2007 Cancelled Shows: FOX Cancels Plenty of Series

Drive stalledThough the FOX network has fewer primetime hours to fill than other networks (15 vs. 22 hours), they’ve certainly burned through their share of TV series. Here are the ones that won’t be back for the 2007-08 season:

Drive – The Nathan Fillion series was pulled after four episodes. The remaining two will air on July 4th. Unfortunately, the road race won’t be completed.

Happy Hour – Fox aired three episodes in September and one episode in November before pulling it. FOX has said that 13 episodes have been completed and may be released on DVD at some point.

Justice – The courtroom drama was pulled and returned to primetime several times in 2006. Of the 13 episodes produced, 12 have aired in the United States. It won’t be coming back.

The Loop – The sitcom was given a 13-episode second season order but it was then reduced. The return was also delayed until June 10, 2007. It won’t return for a third season.

The O.C. – The network cancelled the drama series back in early January and the last episode was completed on February 2nd. The series finale aired on February 22, 2007.

The Rich List – This game show was cancelled after just one episode. The single episode aired on November 2, 2006 and was cancelled along with Happy Hour.

The Winner losesStandoff – The drama is expected to return on June 8th after a six month hiatus. There are eight unaired episodes from the first season. There won’t be a second year.

Vanished – Fox pulled their mystery serial drama after nine episodes. It was supposed to return but they opted to bring back Justice instead. The remaining four episodes were released online but few viewers felt satisfied with the storyline’s rushed resolution.

The War at Home – The family sitcom ended its two year run on April 22, 2007 after 44 episodes. There won’t be a third season.

The Wedding Bells – The David E. Kelly series was pulled after five episodes. Production was shut down after the seventh was completed. The two remaining episodes aren’t expected to air.

The Winner – Six episodes of the sitcom were produced and all aired to low ratings. The series won’t be returning.

Returning series include: 24 (renewed for two seasons), American Dad, American Idol, America’s Most Wanted, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, Bones, Cops, Family Guy, House, King of the Hill, MADtv, Prison Break, The Simpsons, Talkshow with Spike Feresten, and ‘Til Death.

Though Nanny 911 and Trading Spouses are not included on the Fall or midseason schedules, FOX has included them on their list of returning shows. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. hsn says


  2. fred says

    WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY did they cancel the war at home it was the best show on fox easily, maybe even on tv.im british and its been gracing our screens for a year or so now and my friends and i have to say it is the funniest best written and most easily relateable show on television. the characters make me laugh sooo much and remind me so much of people i know. please bring back this television show i doubt you will but still if you do, know that it will make many many people of all ages happy. please bring it back PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S Why did they leave the show where it is if they weren’t going to bring it back please have one more season ( at least) for all the die hard fans out there

  3. Helia says

    War at home is cancelled and till death and smarter than a fifth grader are not?!!!!
    what a sh*tty network we watch!FOX SUCKS….

  4. Andrea says

    I am so f****ng pi**ed off that The War at Home was axed! I live in the UK and everytime I wonder when the next series of a show from the US will be aired and have a look on the net it was on FOX and cancelled! So f****ng annoying! They are obviously good shows if they are being showed in the UK in the first place! Grrrr! Bring back The War at Home! We have re-runs here at the moment and its one of the best shows on TV! BRING IT BACK!!

  5. Kokopelli says

    I’m still pissed about Space: Above and Beyond losing out to a crappy show like Millennium. But it shows Fox has a history of bad decisions in programming.


    WOW….. Standoff was awesome and War at Home and The Winner were also great show’s but cmon STANDOFF that show was awesome.. Drive(i guess but they didn’t give it enough time to develop) I can see why there keeping Smarter than a Fifth grader, because of ratings and it is the DUMB people out there watching that sh*t that makes good shows become canceled. Fox you have great shows don’t cancel them!!!!!

  7. My whole family says

    Need to give Drive another chance. We were all excited about the next episode. I already had the show set on my Tivo. BRING IT BACK NOW!!!

  8. says

    Standoff was great and it would have developed an audience, but not when you move it to Fridays and run it out the door. What a shame. Fox, you need to bring this series back. I would like to start a letter writing campaign. Who’s with me? Let’s not just complain about the series being cancelled. Let’s do something about it.

  9. David R says

    Would you please get over yourselves, so FOX are cancelling some shows and renewing others but isn’t that what TV is all about. The shows that have been cancelled have been justly so perhaps for a variety of reasons i.e. FOX felt that perticular show had had it’s time in the spotlight and had to stop before it became dilluted (The O.C). Or the shows cancelled were not getting enough viewers. I mean I personally like “the war at home” and “the O.C” but it’s quite obvious to me that others didn’t. FOX have the right to cancel whatever they wish regardless of what you think. I still think that FOX have very good programming such as “Family Guy”, “American Dad” and “Prison Break”.

  10. bonesfan says

    Glad to see you left Bones on. However I know when you get hit for a raise they will be gone too. It’s pretty obvious the low budget stuff stays on and the quality shows get cancealed.

  11. Donna says

    Fox has cancelled every show I became interested in. Such as Reunion, Justice, and Standoff. Is it any wonder they are not the network I go to when something new comes on?

  12. RJ says

    Wow. I can’t believe FOX canceled War At Home and Standoff, two of their most entertaining shows. Then again, they did cancel Family Guy until it became the #1 DVD. Idiots.

  13. Anonymous says

    Are you smarter than a fifth grader’s ratings have been declining,so it might not be returning for season 3.

  14. says

    The war at home’s first season was realeased on dvd.The second season willbe released on dvd in november and reruns are being aired by fox on mondays at 7 pm.

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