The O’Reilly Factor

The O'Reilly FactorNetwork: Fox News Channel
Episodes: Ongoing (hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: October 7, 1998 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Bill O’Reilly, Dick Morris, Megyn Kelly, Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Mary Katharine Ham, Newt Gingrich, Bernard Goldberg, Jane Hall, Lis Wiehl, Greta Van Susteren, Tonya Reiman, Andrew P. Napolitano, Karl Rove, Margaret Hoover, John Kasich, and Tony Snow.

the o'reilly factor past TV show

TV show description:
Commentator Bill O’Reilly hosts this one-hour news talk-show.

This pre-recorded show that airs on weeknights is broken down into named segments: The “Talking Points Memo” segment discusses a current event while “Top Story” focuses on the most significant story of the day. “Impact” features a story about a crime or legal proceeding or the war and “Unresolved Problem” is usually a story in the media that O’Reilly feels isn’t getting enough attention.

“Personal Story” features a guest discussing a major event they were either part of or researched for a news program. “Factor Follow-Up” looks back at a previous story featured on the show and updates the audience on what has happened since it aired. “Back of the Book” is one of the final segments in which O’Reilly discusses any number of topics that weren’t featured earlier in the show.

“Pinheads and Patriots” highlights one person working toward the good of the United States and another who O’Reilly feels is working against the nation. And in “Factor Mail,” O’Reilly reads his e-mails from viewers.

O’Reilly’s guests tend to be from opposite viewpoints, politically and socially, and the host often gets into heated discussions to give his opinion on issues or events affecting the American public.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. DONNY D. says


  2. Denise Butler- Harlingten says

    Good Evening Bill: Without prejudice
    I watch your shows on a regular basis and find myself infuriated when listening to some of your guest and their ridiculous ramblings about the problems we face with muslim fanatics. Some of these guests haven’t got a clue about the reality of the situation, this dreadful mess our so called leaders have got us into.Why does President Obama not want to make the right moves, why? could he be muslim? One of your guests Peter Ralph has got it right, as does president Si Si of Egypt. Let common sense povale, wake up and smell the coffee citizens of the world. I’m British and think you would make a good leader Bill, what say you? Denise
    I’m British and think the world need leaders like you Bill, what say you?

  3. Jennifer says

    Great show. Sometimes he cuts people off but he sure gets to the root of the matter! #1 cable news program for years…he has to be doing something right!

    • Jim says

      @Jenifer What so great bout it? Is it the way Bill is rude and stupid? Maybe its the fact that he just tells lies and call them facts, is that it?

  4. says

    Hi there Bill, you goodlooking aging boomer.I can’t believe someones has not pointed out to you that your inhaling loudly makes me think”gas bag” I wondered if you got a new microphone that I could hear you inhaling air sooo loudly. Than I did notice this is becoming more and more.Next one is Phil? anchor for CBS he has a suckin in the air too loud.Maybe your could listen to yourself and hear what I hear.That night when I first heard it I listen to Jaun Wm. and THe Holy mary gal..But nope no gas bag sound from them. Rush either as bombastic as he is there is no irriting sound from him.So than,I have to turn you off and Don’t want to but have to because the noise is annoying. Get rid of the snake James C.I was floored when I saw him on your show. He make the my hair stand on end.I will not forgive his impertinence during the Clinton affair..That is one of my favorite words as is Instantaneous .. You would have made a good NY cop or a FBI agent. Glad you got rid of the body behavior expert.Also the horrible Harvard professor my he had a huge nose.But he disliked you thought he would nail you with his knowledge.He didn’t. Why did you get rid of him. I mean what do you say to these arrogant former media men.So thrilled Stossel and my first polical teacher by columns the wonderful GEo. WIlls. Why did he jump boats..yeah I know “Ask him” cherrio.

  5. says

    mr, O`Reilly I love to talk to you about eventhing because when talk you make no sense !! let me ask you this do you think you can be under Ravel well i can do it in kind way!!!! so lest see if you have it right!!! moses

  6. David says

    ^^ This guy is clueless. This show is probably the most bias, agenda pushing, political show that has ever existed. The only host more ridiculous that B. O. is Glenn Beck.


  7. Duane says

    Good show-inforative and entertaining. Give both sides of a story. You make up your mind. No, I’m not a Rep/Dem. but a Moderate.Libtn. Just don’t like it when Laura I. takes over. Too much interruptions. Ok as guest.

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