Reba: Is the CW Sitcom Cancelled for Sure?

Time to say goodbye to the cast of Reba?The CW sitcom Reba, starring country-singing star Reba McEntire, is currently in its sixth season — though barely. The show was reportedly going to be cancelled last Spring but was saved at the 11th hour because the network didn’t want to pay a “kill fee” for not following through on a previous agreement.

Because of this, the popular sitcom was picked up for its sixth season but for just 13 episodes. Basically, the network feels that the show doesn’t fit their “desired demographic.” As a result, the new episodes of Reba didn’t debut until other CW shows had failed. When Reba finally did start it’s sixth season on November 19, 2006, it gave the network some great numbers. The sitcom even helped to boost the viewership of Seventh Heaven.

Ever since then, fans of Reba have been hopeful that the CW would realize the value of the show and order nine additional episodes (to complete the season) and to renew the series for a seventh year. It now looks like that’s not going to happen.

At last week’s Television Critics Association tour in Pasadena, CW President Dawn Ostroff reportedly declined to comment on Reba’s future. Later, it was quietly stated that the sitcom was done. Today, sources at TV Guide and MediaWeek are confirming that Reba has indeed been cancelled. There are four episodes left to air and word is that the CW will air the final two together on Sunday, February 18th.

Will there be some acknowledgment of the series ending? Hard to say. These episodes were shot in December when the cast and crew were unsure of the show’s future. Still, based on the experiences of 2006, I’m sure they may have considered they weren’t coming back.

There are lots of Reba fans out there so understandably there are tons of rumors floating around. One source at the CW reportedly said that the CW will indeed order the nine additional episodes soon (very doubtful now). There has also been talk that Lifetime (the cable channel that airs Reba reruns) has expressed interest in airing a Reba spin-off series. The spin-off would supposedly feature young married couple Van & Cheyenne moving into their own house and raising their new baby together. The rest of the Reba cast would appear as guest stars from time to time (and as a presumably smaller show budget would allow).

Is there still a possibility that Reba could be saved? Very doubtful but, like title character Reba Hart, this show is a fighter so you never know. Whatever happens, you can be rest assured, we’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

UPDATE: If there were any doubts, on January 26th, CW officially announced that Reba would end on February 18th.

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  1. tracy D says

    Anytime there is a good show that gets my whole family liking it, it goes off the air. We loved Reba and wish the would bring it back!

  2. melissa kostusiak says

    Give me a break so many people are going to stop watching the cw because you took our favorite show away

  3. says

    I’ve made my way through the episodes twice now and love them still. I wish the series could continue. It’s tons better then Everybody Loves Raymond.

  4. jennifer says

    I came across the show sending my kids off to school, and absolutely loved it. I was sad to see that it’s only reruns, but still cracks me up Van and Barbara Jean would love to meet them in person. As far as Reba this was a new side I’ve never seen, love it!!!

  5. says

    PLEASE put Reba back on air its my fav show i love all of the cast they are all funny espicially Barba Jean! Like everybody said CW you guys are such JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope eventually you guys put it back on i just don’t want Van and Cheyanne rasing their baby togather i want everybody there!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ana T says

    I just started watching this show on reruns in the am before work. I am not who you would expect to be a fan. Heck, I’m surprised I’m a fan. I’m Mexican American, married to an Anglo, with an adopted mixed race, black-skinned son and a biological daughter. I’m a liberal democrat lawyer. Not a country music fan. I don’t like guns or Texas politics.

    But this show is great. I love Reba and the whole crew. They work great as an ensemble. They keep me interested and sometimes late for work. They all show great humor and love to each other and under very trying circumstances.

    If they brought this show back, I would definitely make it a must see tv program. And right now, there is no must see tv program for me.

  7. John Hill says

    Dear CW
    I would like to see a new season on reba. My father & my favorite characters are Kyra & Van.
    John Hill

  8. Ellie says

    bring reba back the show makes everybody happy and i have watched every episode over 5 times i HATE CW for canceling it so i tell everybody not to watch it because they canceled REBA

  9. Pat Rary says

    I am so saddened that Reba will not be coming back on. Even though they were reruns, I watched them faithfully every evening, after stressful days at work, it was good to come home and watch some good clean funny show. I hope it does return and that Reba and other cast members want to come back, to me this rates right up their with “Friends”
    Thanks to the whole cast and writers for making such a great sitcom and helping with the stress relief of the show.
    Pat Rary

  10. stephens says

    i was so upset about confirming this information with a google search…
    Reba was a after school show that my son and i looked forward to watching.
    The reruns are watched over and over and it never fails there is always “belly” laughter. I dont understand the networks? This was a clean show and it took families away from their everday grind and put us into their (Reba) world.

    It’s a real shame. This was a great! show.

    Thanks! for the shows Reba and to the cast of Reba, it was a very funny six years.
    My son could not get enough of Van, very funny guy!

  11. Sherry Rogers says

    Do us all a favor and put REBA back on .Even my 12 year old grandson is a fan. We really miss watching REBA in the evenings. Give all us REBA fans a break,

  12. MAD and PISSED says


  13. Patti says

    We stopped watching CW when they took off Reba. It was the best show on and there just aren’t many decent shows on TV anymore. Finding a real comedy sitcom that actually makes you laugh is rare. Reba had a great cast and never failed to make myself and my family forget our own problems and have a good belly roll!
    We feel TV is jumping ship in having so many reality shows and Cop shows.
    A little of those are great but it’s all on now and not everyone will accept them being forced down our throats.
    Do they even know that NOT everyone fits in their tidy little demographics that they assume are correct.

  14. says

    WHY?!!!!!!!!!! that was the best FRICKKIN’ show on tv!!!!! you are so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a zillion friends that can come on here and write papers about how great the show is and about how stupid you guys are for taking it off the air. so unprofessional. you’d think a tv show that gets a lot of hits and brings in buckets of cash everyday would stay on the air. i guess since it doesn’t reach some,(SOME!!!!!!!!!), veiwers then it has to be cancelled. that it SO stupid. if i were famous or a star of that show i would sue you guys. even if i couldn’t i would try as hard as i could to sue you guys! that is my favorite show and i’ve seen every episode. more than three times a piece. please put more on the air and let those wonderful actors and actresses work their magic on air again! i read that Christopher Rich(Brocc Hart) went into a deep depression when he found out?!?!?! if he did then whatever to you CW. go make a stupid little sitcom about an orphan. they want funny,not emotional. you’ll never find a show funnier than reba. or actors and actresses funnier or more talented then the ones on Reba. i better stop this before i start using bad language. goodbye, HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:@

  15. says

    why in the world are you cancelling it?! that was the BEST show on tv!!!! that makes me sick that you would take the best show off of tv. me and my family watch it everyday on lifetime. at least they still play it! if they stopped i would go out and buy every season! unless you wanna take that away from us,too? i bet you would! selfish JERKS!!!!!!

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