NYC 22: Cancelled CBS Series Returning

NYC 22 on CBS canceledTo no surprise, CBS cancelled their low-rated NYC 22 series a couple months ago. Airing on Sunday nights, the new cop show averaged just a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 7.67 million total viewers. The network pulled the series in May after four episodes.

Though CBS hasn’t “un-cancelled” the show (as they did with Unforgettable), they are bringing NYC 22 back to the schedule. They’re burning off the remaining episodes on Saturday nights this summer.

The network is kicking off the show’s return with a pair of installments this Saturday, July 7th, at 8pm and will run another set on July 14th. Then on July 21st, they’ll run just one installment, coupled with a Hawaii Five-0 rerun. The Eye network may keep burning off the remaining NYC 22 episodes after that but haven’t announced their Saturday schedule that far in advance yet.

CBS ordered 13 episodes of NYC 22. They aired four of them in April and May and currently have five scheduled for the next three Saturdays. Hopefully they’ll keep airing the series so that the last four will also see the light of day.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that NYC 22 is coming back? Will you be watching on Saturday nights?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Shanadoll37 says

    I watch NYC22 online as we dont have it in the U.k and it has really grown on me. Trouble is my first thought when i saw the first couple of episodes was why make something so similar to the pretty well established Rookie Blue?! It was doomed from then really! If they hadnt picked a New York precinct (RB is the 15th!.. A few blocks along in effect!) and chose to base it in a different state it probably could have worked! But the characters were growing on me.. Big shame!

  2. chuck says

    Yeah i liked the show. Hate how channel stops airing them then move them to a different night. Plus how can you pull a show after 4 episodes have aired. I am the king of DVR & hope stuff like DVR’ing doesn’t hurt its numbers. Heck i hate commercial thats why i love DVR & On-Demand but the On-Demand is almost out-of-demand! Only reason i watched it like it says watch anytime commercialfree. Shouldve known it was to good to be true! Guess networks are getting pressured for not advertising like promised! Some stations when you start watching something even says the fast forward & rewind portions dont work it should basically say if you want to watch you have wo watch commercials to!

  3. Don says

    Leave NYC 22 on. We need more interesting tv shows, enough of the reality junk. If
    you would give some of these shows a chance, your channel would have better
    viewing ratings. If you would run it just before Rookie Blue, you could control
    the TV that night……..

  4. says

    You’ve got to be kidding us. NYC22 is a great show with people you can actually relate to and feel what they’re feeling. Of course, who “shives a git” at the network. If it doesn’t win a huge audience in the first 3 or 4 weeks, it’s history. Money grubbing at its worst.

  5. Nam says

    We don’t get down under but saw it at a friends place with cable, it is FANTASTIC soo unique, soo stupid how shows are canceled because companies tell them people don’t watch it, even though they do, the same case with TRAUMA

  6. karon tipton says

    I love this show!!! I was upset when it didn’t come back on after a few episodes. I am glad to be watching it again. Never a dull moment with the rookie cops in Harlem.

  7. Fran says

    Canceling was a huge mistake. I just discovered this show on Saturday nights ( and I’m sure I am not alone in this). I love it. Can’t believe the junk that stays on TV and a show of this quality, which clearly wasn’t promoted the first time around, is off the air in a few weeks.

  8. kay says

    Ditto: extremely disappointed that NYC22 is cancelled. good show with diverse cast and stories with multiple perspectives. one of few worth keeping.

  9. rich says

    Airing the shows on Saturday night was a brilliant move…surprising since it was made by a network which doesn’t make decisions based on intelligent forethought. It is a good show that could only get better but once they cancelled it the crew (writers especially) did what they always do in those instances…they started looking around for the next gig and put in the absolute minimum of work and attention to detail the show needed to improve…after all, why waste good creative juices on something no one cares about and even less people will see your work…or so the thinking goes…the problem with that (and many, if not most, of those writing for TV – especially network TV – today, is that in reality, the creative juices flow better and more abundantly the more you use them…I guess that’s why there are so few really good writers working in TV…because their idea of paying dues and developing a craft are based on watching re-runs of TV shows primarily. Best of luck to the cast. Had they been given time and the support they needed they might have been able to develop characters that go way beyond the surface depicts only and got to the real meat of the people they were supposed to be portraying…

  10. says

    Put a new series on a Sunday with no publicity and it’s going to fail.
    NCIS might not be around if it got the same treatment. NYC22 is a good cop
    show that goes beyond the bare minimum story wise . How’s the ratings on Saturday nights? I hope they air the rest of the episodes since they hooked me in.

  11. says

    Very glad the episodes continued during the summer but am now even more disappointed NYC 22 was cancelled. Outstanding ensemble cast, great writing and story lines. CBS makes another huge programming mistake. Many viewers want quality series, not worthless reality shows. CBS should be smarter than this. Bring back this excellent show and stop the practice of cancelling shows before they’re even given a chance.

  12. Barbara Bergmann says

    extremely disappointed that NYC22 is cancelled. good show with diverse cast and stories with multiple perspectives.

  13. Herman says

    Great show but everything in Hollywood is based on money give it a chance on a weekday night in a good time slot and you have a winner as I previously stated it’s all about the money the guys on top really don’t care about the viewers

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