeeeh reality tv.

  3. Shula Levin says

    I am really sad and angry that the show is cancelled! It was so rare to find a real gem of a show among so much garbage on TV: excellent story, wonderful cast, very convincing performances etc. I am not young, 57 years old, and this was one of the very few shows that captivated both me and my husband, who could sit and watch it together with me and enjoy. I am hoping that enough comments and letters from the audience might reverse the decision.

  4. Alexia Armendariz says

    WTH cw!!! you keep other stupid shows but you refuse to keep real drama based shows!!! And the ending!!! omg how lame was that!!! really!! “2 years later” low blow cw lowwww

  5. Melissa Goodman says

    I am so disappointed that LU has been cancelled! It is such an entertaining intelligent real show. Very rivoting characters and story lines. Everyone can relate to the situations they all experienced. Does not say much for the powers that be in Hollywood. I feel like stopping watching new series because pretty much each time I get hooked and love one it gets cancelled. At least somewhat of a final was presented but falls short on satisfaction for such a rich inspiring show.

  6. joanne says

    Wow, once again another great show is cancelled. Why is that they will keep a drama about a bunch of dumb ass teenager with no substance, but will cancel a show that actually has substance and a real story line. The CW is really going to start losing viewers.
    Shame on you!

  7. Really really old guy says

    18-34 women demographic???

    Hey, I’m a 44 year old guy, and I really, really liked this show!!! I admit, I started to watch it cos the women are really hot, Appleby, Caulfield etc. but still I liked the drama. Especially because single guys like me always hope in the back of our minds that someday a kid might turn up like it did for Bazile, and give deeper meaning to our life.

    so what about the 35-55 single men demographic?

  8. michelle says

    I can not explain the disappointment I feel that LU is being cancelled! I taped it every week, & just got around to watching it. You can imagine the shock I felt when I found out it was cancelled. They can keep crap shows about vampires & reality t.v but not a decent show with heart & tears!!! I always say if it makes me cry or laugh its a keeper! This was definately a KEEPER! WAKE UP CW & BRING IT BACK!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Thanks for your time, michelle 44 yrs old & still loved it!

  9. Jennalynn johnson says

    In all honesty, i was very disappointed in the season/series? finale. I really wanted Cate and Ryan to be together. One thing I did like was that Lux ended up with Jones. I also didn’t care for the ‘2 years later’ piece. If this show does get renewed for a third season , which I really hope it does, I will still hope for Cate and Ryan to get back together. And if anyone finds out whether or not there will be a third season, please let me know! Thanks!

  10. Nadia says

    Terribly sad. What’s worse is that I just found the series this week and guess what I did? A marathon of every episode to catch up, then I see the series finale and the whispers of the cancellation on Facebook and I’m totally upset now.

  11. Tanya says

    I did not like the wsay this show ended. I feel as a fan that we got ripped off. I would have liked to have some more episodes to see the story lines play out. I felt the ending was just rushed. The network doesn’t care about its fans. That is very clear.

  12. Char says

    This was one of my favorite shows. I, too, was looking forward to it every week. When I watched the season finale, unlike the end of every episode, the preview for the upcoming season was not shown. I had to investigate and I found this website and confirmed that it is indeed cancelled and it saddens me. I hope they bring it back.

  13. Patty says

    I am so sad. I found this show accidentally the first time it was on. Never missed an episode, got a friend to watch who also fell in love with the whole “real life” story line. And I was in shock when the last scene of the 2011 finale was . . . “2 years later”. I was littlerally sitting with my mouth open. This is far and away one of the best shows on TV.. too bad it wasn’t carried by one of the big 3… With more exposure it just might have made it… and I am sorry, but basing it on the ratings of women 18-34 is just plain WRONG!

  14. Becky says

    Life Unexpected was my favorite show! I looked forward to it every week. It was well written and I loved the cast. I am so sorry it is done for the year and even sadder that it has been cancelled. Please bring it back.

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