100 Questions: New NBC Sitcom; Cancel or Keep It?

100 QuestionsNBC recently debuted a new sitcom on Thursday nights called 100 Questions. Will this new TV show last past the summer season and become a staple of the network’s Thursday line-up?

100 Questions revolves around Charlotte Payne (Sophie Winkleman), a young woman looking for love. She’s come to a dating service and is answering 100 questions posed by a consultant named Andrew (Michael Benjamin Washington). While trying to figure out what she’s looking for in a mate, she recounts relationship stories and these memories include friends Leslie (Smith Cho), Jill (Collette Wolfe), Mike (Christopher Moynihan), and Wayne (David Walton).

The sitcom debuted on May 27th to a terrible 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.48 million viewers. That’s one of the worst premieres in NBC’s history. In week two, the demo bumped up a little (a 0.9 rating) but total viewership dropped (2.22 million). Truly horrible numbers for original programming.

The ratings for 100 Questions can’t come as much of a surprise to NBC execs as they seem to have lost faith in the series months ago. NBC originally ordered 13 episodes but they shut down production after only six were completed. The sitcom was planned to be a mid-season replacement series but was pushed into summer, a time when networks typically air repeats and burn off extra programming.

Based on the ratings, there’s no way that 100 Questions will be back for a second season. It’s also highly likely that NBC will pull the show before all six installments have aired. After all, the network is getting better ratings from repeats of its other comedies.

But, what do you think? Do you like 100 Questions? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. jay says

    and i dont see the office lasting after this season and if nbc doesnt want to die against cbs and abc wich have the big bang theory how i met ur mother modern family etc they need a replacement and 100 questions looks like a show that has a lot of potential it reminds me of how i met ur mother but the characters are a little older and the story style is different but still a good show all nbc has now is parks and rec 30 rock community and the office wich is starting to die

  2. jay says

    i liked this show a lot and nbc did not take notice to variables such as it coming out in the summer a lot less tv is viewed then and i never saw a commercial for it but i saw like 5 or 6 episodes and i like this show a lot they have to bring it back i am getting very mad about how nbc has been running things they messd up conans show and now they messd up this show wich could have gone somewhere

  3. ashley mae says

    this show became my absolute favorite show… BRING IT BACK!!!!! its the only new show that is actually funny.

  4. Amy says

    Yeah, NBC is clearly run by idiots. I really liked this show and it definitely should have been kept for more than 6 episodes! And, like most people, I only knew of this show because I happened to come across it On Demand.

  5. Carmen says

    Hi there!
    I’m a huge fan too!
    I’m from Spain and when I fisrt watch the pilot I thought that 100 Questions was the funniest tv series I’ve ever watched . When I heard that it was cancelled, I couldn’t believe it, I even downloaded the theme song!!
    We have to do something right now, I can replay the six episodes over and over but I’m in need of 94 more!!
    Please NBC, I’m begging you!!!
    By the way, I’ve read all of the comments and I couldn’t agree with you all more 😀

  6. Kaliko says

    100 questions was the only show I watched on Thursdays. I was hooked after five minutes of watching. NBC you made a huge mistake.

  7. Paris says

    I am soooooooooooooooooo disappointed about the cancellation of 100 questions, I enjoyed watching and found it to be a new spin on a sitcome about dating. There are hardly any sitcoms on TV as it is and you take away shame on NBC…..

  8. HL says

    they seriously did not advertise this show at all!!!!!! i found it on On-Demand through comcast and fell in love w/ the show…and now it’s gone.

    NBC you suck

  9. Habib Muhammed-Khadafi says

    Its a shame that this show is going to be canceled. Sophie Winkleman is one of the most gorgeous woman on this planet.

    I want to die now.

    All it needed was advertisement.

    The cast is awesome together.

  10. Emma says

    I liked “100 Questions” better than any of the other sitcoms on NBC, and that includes “30 Rock.” I love Sophie Winkleman and hope that she gets another show where we can see her comedic talents. The show just seemed to pop up one week and I watched all the episodes (4). I even have it programmed on my DVR just in case there are future episodes. It’s not “Friends,” but it has the potential.

  11. Joanne says

    I CAN believe NBC would want to cancel this show…it just keeps in step with some of the other boneheaded things that network has done recently to self destruct. I’ve got “100 Questions” for NBC program execs….let’s start with, “Did you know you have to ADVERTISE a new show so people are aware it’s there???” And how about, “Did you do ANY promotion with the show’s actors via some of your other network shows…. simple things like “TODAY” or “JAY LENO”?? I’ve got at least 98 other questions to ask…but all me crazy, a little better ADVERTISING and at least a full 13 episodes so people can FIND the show might be a better answer than filling the air with tired reruns or more reality rubbish.

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