Commander in Chief: Geena Davis President Will Return

Commander in Chief will returnAs you may know, Commander in Chief starred Geena Davis as female President Mackenzie Allen. The series started off strong in the ratings but was then plagued by production issues which resulted in declining viewership.

Soonafter ABC announced the cancellation of the struggling freshman series, word came out that Chief and the show’s characters may return in the form of a made-for-tv movie. ABC chief Steve McPherson was reportedly in talks with seriescreator Rod Lurie and hoped that a decision would be reached over the summer. Well, it looks like we won’t have to wait that long.

In an appearance last night on ABC’s late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest Geena Davis announced that there would indeed be a two-hour movie. She didn’t offer any further details but fans of the White House drama are elated.

The actress was on the show promoting the upcoming Commander in Chief season one release on DVD. Davis joked that she refused to step down out of office, has been storing the White House sets in her garage and has been filming scenes for Chief just in case. Who says that politics can’t be funny? TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. sue says

    ABC…Have you gone bonkers??? finally got a another winner and you cancel? Hopefully a 2 hr movie is in the works or more and all of America can actually have some real entertaining to look forward to after a hard days’s work. Come on ABC…do the right thing!!

  2. Adam Smrt says

    I’m from the UK and started watching it when it came out over here. I was admitted to hospitsal (with appendicitis like President Allen), on the 3rd week and missed it! As with real politics, if you miss one week, you miss a lifetime!! However, after buying an ipod, I have downloaded every episode and its AMAZING! I am so interested in politics and love the series – why aren’t there anymore??

    I am now sending a letter to Touchstone Television HQ to ask and pleasd for the series to be put on for another series!!! I’d love it. I urge people that see this to do the same or similar!


  3. Kimberly says

    I guess I was busy with the birth of my second child at the time of the release of this new series. I don’t remember hearing anything about it at the time. However, I do remember hearing about Gena Davis’s Golden Globe Award, but did not know for what at the time. I recently watched the series on DVD and was spell-bound and excited with every episode. I WANT more . . . please!!!!! It cannot just end like that. I hope that the producers of the series see this and all the other extremely positive comments about this show . . . and BRING IT BACK!

  4. Anna says

    I can’t believe this show was cancelled and also that they would not make a made for tv movie about it … I just downloaded the whole season on ITunes and keep watching it and watching again Bring it back ” A VIEWER”

  5. Lucy says

    This was a fabulous series and I can still hardly believe it was canceled. What the hell ws ABC smoking? I can remember being so frustrated when trying to tune in. It was on — then off — then moved — then off. ABC confused the viewers and sometimes I wonder if that was intentional.

  6. says

    I was stunned to learn ABC pulled Commander-in-Chief off the air. I haven’t had a TV in two years, but I purchased Season 1 on iTunes last week. So it didn’t have enough ratings to stay on air for even one more season, BUT SOMEONE IS MAKING A CIC MOVIE? That logic doesn’t add up to me. The best I can surmise is that this program threatened to inspire people to believe in the political process once again! Do I smell cronyism?!

  7. Andrea says

    you would think with as many of us that like it and have commented that they would bring it back…I loved it and it was the only show I made sure I was in the house to watch each week….bummer….

  8. mel c says

    From Australia …..I loved this show and so do a lot of my friends and family why do producers pull shows just because it doesn’t rate high for one week Please bring the show back or at least sell it to another TV channel who will listen to its viewers about what they want to watch instead of assuming they want to watch crap reality or island shows.;

  9. Rich says

    If ABC will not bring back Commander in Chief with Geena Davis as star; I will have to watch the real deal with Hillary after 21 Jan 2009.

  10. Colin Slamon says

    How do you get a major network to sit up and listen? I fear this will fall on deaf ears, but here goes.

    I have been gripped by the series Commander in Chief. The impressive cast has more screen presence than I would have thought possible for a network series. As I live in England, This show was only recently available from the iTunes library. I now only have two more episodes to go and that will be that.

    Such a shame class gets thrown away by the obsession for reality show viewing figures. Perhaps your sponsors should realise people with an interest in drama of such high standard tend to belong to a demographic they may desire to court. Or am I wrong to think of this as a business? Still, I’m sure we will respond well to ‘ball room island get me out of here’? Or perhaps I will just switch off and read instead.

    Can we please have a grown-up in charge……. Please!!!!!

  11. says

    I don’t watch live to air TV any more because I always miss things due to work. Instead I buy the series and watch it in my own time. I have just finished enjoying the entire series of CIC on DVD. The net informed me that there is no series two! I bet that if the producers just made it and released it on DVD then we could all buy it and pay for the episodes that way! Perhaps that is the future of really good entertainment. Who needs to air it? Just make it and sell it direct to the consumer. How many of you out there would be happy to buy the DVDs of series two? Maybee you can’t afford to without commercials in the breaks. Would it be so awful if you inserted them on the DVD? I certainly would still buy it. Please make the movie at least but show it in the cinema, after this stupid cancellation I really don’t think that any television network deserves the efforts of the CIC team.

  12. Julie Black says

    I am a strong fan of commander and chief and I am very sickened about the fact that it was taken off the air. I do think it was a sexist thing. If you look around, how many things do you see on TV that make a woman look strong! Very few I think. I want Commander and Chief to come back on and I will support what ever efforts needed to get that done.

  13. Barbra says

    its unfair that the fans have no say so in a great show such as this. its a real crime that good television is silenced while others are allowed to be seen again the big wigs running the studios have made a bad move lets vote to bring the commander and chief back..lets fix the mistake

  14. Michael says

    This has to be a women thing for ABC. This show is much better then West Wing. Are they prejudice against women? We finally get a show that makes us feel good about a president and they cancel it. This show was what America used to be about. Now it is about So you think you can dance. I am very down with ABC about this. They have not a clue about what we really want to see. CBS here I come.

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