The Borgias: To End with a Movie, Not Season Four?

The Borgias ending?According to Deadline, things aren’t looking too good for Showtime’s The Borgias. It’s being reported that the historical drama may not get a fourth season and instead finish off the ongoing storylines with a movie.

A final decision about the show’s future isn’t likely to be be made until season three finishes airing. Though The Borgas is a beautiful series and boasts talented performers, it’s not a ratings hit. The initial airings of season three episodes have been averaging just 570,000 viewers — on par with season two.

As reported earlier, series creator Neil Jordan has said that he envisioned The Borgias running for four years. However, while promoting season three, Jordan told the British press, “I would like to finish it with a two-hour movie… Another 10 episodes is kind of exhausting. I’ve mapped out a movie, which, if [the Showtime executives] agree, will shoot in June with the same cast, and finally the Pope will die horribly.”

Four episodes of season three have aired so far, leaving six left to go. The finale is expected to run on June 16th.

What do you think? Would you rather have a fourth (and final) season or a movie to end the show? Is the series still compelling television?

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  1. Tana Thompson says

    I love the Borgias. Would love to see a full fourth season. I too wish it wasn’t on the same night as Game of Thrones. I always have to watch one and tape the other but I love them both.

  2. says

    I love the Borgias, it is an excellent film/movie. The actors are wonderfully beauifull and talent. The scenery, art work, photo is magificant. I don’t know why they are cancelling it. I think they should have another season instead of the hour longer episode. I’m always looking forward to Sunday evening just so I can see my favorite movie.

  3. Charlie Fischer says

    The only reason the show isn’t getting great viewership is because it airs on the same night as Game of Thrones (GoT)….most people will watch GoT because its another period piece with more to offer than The Borgias (TB). TB however is an amazing series that would do amazingly well if it aired during the Summer which place it as the only lavish custom drama, aside from Starz’ smaller budget Magic City which is a period piece but definitely not on the scale of The Borigas. The fact that it hang been a critical or commercial success has upset Neil Jordan and now he wants to pull out with a movie…..What a cop out! At the very least they owe it to us to have a half season. He doesn’t deserve to produce such a great story if he allows, what in the long run will be recognized as; a great series, a great production, a great cast, and great acting to all be curtailed because of his bruised ego. The viewers and subscribers of Shotime deserve to have the production played out to its rightful complete 4th season conclusion as was envisioned from the beginning and not some rush-job two hour movie!

  4. Susan Patterson says

    I love the show. All there is on TV anymore are these reality shows and I can’t stand them. I love to be able to count on a show and the characters each week and I just love the characters of this show. I don’t want to see it end.

  5. Carmine says

    This show is amazing… Hands down. In the same realm of Deadwood Spartacus Sopranos Rome and Boardwalk. Please let the final season play out… This show will have a legacy that’ll last a lot longer than tmz’s ratings…
    Ps. I miss Juan

  6. Fay says

    This is the most epic series i have ever watch. All the similar series got season 4, in Showtime, there is no precedence in leaving a show without finale at all. Tudors got S4 with much lower ratings, and the Borgias are a much better production in any level.I trully believe that Showtime and Niel Jordan will RESPECT THEIR VIEWERS alongside the globe. PLEASE RESPECT YOUR AUDIENCE AND YOUR WORK. RENIEW THE SHOW.

  7. Dana says

    This a great series and deserves a forth season. If there is a problem with rating it is that The Borgias compete with the Sunday primetime mega-hit Game of Thrones. Without Game of Thrones . The Borgias would have owned Sunday.

  8. Amelia says

    I agree with Sem 100%! This show is beautiful and smart and deserves to run a full 4th season. We need to know the depth of Cesare’s story and know its end.

  9. Lucrezya says

    Please I would like to see the end of the series I like waiting for every episode and being surprised.

  10. Sem says

    The ratings went up for the last 2 episodes. I really hope this encourages Showtime to make a season 4. The only way they can end it with 2 hours is if they end it with the pope’s death, and that would be lame, because the show’s true star is Cesare. THAT’S the story we need to see. Not seeing it would be leaving the story incomplete. If they really want to show something tragic and compelling and Shakespearean, follow Cesare’s story to the end.

    Also Deadline is just repeating something Neil might have said before Season 3 even started. This is not new news, and other people involved with the show have expressed hope that there will still be a season 4.

    So, if like me, you love this fantastic show, keep the ratings up by watching.

  11. jj goode says

    I’ll be pretty bummed if it doesn’t come back for a fourth season. The Borgias is an awesome series, and I work at DISH with friends who love it, too. I’m even saving all of this third season to my DISH Hopper, because the episodes offer more than enough action to warrant re-watching. And my Hopper can record up to 2,000 hours of entertainment, so full seasons don’t prevent me from saving anything else that I want to.

  12. Cel says

    Shame about season 4 being unlikely, things were really starting to get interesting with this season (3)…but I’d rather the creators and those involved with the show, pour their soul into a 2 hour movie than create a lackluster season 4. Creatively speaking, I understand.

  13. Why Watch says

    The reason ratings are going down could be that fewer people are subscribing to this service’s like Showtime. Way too expensive for what it is worth.

    • says

      True i rather have 7 more hours of greatness this show caught my eye when i heard it was about the pope and the renaissance of Italy it incorporates everything from war to family and power and the person that play the pope is the best actor i seen in this series i like to see him 7 more hours than 2 hour movie maybe do a two hour movie of how cesera try to take back his power idk but i like that.

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