The Knights of Prosperity: ABC Sitcom Already Cancelled?

The Knights of ProsperityLast week, in an attempt to do damage control from the effects of the ratings juggernaut known as American Idol, ABC reshuffled its Wednesday night sitcom schedule. But will that move be enough to save newbie sitcom The Knights of Prosperity? Probably not. It looks like the show’s fate may already be decided.

The Knights of Prosperity debuted on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 on ABC. The sitcom follows a gang of misfits (the “Knights”) who come up with the idea to burgle rock-legend Mick Jagger’s luxury apartment. The show was initially going to be called Let’s Rob Jeff Goldblum but was changed to Let’s Rob Mick Jagger when Goldblum’s Raines pilot for NBC was picked up. That titled was changed to Knights of Prosperity, perhaps at the request of Jagger who appeared in the premiere episode. The series features actors Donal Logue, Sofia Vergara, Lenny Venito, Maz Jobrani, Kevin Michael Richardson and Josh Grisetti.

Up against the ratings hog Sugar Bowl, the debut of The Knights of Prosperity garnered a 4.4 rating (less than five million households). The next week, up against regular competition, Knights attracted 3.5 million households. Then, once American Idol hit, things got really bad. The latest episode of Knights dropped once again with just over 2.5 million households.

In moving the sitcom from 9pm to 8:30pm it seems that ABC has some faith in Knights of Prosperity and is trying to save it. Still, it looks like the sitcom’s fate may already sealed. One source has reported that ABC has told the Knights writing staff that they won’t be ordering additional episodes beyond the initial 13-episode order (like the “back nine” episodes to fill out a full season). There’s no word of Knights being pulled from the primetime schedule but this does mean that the show is essentially finished.

No word on the fate of sister sitcom In Case of Emergency. It’s been getting equally poor ratings but is still stuck fending for itself it the sitcom’s regular timeslot. Up against Idol? Talk about an emergency…stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Miguel says

    I watche the Knights of Prosperity and I hope they swith it on Fridays or that stupid Simon try to talk crap about other people I wish he tlaks crap about Arab Anericans or Korean Americans for that thing for sure I hope Idol will stunk the food chain because they suck.

    And Simon throe out the true talnters that are the American Idol rejects and some rejects out performed those so called AI winners.

  2. Chester says

    Dumb television (AMERICAN IDOL) will always beat out intelligent television (KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY). People today fall so called “unscripted” pretentious nonsence that is disguised as a “reality” show.
    Programs like AMERICAN IDOL insults peoples intelligence when they do those stupid audition shows. Either that or their screening process is a joke. Finally when the do the actual competition, is it necessary to have Simon, Randy, and drunk girl in the show? Doesn’t America vote?
    It is a complete joke that fake reality beats out real comedy.

  3. jill says

    the nights of prosperity is a hilarious show, i caught the first episode on a plane ride home and i have been hooked ever since. It didn’t catch on as well as it should have, because i do not know anyone who watches it, but my family and i love it. Watch it and bring it back to life :(

  4. Nida says

    The KNIGHTS should not be cancelled. It might have not gotten a good start but if people gave it a chance they would appreciate the new story line.

  5. mel says

    I seriously cannot believe that they would cancel it. They keep According to Jim but cancel one of the funniest shows I’ve see in a while. I completely agree with the comment that it should’ve been on FOX instead of ABC. Another good show bites the dust :(

  6. Malika P. says

    I think American Idol should be pulled instead of the kings of entertainment The Knights Of Prosperity. I love this show especially the last one where they plan to rob Ray Ramano. My boyfriend likes this show and dose’t want it to end.

  7. Frank Schmoltz says

    KoP may be cancelled? Good grief…it’s actually funny! Then again, what do I know? Wife Swap & so many other popular shows will NEVER air on my television. What does ABC want…to copy another lame @ss non-funny regurgitated so-called
    “comedy” like Friends? PUUUuuhhlease!
    PS-Is George Lopez a comedy? I still can’t figure that one out.

  8. Gary says

    Knights of Prosperity is the only sitcom I’ve been able to watch recently. Everything else seems to repeat the same, old, stale jokes and formulas. According to Jim is still on????????? How many sticoms have had that same story line? Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Improvement, Still Standing, Yes Dear, King of Queens, etc.

    Bring backs Knights of Prosperity!

  9. username says

    I could never waste my time watching Idol.

    I’m sure that somebody, somewhere, has done a study on how much, in dollars, companies everywhere are losing daily, due to office chitchat about Idol. I watched it once, on a bet.

    It killed one of my favorite shows,”Ed”.

    And now, Oops, It Did It Again.

    The creators of Knights are the same two guys who created “Ed”.

    One of them is Letterman’s producer, Rob Burnett.

    Even worse and true to the curse, star of “Ed”, Tom Cavanaugh, had another great show, “Love Monkey”, that got canned faster than ham.

    America loves mediocrity.

    I feel shame.

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