2007 Cancelled Shows: CBS Cancels Several Series

The Class has been canceledThe network’s still doing well so CBS is playing it safe once again this fall. The Tiffany network is introducing very few new shows this year and sticking with most of the old favorites. Here’s what won’t be back for the 2007-08 season:

Armed & Famous – The short-lived celebrity cop show was pulled from the air back in January. All existing episodes have been aired on VH1 or CBS and there won’t be any more.

The Class – This show was devoutly loved by its fans but they were too few in number. CBS is committed to one night of comedy which means four sitcom slots. CBS chose to try one new series and renew four others with higher ratings than The Class

Close to Home – This crime drama has been rumored to be in trouble for months and, unfortunately, the rumors were true. The final episode (#44) aired last Friday.

Jericho – The Skeet Ulrich drama about a small town following a nuclear disaster started off strong but lost viewers when it returned from hiatus. The series finale aired on May 9th, 2007. JerichoEpisodes are available via iTunes and from Amazon.com.

The King of Queens – The Kevin James sitcom ended its run on Monday night after nine seasons and 207 episodes. Over 13 million watched.

The cast of Jericho canceledSmith – The Ray Liotta series was the first to go after airing just three episodes. SmithAll seven episodes are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

3 lbs – The Stanley Tucci medical drama replaced Smith and lasted just three episodes. Tucci has been cast in a regular role on NBC’s ER however. All eight episodes are available via Amazon.com

Waterfront – Remember this one? The drama starring Joe Pantoliano as a colorful mayor in Providence, R.I.? Five episodes were completed but it was canned before even one episode aired. Talk about a fast cancellation…

Returning series are: Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, Numb3rs, Rules of Engagement, Shark, 60 Minutes, Survivor, Two and a Half Men, The Unit and Without a Trace.

The Amazing Race and The New Adventures of Old Christine will return midseason (January) or earlier. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Episode Downloads
The Class || JerichoJericho on iTunes, Amazon || SmithSmith on iTunes, Amazon || 3lbs.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Brian D. Sylvia says

    Finaly a program comes on that both made sence and also well written. . . what happens. . . canceled. The excuse given as flows. . . due to low viewing upon return from hyatis. . . well its the responcability that is “THEIRS” not ours we simply watch. . . someone should be “FIRED” because its “YOUR” falt not ours. . . FIX IT!.

  2. tina says

    I can’t believe The Class was cancelled. I have been waiting all summer for the second season to start only to find out it was cancelled. I’m so glad I kept all of the episodes( from the pilot-on) on my DVR. At least I can watch one season any time I want. It’s a shame a show like that wasn’t given the opportunity to grow its ratings and yet there are so many shows that are not worth watching that continue on for years. CBS really blew it this time. This was your chance to have the success likened to Friends. Bring the show back!!!!!

  3. Maggie East says

    What really happened with Close to Home – – was it simply not sexy or dirty enough for the big wigs at CBS. There are still a lot of people around who enjoy a show for the story or the stars, and they don’t need to be half dressed, or hopping from bed to bed with co stars. Between the game shows and the “realty” shows, there really isn’t much left for people to watch. Good thing those remote controls last a long time!!!!!

  4. Ranata says

    Just found out today, Jericho has been cancelled!What a shock i watched every show and i find out today Oct.4th,2007 show is cancelled omg i think all you execs. at CBS should really sit down and seriously talk about putting Jericho back on the air. T^heir are too many fans out there very disappointed in cbs cancelling Jericho. I’m sure if you put it back on the air you people at cbs would be very pleased with the ratings.All i ask is that you have a meeting and reconsider putting Jericho back on the air

  5. karen says

    why take amazing race off my husband and i love that show please don’t take off please don’t .it’s educational 2 we look foward to watching it every year.if you take off you will lose viewers.thanks

  6. Sheryl says

    I can’t believe you aren’t bringing back Jericho! What a shame that all we have to pick from are all those stupid reality shows. Mature audiences do not care about the Bachelor, Bachloretts and whatever other crap they come up with. At least Jericho had a storyline to it.

  7. Larry Kitchens says

    You people at CBS need to get your heads out of your ass!!Just realize that the fans are the ones that make you or break you!! cancelling The Class is like the biggist bonehead mistake you could have ever made!!
    The line up was perfect with the exception of old Christine!
    The Class has a wonderful cast and it’s premise made you think about classmates from grade school (something everybody thinks about at some point)The Comedy was spot on and the characters were great!!
    If you have one brain cell left in your head you will bring back The Class

  8. Dawn says

    I was disappointed that you are getting rid of Close to home and Jericho. These are two of my favorite shows along with Ghost Whisperer. I am so sick of the reality TV that I don’t even watch Survivor anymore. Bring back real TV and put Jericho and Close to Home back on.

  9. Yvonne says

    I agree with Laura. “The Big Bang Bore” is more like it. CBS replaces “The Class” with a lame show. I tried to watch it, but couldn’t take very much. (CLICK) How many times are writers going to use this plot? You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. What happened to originality people? Come On! Bring back “The Class”. Please!!

  10. Laura says

    I was very upset to see that they cancelled The Class. I thought it was much better than the new comedy (I use that term loosely) they have in it’s place; two guys, a girl and what a bore.

  11. Caroline says

    The Class was one of my favorite shows, I’m so mad that CBS cancelled it. It’s much funnier than some of the other ones they chose to keep, I hate when they do things like this, it makes me not want to watch this network anymore.

  12. Luisana says

    I can’t believe they cancelled the class!!! is such a good show as good as friends it was good from the start it was great! I don’t think it was such a smart move on CBS part

  13. Nadine says

    Can’t believe that The Class has been canceled. I thought that would surely be coming back. I know so many people that will be very disappointed…. myself included. Bad call CBS. Bad call on George Lopez too.
    How can you tell by the ratings what shows are popular anyways…. everyone tivos! Not sure who’s making the calls at CBS but they’re the ones that need to go!!!! With what’s left… it surely is C-BS.

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