The Montel Williams Show: Host Already Eyeing a Comeback

Montel WilliamsMontel Williams, the longtime host of his own daytime talk show, said goodbye to his program last March after 17 years on the air.

The cancellation came as a result of key FOX stations opting not to renew the series. More than a few people have suggested that this was due, at least in part, to Williams’ criticism of the media’s excessive coverage of Heath Ledger’s death compared to little coverage of the Iraq War. Whatever the reason for the cancellation, Williams isn’t done with daytime just yet.

Williams is already shopping a new show to syndicators. If all goes according to plan, the new series will be called Living Well with Montel and will be based on the lifestyle and diet guide that was published last January. The book is described as containing the host’s “personal recipe for healthy and happy living” as well as a 21-day fitness and nutrition program. Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and attributes much his good health to exercise and diet.

Should Montel have psychic Sylvia Browne on his new show?

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The energetic host has reportedly been shopping the new series to affiliate stations and distributors ever since he learned that The Montel Williams Show would be coming to an end. A distributor or exact show format haven’t been locked down as yet.

Though his new show isn’t ready for daytime just yet, Williams won’t be leaving the air anytime soon. CBS has been selling stations a “best of” package of the Williams Show for the 2008-09 season. The deal gives affiliates a selection of rerun episodes and additional advertising time. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Robin says

    Go Montel.. and Go Sylvia Browne.. Both are wonderful humanitarians and wonderful people.. Anyone that chooses not to follow Sylvia.. just have the common sense to find something else to do on the day Montel has Sylvia on his show.. You certainly dont have to tune in that day.. Millions of people will tune in to watch Sylvia on Montel. The two have a unique friendship and its refreshing to see two such wonderful friends helping so many for God. I am saddened to see skeptics try to get on something like this and flood it with voting no.. what right do you have to judge anyone… ??? Please.. like Sylvia says.. take what you will and leave the rest… and those are wonderful words. If you do not believe in Sylvia.. then hey.. dont watch on the day she is on Montels new show.. its as simple as that. If the networks are stupid enough to say no based on something like this that is obviously flooded and set up to keep Sylvia off the show then hey.. they dont deserve to have Montel on their network in the first place.. let him go to another network and boost their ratings.. because he will and so will Sylvia Browne.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    after reading the comment from #6 scott & #7 Dave: I have stood in front of Sylvia, I do have simular gifts but at the same time they are different, either way~ SYLVIA BROWNE IS TbeHE REAL DEAL. I have stood in front of her~ not for questions either~ i have communicated with her and if you do not have the knowledge of how Spiritual Translators (which is REALLY what “Psychics” are) then go READ< STUDY<LEARN, before you so carelessly hand out judgements! With God as my witness, you should be paying attention to her books! Take what you want from them, leave the rest behind. I encourage the world to REALLY PAY ATTENTION to God and the people He brings His message through. STOP HATING on SYLVIA!!! Motel and Sylvia are a great team, best friends, and they BOTH deserve the best life God provides them. Don’t vote against her just because you YOU haven’t developed an understanding. She helps more people than anyone on this site has. I’d put my name on it!
    Brightest Blessings,
    Author or “Worthy”
    Sabrina Oxford

  3. says

    Montel has this option and I hope someone like Oprah would not interfer with the new show. I’d like to go see montel sometime and think Sylvia belongs at his side on his new show too! I really dislike human who choose to use their “pull” to destroy another just to help them rise up! Too many people in this world do that and it’s DESTORYING us! I ask God to protect BOTH Montel Williams AND Sylvia Browne, that anyone who tries to harm their progress would have it backfire on them before it even affects either of them! can I get an AMEN!!!
    Brightest Blessings,
    Sabrina Oxford

  4. Justin says

    Great, now Sylvia Browne has a new outlet to prey on innocent victims during their most difficult moments. Montel still hasn’t answered Hal Bidlock’s open letter “Montel, Have You Lost Your Honor?” regarding his senseless promotion of such a con artist. I would urge any Montel fans who wish him to maintain any respectable reputation to write him and ask that he address the questions in the letter.

  5. says

    I’m seeing Montel coming back with a completely new format, or maybe with a reworking of his old format. Either way there’s a distinct feeling of renewal and novelty, but with strong ties to the past. It will possibly be picked up by a new network, or else it will be turned down, but not because they think it will fail, but for some other reason that starts with a J or an M, possibly an O. There’s certainly a strong sensation of influence, either positive or negative, from an authority figure of some sort, someone with ties to the television industry.

  6. Parris says

    i thought Montel did a pretty good show, but I could never get over his indignation towards gays striving for equality and civil rights. Mr. Montel always seemed to take this matter as encroachment on the fight for black civil rights, instead of being able to see them as two related, but different, matters. That always disappointed me.

  7. Dave says

    Sylvia Browne is a fraud. It is a sad commentary on society that people like this are given even an ounce of credibility when they prey on the weak and ignorant. I hope that Sylvia Browne gets prosecuted someday for the crap she pulls on people. She is an evil person.

  8. Scott M says

    I’m all for a comeback…provided he leaves behind the psychics and similar flakes. Sylvia Browne in particular, needs to be left far behind in the dirt. She’s a cynical fraud. Her fans trumpet her “hits” (which are vague enough to mean nearly anything), and completely ignore her “misses”. Most “psychics” are talented or skilled “cold readers”, people whi can intuit details about others by noting their subtle expressions. The rest are either fooling themselves or genuinely delusional.

    Stay grounded in the real world.

  9. says

    Oh dear. The media ***** is back to pedal false hope to vulnerable members of the public through means of an established con artist. Sadly it looks like America will never learn.

  10. says


  11. Denise Secrest says

    I was diagnosed with MS in 1994 I knew something was terribly wrong with me but was always dismissed by “Drs.” as ” all in my head ”
    it took about 10 yrs to get my diagnoses. By the time i accepted it, and not knowing there was any kind of help……..financially….or otherwise…..I had not worked {paid into s.s.} that It was too qualify for anything. I felt so worhless…not contributing financially to the home. Watching Montel always made me feel like it was a place where I fit in and was understood….even though I had never met Montel {he would understand} me so i watched him, and for that one
    hour i had a place where I was understood and I it seemed to make me feel WHOLE again………THANK YOU MONTEL I will miss you …….Congratulations on your marriage…….I live in Jackson,Tennessee as I read your wife is from here also.

  12. Alex says

    The scum-bucket Fox News station has once again rubbed out legitimate criticism of l’enfant terrible’s war.

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