Partners: New CBS Sitcom; Cancel or Keep It?

CBS Partners TV series cancel or keep?Last week, CBS’ Partners debuted to some disappointing ratings. The network has cancelled numerous sitcoms in the past couple years — half-hour comedies that just didn’t measure up. Will Partners be dropped too? Would you cancel or keep it?

Partners follows a pair of best friends and business partners. Their relationship starts to change when one of them becomes engaged to be married. The sitcom cast includes Michael Urie, David Krumholtz, Sophia Bush, Brandon Routh, and Tracy Vilar.

The sitcom debuted with a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.56 million total viewers. Those numbers look okay if you’re NBC but they’re quite low by CBS standards — and really low when compared to the network’s other sitcoms.

Should Partners be cancelled?

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Of CBS’ current six sitcoms, Partners’ ratings are 23% below Mike & Molly’s, the next lowest performer.

Last week, lead-in How I Met Your Mother brought in a 3.6 demo rating and its lead-out, 2 Broke Girls, drew a 3.7 rating. Clearly, a large segment of the demo actively avoided Partners.

Partners TV show supportThe network could easily replace Partners with their usual utility player, Rules of Engagement. That sitcom has a track record of performing better in that same timeslot.

While CBS hasn’t said that they intend to move or cancel Partners yet, the show is clearly in major trouble after just one week and can use all of the viewer support it can get.

But what do you think? Do you like the Partners TV series? Do you think that it should be cancelled or renewed? Do you think the network should move it to another night?

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  1. Ashley says

    I really like this show! The first episode was a little blah but each week it keeps getting better and better! If given the chance, this show could really make it! I told my girlfriends it could easily be the new aged will and grace. I hope it doesn’t get cut to soon!

  2. Justin says

    The first episode didn’t get my attention at all. like most says, i too am a fan of Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh. The second episode kept me entertained. so, i Will continue watching.

  3. Steve says

    I gave Partners a chance last week, and I must say… i was not entertained by it, which is odd because I am in love with Sophia Bush, and David Krumholtz has been amazing to me since Numb3rs and Harold and Kumar…. but this show is just not good. I would rather have New Love or what ever the show was with Jason Biggs and Sarah Chalke… definitely looking forward to Rules of Engagement coming back on so thank you for that Partners.

  4. Keith says

    This show is great, but because people have an “issue” with certain characters on the show. People are complaining about this just like ‘The New Normal’. It’s 2012 people need to get over TV shows having Gay characters. I mean, really who cares anymore?. Episode 2 was way better than the first. But because the numbers are terrible it unfortunately will not make it.

  5. matt says

    I thought the 2nd episode was better than the first so I’m going to continue giving this show a chance for a few more weeks. Besides love Sophia Bush!

  6. Why Watch says

    I gave this show a chance, but it doesn’t keep my attention, nor do I find it that funny. So no more partnering with this show.

  7. Claudia Balboa says

    I love these characters, the show makes me laugh so much, I love it! And yes, the second episode was so much better than the pilot. Great cast and great chemistry, please Don’t end it so soon! :(

  8. says

    the show is funny the pilot was a little will and graceish but last night episode was funny i caught myself laughing out loud a few times so i hope cbs would give it a chance !!!

  9. Maxine says

    I thought the first episode was off to a slow start but last night’s episode was funnier, showing the potential I hoped for in this line up. The interaction between the two guys is great and David Krumholtz and Brandon Routh had some good timing too. Not sure I’m crazy about Sophia yet but we’ll see…all in all I think it for sure deserves a shot, at least a season to get it going. I started caring about the characters last night, and I think others will too!

  10. Dan says

    I’ve tried watching the 1st and 2nd show. I’d Tivoed it from last night. The 2nd show was as bad as the first. That horrible laugh track trying to make something not funny seem funny.

    Before anyone says anything, I’m gay. I hoped it would be funny like Will and Grace, except with 2 guys. I found myself this morning doing other things after the first 5 minutes. I continued to listen, but found myself walking to the kitchen without pausing….and I didn’t miss anything. Now last night 2 Broke Girls was hilarious, as was Mike and Molly. This is just a show that is not funny. I gave it an hour of my time, but now it’s off my Tivo schedule. I HOPE CBS starts Rules of Engagement early and replaces Partners with Rules. Then I’ll watch at 7:30 again. Sorry….I gave it a try, but it’s just embarrassing to gay people.

  11. Christina Bailey says

    This show is the funniest show I’ve seen in years. I think people aren’t giving this show a chance because of its premise. I almost avoided watching it because it didn’t sound interesting, but I watched the CBS Fall Preview show and the promo they showed made me laugh so I tuned in. This show is hilarious and it keeps getting better. The lead actors have great chemistry and the writing is terrific. If CBS cancels it just because it doesn’t have the numbers right out the gate, then they aren’t the savy network everyone touts them to be. Sometime the best shows take awhile to catch on and I for one am tired of networks cancelling great shows without even giving them an actual real chance. It won’t hurt CBS to run the for a month or so, I mean lets be real, not another network has as many hit shows as CBS does. One of the reasons why they are the top network is because they give shows a realistic run and they have great taste in picking Pilots, Partners is no exception. CBS could have another hit on their hands, the only show that was this when it first premired was the Big Bang Theory and if I remember correctly it took more then 2 episodes for them to get great numbers. So for once instead of cancelling a show, give it a season to shine and if it deoesn’t pick up viewers don’t bring it back next year.

  12. Craig says

    I am one of the active avoiders. I watched HIMYM, then went to Tivo and watched something I had saved until 2 Broke Girls came on. Partners doesn’t make any sense for a powerhouse like CBS. They should have the pick of the new sitcoms, and they shouldn’t have to take a lousy show like this. I don’t know why they didn’t learn from Stuff Your Dad Says last year.

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