Mind Games: New Christian Slater Series; Cancelled Soon?

Mind Games on ABC: canceled soon?Christian Slater hasn’t had much luck in television (his three previous attempts were all cancelled) and ABC hasn’t been able to find a hit for their Tuesdays at 10pm timeslot. Is Mind Games a change of fortune for both of them or is this new series headed for cancellation as well?

Mind Games, follows two brothers/entrepreneurs (Slater and Steve Zahn) who use psychological manipulation to solve problems and to make people’s dreams come true. The rest of the cast includes Megalyn Echikunwoke, Wynn Everett, Gregory Marcel, Cedric Sanders, and Jaime Ray Newman.

The show debuted last week to a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.58 million viewers. It was a very disappointing start and the show was in third place in its timeslot. On the positive side, it wasn’t quite as bad as the premiere of the previous timeslot occupant, Killer Women.

This week however, Mind Games dropped a staggering 39% in the demo and 33% in overall viewership to a 0.6 rating with 2.39 million. That’s lower than any of Killer Women’s episodes.

After just two weeks, the new series has the lowest viewership average of any show on the network this season — even worse than Killer Women, Betrayal, The Assets, or Lucky 7. The latter two were cancelled after two episodes and it wouldn’t surprise me if the network didn’t give Mind Games the same treatment.

ABC ordered 13 episodes of Mind Games and its unlikely that they’ll let them all air — nevermind consider ordering a second season. They could move the show to Friday night but the network is already doing far better with its existing programming. ABC has been running movies on Saturday nights and they often pull in better numbers too. Whatever they do, the future does not look bright for Mind Games.

But, what do you think? Why do you think that it’s done so poorly? Is it worth watching? Do you think it should be cancelled?

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  1. Lauren says

    I love this show!!! I hope that ABC doesn’t cancel it, they never give new shows a fair shot. And especially with the time slot they are in, they have some tough competion. I think they should move it to another day and see how it works because it is a great show and there sure isn’t anything like it on TV.

    • krystal says

      i completely agree and think that would be a great solution (as long as they advertise the time slot change well, so many shows change spots and then you don’t remember or know where they are)

  2. Tom Bombadil says

    I really like this show, I did notice the last episode had something huge for so early in the season, which lead me to believe am early ending for the series. But, it is a really good show.

  3. Michelle says

    I just watched the first 4 episodes back to back and really like the characters and the story premise. I hope they don’t cancel it, it’s interesting and something different than what’s already on TV

  4. Patrick Jane says

    I was enjoying the show until last night’s preachy episode about gun control. Mind Games is an interesting premise, but looks like it’ll be a short season. Wonder how long until they pull the plug?

  5. alice says

    I would watch it no matter where they shuffle it. It is a shame they will not air or be given a fair time slot.

  6. Jewels says

    ABC has always had a habit of pulling shows that don’t pull in the ratings straight out of the gate. There have been some good shows that had potential but needed to find legs over a couple episodes.When we the audience learn more about the characters and delve into the possibilities these shows can have then we become interested. I understand we live in a world where people live for instant gratification but give me a show where I can learn something new with each episode and have the season tell me a story.
    So I’m hoping this one doesn’t get pulled as I think Christian Slater and Steve Zahn play well off each other and there is some serious potential here for great stories!

    • Bob R says

      Ok, let’s be fair. All they need to do is calm the Zahn character down where he is not as annoying as he is now. Once he calms down, the show may have some good stories. Having the Zahn character act like a crazy, yelling Loon in the beginning tells us that he will continue that way for show after show after show and ABC made a horrendous mistake letting that happen. ABC: you can correct this. Will you?

  7. Jean says

    I really hope that it will be cancel. I have only watched it for an half an hour and I couldn’t stand Steve Zahn’s character with his craziness and the yelling. The show is not interesting enough for me. Killer Women was much better and ABC didn’t let the show get it’s viewers.They had a strong female lead character, Ranger Molly Parker , smart, confident,tough,no nonsense and caring woman. A great role model for all women of any age. Please ABC give Mind Games the ax and bring Killer Women back!!!

  8. Amy says

    I liked the show. I don’t love it as much as Person of Interest, but I still like it, and it sucks that it will most likely be cancelled.

  9. Watcher says

    It’s all because Steve Zahn has, quite possibly, the most annoying television character ever. Good riddance!

  10. Barbara says

    Who was the genius who put a new show up against Chicago Fire & Person of Interest?? What did they think would happen? Try putting it in a time slot where it won’t get hammered – AT LEAST GIVE IT A CHANCE. I love both of these guys and there are soooo many BAD SHOWS ON now – you would think they could have found a better time slot to preview this show because it’s got REAL POTENTIAL!!

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