Day Break: Is the Taye Diggs Series History?

Taye Diggs as Detective Brett Hopper on Day Break on ABCABC released a few revisions to its early 2007 schedule. Nothing really out of the ordinary unless you read between the lines. When you do, it sounds like deja vu and very bad news for fans of Taye Diggs and Day Break.

Day Break first aired on November 15, 2006 on ABC after months of network promotion. The series debut took the place of the very popular Lost series after its “Fall finale” the week before. Day Break tells the story of Detective Brett Hopper (Taye Diggs) who, to put it mildly, is having a very bad day. He’s accused of killing Assistant District Attorney Alberto Garza. When no one believes his alibi and Hopper realizes that he’s been framed, he runs but stops when he learns that his loved ones are also in danger. The next morning, Hopper wakes up and starts to relive the same day over again. This pattern continues and Hopper retains the memories of the “previous” day each time. To stop the cycle, he must solve the mystery and uncover the identity of who framed him. Day Break also stars Victoria Pratt, Adam Baldwin, Meta Golding and Ramon Rodriguez. ABC ordered 13 episodes of the series and the storyline was intended to conclude by the end of the first season.

The highly promoted two-hour debut of Day Break debuted to stiff competition — up against regular episodes of CBS’ popular Criminal Minds and CSI: NY and the third season premiere of NBC’s Medium. Still, Day Break attracted a decent number of viewers (10.5 households) in its debut. Unfortunately viewership has been dropping ever since. The December 6th episode drew only approximately 3.5 million households, putting it in fourth place for its timeslot. To put this in perspective, over five million watched ABC’s Show Me the Money and Primetime immediately prior and following Day Break.

The overall ratings have been far less than ABC was hoping for. Ideally, they wanted to capture the audience members who had been tuning in to watch Lost each week. That didn’t happen. Perhaps audiences felt like they’d seen variations of the concept before (Tru Calling, Groundhog Day, Run Lola Run, etc.) — or because they didn’t want to risk getting involved with another serial drama that would be cancelled. Considering the network’s current track record with serial dramas, perhaps they were right.

In a smart move, ABC recently announced that they’re reworking their Wednesday night schedule — in preparation for the return of Lost (which returns on February 7th). During the Fall of 2005, Lost scored great numbers at 9 p.m. but took a notable ratings hit once American Idol returned in January. ABC execs clearly don’t want a repeat of that situation. As a result, Lost will move from 9pm to 10pm. The network has decided to air two hours of comedy shows in the 8-10pm half hours prior to Lost. New episodes of George Lopez and According to Jim will be followed by the new comedies Knights of Prosperity and In Case of Emergency. To give the four sitcoms a chance to establish an audience prior to juggernaut Idol’s return on January 16th, ABC will start airing them on January 3rd (though George Lopez won’t be back until January 24th)

So where does this leave Day Break until Lost returns? At 10pm? Nope. ABC has announced that news programming will air Wednesdays at 10pm. That means that Day Break will be pulled from Wednesday nights after its eighth episode on December 27th.

Adding insult to injury, its looking doubtful that ABC will move Day Break to another night (unless the ratings really pick up) to wrap up the series. It’s more likely that Day Break will be added to the growing number of ABC serial dramas in “limbo.” The network has six unaired episodes of The Nine, six episodes of Six Degrees and will have five unaired episodes of Day Break.

Sign the petition!The network has said that some of these shows will return to the schedule but, in general, networks are reluctant to return serial dramas to the airwaves after long absences. Rightly or wrongly, its believed that people either forget about the show or figure that they’ve missed too many episodes and won’t be able to follow the storyline. With its deja vu-like premise, Day Break would certainly fall into this category.

Is there hope for fans of the Taye Diggs series? Well, with any luck, ABC (who has an ongoing relationship with online television vendor iTunes) will release the unaired episodes of Day Break online or we’ll see a release of the complete series on DVD in the near future. If there any new developments, we’ll let you know so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Carlos V says

    Where is episode 13??? I have been checking for 3 hours now! That’s the first time I was happy the weekend was over.

  2. Carlos V says

    I can believe Day Break is out and we still have shows like George Lopez, Supernanny and Wife Swap. Back in December we have 4 “According to Jim” back-to-back.

  3. Laci Cawiezell says

    I dont watch tv very much but Daybreak was an awesome and enthralling program. Im addicted. ABC needs to find a place for the final 5 episodes or loose audiences out of sheer principle.

    P.S. According to Jim sucks!

    Laci Cawiezell- FL

  4. David says

    I am a pretty loyal ABC viewer. “Desperate” is a staple in our home “Boston Legal” is one of the smartest shows that has ever been broacast over the airwaves. Alias was one of my favorites, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, AFV, Extreme Home Makeover…the list goes on. For this reason, I was very excited about the series Day Break. It was highly publicized and looked like something that ABC was dedicated to. I have NEVER become so interested in a show with such an ill fate as DB, and it is infuriating. I was absolutely hooked. I am desperate to see the conclusion of “Day Break”! Thank you ABC for your great programs over the past 10 years, but I think the cancellation of DB was a HUGE oversight on part of the powers that be. Please reconsider and air the remaining episodes. I would also recommend that you re-air the episodes that have already run in a marathon-type venue. I ask this for two reasons…first, so that people who may have been interested, but were unable to watch because of holiday commitments, can get a chance to tune in. Second, DB was an intense show. There was a lot going on. A refresher would be nice in order to pick up where we left off!

  5. says

    Pls at least view the last 5 unaired episodes. It’s not right to end a series without an conclusion. The show is great. I work crazy hours, but I tivo’ed it every week. Pls reconsider, maybe this summer?

  6. Cathy in Calgary, AB says

    Unfortunately, Daybreak, The Nine and Six degrees were three shows that I picked up at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, because now they have all been cancelled! They were all promoted well and looked interesting enough to give my time to. Guess what? They were interesting enough! I don’t want to rent them on video at $5.50/three episodes when I’ll have at least 17 episodes of these three favourite shows to catch up on. I want to see them on tv where I started watching them. New shows should at least get a full season to air and finish their story if you are going to pull them. You may find that as the person stated above, nobody is going to watch anything on ABC except sports. Well, I guess I won’t be watching ABC then since I don’t watch sports!

    Really ticked off,

    Cathy in Calgary, AB

  7. Marlene Veillette says

    Why do I have to like all the TV shows that end up disappearing?My favourite- “Day Break”gone like the night , “Kidnapped_stolen from view,& then there was”Vanished”–You guessed it- it just vanished!! I hate to start watching programmes anymore because they end up gone like the wind!!

  8. Gretchen says

    I agree with all comments – Day Break was a great show, but the time slot wasn’t the best. Try again, please ABC. You can’t leave us hanging. I agree with Loyd stop watching ABC tv, I have and maybe they will listen to the viewers.

  9. Noelle says

    My son andI watched every week. If one of us wasn’t home we taped it. I can’t believe that they ended this series before finishing it! Then they put these stupid shows on in its place! Give me a break! They have to bring Day Break back! ABC don’t leave us hanging!!!!

  10. Glover's Frank & Shannon says

    Me and my husband watched Day Break eveyweek, never missed one episode, please bring it back or run the rest of the show on Saturday nights so we can finish it, I agree with alot of the other comments about all the other shows that are on that aren’t near the quality that Day Break was. Really hate being left hanging and not knowing the end.

  11. Cheryl in MD says

    It is amazing how shows are pulled from rotation without warning! If DayBreak did not make it based on ratings, how about the final episode for the millions of viewers who thought it was worth watching! I hate that mindless shows like Kings of Prosperity replace shows that make viewers think! For all of us who were trying to solve the mystery – how about a finale!!!! Bad choice to remove this program.

  12. Kenny says

    Huge bummer that ABC killed this very interesting and entertaining new program.

    Please release the complete season on DVD or make the episodes available online!

  13. Nicole says

    I think Daybreak had to be one of the best TV show aired lately, i was addicted to it, NEVER missing an episode, i think the show should at least come out on DVD.

  14. Shelley Worrell says

    DayBreak is a great show and for those who have watched it from the beginning they need to be able to finish it. WE have invested time in watching it to find out what happens to Brett Hopper for ABC to just pull the plug is just WRONG. Put it back on!!!!!! WE want to know what happens!

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